SPLA Incurred Huge Casualties On Jebel Attacks, Gunshots Subside Amid Huge Defections!

SPLA soldiers

July 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A renewed fighting at Jebel hills has cost SPLA on Salva Kiir’s side massive lost of lives and weapons.

Despite that a loyal army to President Kiir has been repulsed several times by the SPLA in opposition at Jebel, their several attempts to capture the opposition’s stronghold has mounted to many losses including tanks and officers.

Speaking to SPLA IO soldier on phone, where guns could be heard at an approximate distance, the opposition forces have counted several bodies of fallen soldiers and captured 3 tanks within the last three hours of fighting.

The opposition claims a government gunship, which has been randomly dropping bombs for the last 3 hours, narrowly escaped. They doubt if the old gunship would ever return.

Despite orders not to pursue the enemy, the SPLA-IO force at Jebel base has now advanced to Gudele.

While a few gunshots could be heard at the background, the opposition soldiers could point at the government soldiers at Gudele retreating to the city center, most of which has witnessed fighting from defected generals.

According to Machar’s press secretary, James Gatdet Dak, Salva Kiir forces have been defeated on the ground in Jebel and fighting has stopped but he fears that the situation remains fragile.

“Fighting has stopped at Jebel but still tense. Enemy forces may come back to attack our forces. There are still skirmishes in pockets of the town.” Gatdet said.

“Our forces have captured three tanks and one recoy from President Kiir’s forces who attacked Jebel site. They are repulsed. Their helicopter gunships have now stopped bombing Jebel after one of them was almost brought down.” Gatdet continued.

According to Col. William Gatjiath Deang, the military spokesman of SPLA-IO, their forces are advancing to city center from different directions.

Huge Defection Hit SPLA Factions.

A huge defection, which involved more than 4 high ranking officers, mostly from the Nuer tribe on Salva Kiir’s side, has crossed over to SPLA in Opposition.

The generals, who commands their troops, have began fighting for control of the airport and the army headquarters, however, the gun shots have subsided at the time of this writing.

Among the notable high-ranking officers, who have defected Kiir’s side, is Lt. Gen. Peter Bol Kong from the Lou-Nuer tribe.

Gen. Bol, a senior SPLA officer, was appointed by Salva Kiir as the governor of Eastern Bieh State, however, Bol criticized the 28 states and asked to resign.

Other reports indicate that Gen. Bol has reported himself to UN base protection camp in Juba. The two reports are yet to be independently verified.

Many other Nuer officers, who supported Kiir’s government for the past three years, were discriminately targetted on the eve of Friday night after a fierce fighting between the two sides.

The chief of SPLA (Juba), Gen. Malong, has warned against such tribal targeting but to some Nuer officers on Kiir’s side, it seems their decision was overdue.

In other reports, according to SPLA (Juba) military spokesman, Brig. Lul Ruai Koang, Gen. Dau Aturjong has defected from the SPLA in opposition to the SPLA of Salva Kiir.

“Gen. Dau Atur-Jong, SPLA IO Deputy Chief of General Staff for Training has just defected to the National Army-SPLA. The military leadership warmly welcomes him and his men to thier rightful place in the historic movement.” Lul Ruai Koang states on his social media.