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Fallen Heroes Of This War: Thou Shall Not Be Forgotten

By Marum Ruon Wicjoat,

SPLA- Department of of wounded heroes (photo supplied)
SPLA- Department of of wounded heroes (photo supplied)

April 02, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- This goes to brothers and sisters in arm struggle who lost their lives during the course of second liberation of our country; they lost their lives for the second liberation of South Sudan from the bloody hands of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the world’s worst dictator. To our war heroes and heroines, you sacrificed your lives in the fight for justice, freedom and equality, your lives were not lost in vain.

You stand tall behind the children, women and the aged of South Sudan for their freedom, some would not have still be breathed today had you not put your dear lives on the line in protecting your people. You went to the bush not because of your own selfish interest but for the justice of the marginalized South Sudanese people from all walks of life. You fought a lion with your bare hands but you were not in despair, you won many battles as you faced the beast in the eye.

You decided to stand firm unshaken by the bombs falling out from sky from the so called government but you were never troubled. It’s very unfortunate that the person whom we chose to protect us is our killer. But we will never forget you our heroes and heroines, some of you, of course the majority of you survived the first 21 years against Arab for the first freedom of South Sudan. Yet, you never hesitated to take up arms for the second liberation, a fight for the installment of freedom and justice to every South Sudanese people who have been badly affected by the tyranny of Salva Kiir.

There has never been any right decision than the one you collectively took, you chose the right side of history of our great nation even though they try to rubbish it away. Fat checks and awesome life from some of you didn’t deter you to fight for justice of the suffering masses of the South Sudanese people, you decided to leave your salaries beautiful homes and your luxury lifestyle just to free your people once again from the oppressors.

You took your children out of school, cities and good homes only to stay with the common people in the villages where you fight on everyone’s behalf. And you finally give out your lives for the freedom of the people of South Sudan, your deeds are counted and history will never forget you. We will build a great statue for you and your children, your grandchildren and great grandchildren will always be proud of your collective actions against the editorship. You stopped Salva Kiir to commit another genocide against the Nuer people. You were all in a mission of purpose, and your accomplishment will reshape South Sudan forever, you didn’t die in vain, you died with love from us and your names will always be written in the book of freedom fighters.


Long live freedom fighters!

Long live South Sudan!

The writer is a South Sudanese and can be reached via marumruon@gmail.com

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JOHN YOAL CHUOL April 5, 2016 at 12:01 am

south sudan lose lives of very many people for the decade and some loose their parts because of struggle for the betterment of south sudan future and when we get in dependent in 2011 they were forget to be served as heroes and heroines who sacrificed themselves and with out them we would not witness such a crucial self independent,Am therefore strongly asking the moment of splm/a-io not repeat such a greediness done by Kiir is leadership to forgotten mighty fighters who lose some their parts and those lost their lives for Kiir is Resistance, i want these people to be the first recognized people when money come.


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