Interleak: How The Former Minister of Petroleum Spent $1.516 Million US Dollar Before Leaving The Office!

corruption | Tumblr #Anticorruption #Corruption #Movement

corruption | Tumblr #Anticorruption #Corruption #Movement

May 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- In a confidential document extended to Mr. Machar Aciek Ader, the Managing Director of Nilepet Corporation,  South Sudan’s former Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, ordered $ 1.5 millions US dollar to be paid out between January to April 2016 before handing over the Ministry to new Transitional Ministers who were to be appointed by the armed opposition, SPLM/SPLA-IO.

According to a leak confidential document signed by Hon. Dhieu with approval from Akol Koor Kuc, the Director General of Internal Security Bureau, Dhieu directed Mr. Machar Aciek to give $1, 516, 720 US dollar to six companies to settle “security related bills”.

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Although Mr. Dhieu named the companies and amount to be given to each company, the minister failed to justify the period in which each activity was carried out.

According to the list, $957, 000 was to be given to “Kekui Engineering $ Ezra Construction”  as compensation for 7 dumps trucks and 3 land cruiser pickups taken by the SPLA during the war around Paloch in 2013-2014.

The Minister ordered $207, 050 to be given to Inter State Airways Ltd for 4 trips  of 1L-76 plane to Wau, Malakal and Paloch for SPLA and ISB.

Mr. Dau further ordered Mr. Machar to give $150, 000 to the “Associates for Strategic Communicate Analysis”, a barely known “think-tank”, for government consultancy services and strategic back staffing.

Hon. Dau also ordered $113, 320 and $75, 500 to be given to Brade Group for Oil Services Ltd and Star Contracting Oil and Gas Co. Ltd, respectively, for transporting troops, food and equipment, and for accommodation and feeding of troops in Paloch camp.

The company were also paid for “trench excavation” and hiring of low bed trucks.

Other beneficiaries to be paid by the Nilepet directly include “Step Engineering Co. Ltd” and Safari Airline, which received $12, 950  and SSP 21, 700, respectively, for hiring of trucks for transportation of troops and equipment, and the later for transporting a government commissioner to Rubkona County in Unity state.

While Kekui Engineering $ Ezra Construction, a family owned business, is an Ethiopian firm with its headquarters in Juba, Inter State Airways Ltd is a Kenyan airline also based in Juba.

The rest of the companies are indigenous South Sudanese owned companies with very little publicity but most are believe to be close relatives and friends of senior officials in Salva Kiir’s former government.

South Sudan government, which currently seeks financial aid from the International to implement its peace agreement, has spent over $2 billion US dollar on civil war, mostly on armaments and hiring of foreign mercenaries to fight the war.

Hon. Dhieu is now relieved and the Ministry is split into two and ran by two Transitional Ministers, Hon. Taban Deng Gai for mining and Hon. Dak Duop for Petroleum.

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