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The Implementation of Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS).

FDP/SSAF Press Release

Khartoum, Sudan

By Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang

SPLM/SPLA Delegation to SSRA Conference in Omaha Nebraska, 2015. From the far lef to right: Hussein Mar Nyuot, Changson Lew Chang, Gatwech Kulang Chol, Nyaduer Girwath Joak, Chamjock Chung(Photo: Via Bol Brown)
SPLM/SPLA Delegation to SSRA Conference in Omaha Nebraska, 2015. From the far lef to right: Hussein Mar Nyuot, Changson Lew Chang, Gatwech Kulang Chol, Nyaduer Girwath Joak, Chamjock Chung(Photo: Via Bol Brown)

April 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The IGAD-Plus and partners have at last prevailed on the SPLM factions to implement the Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan signed more than 8 months ago. The TGoNU has now been formed with a cabinet of 33 members with SPLM factions holding 31 and other South Sudanese political parties holding only 2. What a fair ball game for our young democracy!!

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The FDP/SSAF and allies, who were members of the former SPLM/A-IO, took up arms for the following reasons:-

  1. The Juba massacre of 15 December 2013 where innocent Nuer ethnic group were cold bloodedly killed by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan security forces from a door to door racial cleansing in which between 15 – 20 thousand souls were lost and properties destroyed. These are the victims who should be compensated by the GRSS who murdered them from 15 – 31/12/2013. As a process of ending impunity and starting reconciliation and healing, lives lost need to be compensated.
  2. The government of the Republic of South Sudan shall bear the responsibility of compensating the above mentioned victims of Juba 15 December 2013 massacre. The legal procedures and processes prescribed for compensation and reparations in the ARCISS is a long term project that will take many months or years and may not materialise at all. It will be too technical, expensive and frustrating to the ordinary people. The relatives of victims will not be patient enough and may lead to attempts of revenge thereby triggering off another crisis.
  3. The government of the Republic of South Sudan in partnership with the UN agencies and NGOs shall immediately transport all IDPs to their states or location of their choice, resettle them and provide them with amenities of livelihoods (Food and Non-food items, Shelter and Agricultural Implements). This process should not be tied to the work of Compensation and Reparation commission stated in the Peace Agreement.Regime change of the GRSS who turned its guns on its own citizens because they came from Nuer ethnic group.
  4. Institute critical reforms to correct the imbalances in the governing institutions in the RSS.
  • Security sector reforms
  • Judiciary sector reforms
  • Fiscal sector reforms
  • Civil service reforms
  • And others.

None of the three issues stated above has been achieved.

The question then is what motivated Riek Machar to sign the Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) and made to go to Juba? Two possible reasons may be sited:-

  1. His reinstatement as 1st VP to GRSS
  2. His Failure to prosecute an effective war against Kiir’s regime.

The FDP/SSAF knows clearly that, President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar should have not been given power to lead the transitional government because, South Sudanese see them as symbols of hate, division and failed leadership and therefore, could not reconcile and heal the country. However, the IGAD-Plus and partners gave them a new mandate to govern the country for 30 months. The question than is: What can they do in 2 ½ years which they did not do in the 8 years they rule the country from 2005-2013? The only tangible and rememberable delivery they gave to the country is the on-going brutal and destructive civil war that is raging-on in the country. Thanks to the American Government for funding (Juba/Nimule Road), the only tarmac road in South Sudan since 2005.

FDP/SSAF and allies see the Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) in the following manner:-

  1. The reunification of the three (3) SPLM factions and rewarding them with almost absolute power in the RSS.
    1. SPLM -In- Government 53% of power share
    2. SPLM -In- Oppositions 33% of power share
    3. SPLM -FDs 7%  of power share

Total               93%

  1. The rest of the Political parties 7% of power share

By allocating 93% to SPLM, IGAD is encouraging the political hegemony of the SPLM which inadvertently undermines democratic transformation in South Sudan. It is to be noted that the SPLM was the party that brought about the current carnage in the country.

On the 28/04/2016 the president and his 1st VP selected and appointed cabinet ministers. Most of the appointments were based on loyalty of the appointees to the two leaders in their respective camps (SPLM-IG & SPLM-IO). This is a clear indication that the two leaders are ready from day one for an electoral show down, while other innocent South Sudanese are expecting them to genuinely be engaged in building strong bridges for national reconciliation and healing, and the reconstruction of what they have destroyed in their brutal and destructive war for leadership of the SPLM/A. We hope the SPLM factions will not take the country back to war during and after the election if it is going to be carried out.

The TGoNU we expect will be engaged in wrangling over the interpretation of the agreement, notably the 28 states and constitutional amendment at the expense of social economic service delivery to the people of South Sudan.

The presidential decree order No. 36/2015 for creation of the 28 States and their new counties has created more problems in terms of huge financial burden on the country in terms of the administrative, operational and capital cost, land disputes and has also polarised the country into tribal enclaves which runs counter to national cohesion and unity. Examples; Raja and Northern Bhar El-Gazal, Parieng/Abiemnom and Mayom, Western Upper Nile and Eastern Upper Nile, Western Bieh and Eastern Upper Nile, Latjor and Eastern Upper Nile, Eastern Bieh and Jonglei etc.

The FDP/SSAF and Allies assume that when the rejuvenated SPLM finishes the task of putting its house in order, we hope it will look for the rest of the marginalised South Sudanese for a genuine, fair, credible and sustainable peace that embraces the whole country. It is worth mentioning that the FDP/SSAF and its Allies are not party to the ARCISS and shall not be responsible for its success or failure.

Question: what if this fragile ARCISS collapsed, what will the IGAD-Plus and other partners do to save South Sudan?


The Vision

The FDP/SSAF envisions;

A peaceful South Sudan that is federally and politically united democratically governed, culturally harmonious, socially just, economically prosperous, environmentally rich, and secure in its sovereignty enabling all South Sudanese to pursue their dreams.

A south Sudan where democracy is a way of life, where political power is peacefully transferred from one political party to another through the ballot box in free, fair, credible, peaceful and transparent election throughout the Republic of South Sudan.


The Movement’s mission, inspired by our unique philosophy of Gross National Development, shall be to:

  • Uphold the independence, sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of South Sudan;
  • Strengthen the unity of the nation through adherence to the principles of equality, tolerance and justice, and to infuse in our people a sense of national identity;
  • Practice and advance democratic governance with the participation and representation of all sections of our society;
  • Safeguard the rights and freedoms of our people through democratic governance, justice and the rule of law, and to encourage healthy public debate through a free and vibrant media and civil society;
  • Promote economic growth and self-reliance while ensuring, balanced regional development, and the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Provide equal opportunities and gainful employment to our people regardless of ethnicity, religion, region, gender, social origin, disabilities or language so that they may realize their full potential, and endeavor with the knowledge that merit shall be the only path to success in our country;
  • Foster professionalism at the workplace, and the efficient and responsive delivery of public services by the government.
  • Achieve social justice, equality and fairness for all our people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, region, gender, social origin, disabilities or language and ensure that all have access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare and education;
  • Protect and conserve our rich pristine environment and respect the right of future generations in maintaining a healthy environment and a sustainable natural resource management plan;
  • Preserve and promote our unique cultural, religious and spiritual heritage as the essential basis of our national identity and a source of enrichment and prosperity in the lives of our people;
  • Promote friendly relations with the international community on the basis of peace, cooperation and the sovereign equality of states; to play a responsible and constructive role in regional and global affairs; and in particular to further strengthen the unique, warm and friendly relationship and economic cooperation with IGAD States.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Free Democratic Space where power is transferred peacefully through Elections at all levels.
  2. Eradication of all forms of Corruption, and from all forms of Injustices.
  3. Bring about the transformation of our society and systems of Government to ensure long term protection of political, economic, social and cultural pluralism.
  4. Ensure equal and effective access to all available social, economic   opportunities and equal opportunities for all people.
  5. Cooperation with any party or organization working for the improvement of the conditions of the people.
  6. Fight all forms of discrimination based on tribalism, Nepotism, sex or greed.
  7. Protection, encouragement and promoting incentives of free trade, Industry and Agriculture along with conservation and sustainable use of Natural resources and environment.
  8. Foster Patriotism and a strong sense of National Unity based on a common loyalty to the Mother Land and;
  9. Promote and support customs and cultures of all South Sudanese, and protection of the plural nature of our society.

Signed by:

Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang

Chairman and Commander in Chief of FDP/SSAF

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