South Sudan; Economic Recovery, Future Leadership, And a Lasting Peaceful Coexistence

“I’m more afraid of an array of 100 sheep led by a lion than an array of 100 lions led by a sheep” Talleyrand

By Moses Jal Elijah Hon

South Sudanese civilians flee fighting in the northeastern town of Malakal on February 18, 2016(Photo: AFP/Getty Images /Nyamilepedia)
South Sudanese civilians flee fighting in the northeastern town of Malakal on February 18, 2016

March 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Once again it has been proven that economic issues can disrupt the most powerful and cruel regime system on the face of the earth. An excellent example can be traced back to the fall of the Eastern European bloc and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) which was destroyed, and dismantled in a fashioned way without involving any tanks, not even the use of sophisticated missiles, but by the courage and willpower of dedicated and rightful citizens.

South Sudan is in a path of a disastrous and unrepairable economic collapse, an occurrence which will cost the entire nation billions of dollars. Money which is attributed to the government carelessness and lack of economic incentives to proper the nation’s economy. Mostly, the scenario preceding economic panic are always very similar, an internal civil war or political struggle amongst the leading parties, followed immediately by a continuous rise in the average price level of the basic products and services in the country, “aka inflation”, shadowed by a total downfall and immense perplexity within the financial sector.

South Sudan’s economic recovery, at this point, only depends on the agenda of the SPLM/IO, having in consideration the reformists’ aims toward prosperity, and the stability of the young nation. The IO must therefore plan viable long term strategies, drawn from  the expertise of financial savvies, to slow down the alarming and skyrocketing exchange rate against major currencies.

Modernization of our financial institutions to facilitate daily transactions, easy tracking and the reduction of the rate of corruption within the government, and private sectors are a necessity. The government most encourage more borrowing from the central bank with lower interest rates to bolster competition in the South Sudanese financial markets and motivates local business people to accelerate economic growth, create more jobs and push the private sector into the fast lane of our economy recovery plans.

The SPLA/IO should push for full employment opportunities of all the citizens, an overall price stability to allow a more equitable and fair distribution of the wealth of the nation, steadiness of the financial system to efficiently channel and smooth the flow of funds, and finally the stability of the exchange rate markets for better regional and international trade.

Future Leadership and lasting peaceful coexistence

All these groundbreaking incentives and economic recovery measures can’t be taken into action and successfully achieve a satisfactory results without an adequate, and comprehensive platforms guided and supported by a capable leader, and a government of national unity. Certainly, this is the golden opportunity for a leader with defined goals and vision to step in, and safe South Sudan from a total breakdown. The upcoming transitional government of national unity will not bring much improvement to the suffering people of South Sudan, unassertively because we’re incepting in to the power the very the same president who drilled the nation in the current catastrophe. But the power of forgiveness and our willingness to back down, has overpowered our individual/collective interests, today another page is about to be opened in the history of South Sudan.

“I’m more afraid of an array of 100 sheep led by a lion than an array of 100 lions led by a sheep” Talleyrand. Despite the quantity of your army and its sophisticated weaponry, the quality of your leadership will ritually seal the overall worthiness of your regime. This generation is in need of a charismatic leader, an individual with vision, willingness to take personal risk to achieve its goals and hallucinations, very sensitives to his follower’s needs and always exhibiting extraordinary personal behaviors. A leader who can/will position our country on its appropriate place in the international arena, regain our reputation and veneration in the regional politic, and economy affairs.

As a nation we tried president Salva Kiir Leadership style, and the results were/are perceivable disastrous. An era of total failure, bitterness, and the nastiest internal civil war ever experienced in the history of South Sudan/Sudan, without mentioning the isolation from the regional and international community. It’s a time for radical changes to salvage the few goods left, and our best alternatives to build a desirable and lasting democracy in South Sudan, lay under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny an ideologist, and pioneer of South Sudan self-determination and the leader of the SPLM/IO.

Tough times are head of us, and it requires our collective efforts to breakdown the chain of suffering, and bitterness between our citizens. Furthermore, achieving a peaceful coexistence is fundamental to enable us to convey our national agenda of build a solid foundation in our country, by putting aside our differences, and encouraging collaboration in all aspects of our lives. The government most motivate and inspire the participation of the youth, women and the visible minorities in all its programs this will definitely speed up the healing process, and empower all the parties to equally participate in newly formed Transitional Government of the National Unity.

Sadly some tactics are more effective than others; if we failed here we can’t limit our abilities and repudiate ourselves another opportunity of trying new endeavors. Let all be very hopeful and eager of a new beginning, full of countless opportunities for the South Sudanese citizens. A happy and excelling ending for all


Viva Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Our victory is certain.

The author, Moses Jal Elijah Hon, can be reached at moses.jaltop@gmail.com

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