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May 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– We’ve all seen the stories of factories closing down and people being laid off. We know someone who have been downsized or whose job has been eliminated. Cheap labor from overseas has taken good American jobs. There are even incidents where the local workforce were literally forced to train their overseas workforce in their jobs.

It’s understandable that companies look at the bottom-line and want to make a profit. It is also understandable when companies look to find cheaper ways to manufacture their products. Products manufactured in America go through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe. Foreign made products may not go through this rigorous testing.

Understanding the role that American manufacturing has in helping the economy grow and what happened to create our current state can help us make America great again. Consumers are frequently not given a choice to choose American made products due to the influx of foreign made products in the marketplace.

The economy is not the only loser. In the following video, <a href=”http://www.libertytabletop.com”>Liberty Tabletop</a> explores the environmental and safety concerns.

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