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Eastern Jikany Community Terminates Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth’s Membership And Calls On Its Members to Disown Him

By Gatluak Duang Wie | Community Chairman,

POC, Juba.

Renegade Maj.Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth being received by Salva Kiir's press secretary instead of military generals and senior politicians. Gathoth declared his return after defecting from SPLM/SPLA-IO(Photo: file)
Renegade Maj.Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth being received by Salva Kiir’s press secretary instead of military generals and senior politicians. Gathoth declared his return after defecting from SPLM/SPLA-IO(Photo: file)

March 24th, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— On behalf of the entire Nuer community, and specifically Jikany communities in South Sudan and in the diaspora, we have rejected the grave decision taken by Gen. Gatkuoth to join the regime that has massacred his own people.

We want to inform sons and daughters of Eastern Jikany community in South Sudan or outside the country that the community has terminated Gen. Gat-Hoth Gatkuoth’s membership and urge all citizens of this community to disassociate from ill activities that Gen. Gat-hoth Gatkuoth is doing with the regime.

The Eastern Jikany community living inside the UNMISS camp in Juba held a meeting on 15 March 2016.The meeting was attended by all the community leaders, who decided to terminate Gen. Gat-hoth Gatkuoth membership.

The elders understand that General Gathoth led Eastern Jikany brave fighters to Malakal and liberated it from the enemies three times but all the victories are accorded to the rightful owners, the Youth of Eastern Jikany White Army, not Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth.

If Gen. Gat-hoth’s self-interest forced him to switch side, he must go alone and we disowned his actions and keep our community united and focus. In simple terms, we cannot and will not support general Gathoth.

The defection of Gen. Gat-hoth to the regime has no significance in this community. If he refused to adhere to the advise from his own community, we allow him to go alone. He is visionless and shortsighted.

In 1998 general Gat-hoth, defected from SSIM to form his own movement. His uncalculated decision ended up in killing more than 545 youth. This time, we have decided not to let his leadership failure to kill us again. He is disowned. The community is ever united and well focus in what will take this peace loving community forward.

Eastern Jikany community is located in the Eastern part of the Upper Nile state bordering with Ethiopia. It composes of four counties; Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut and Longichuk County.

This community press release was authored by members of Eastern Jikany Community in UNMISS, Juba, South Sudan. For more information on this report, you can reach the community chairperson, Gatluak Duang Wie, at 211950900039.

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GatNor March 24, 2016 at 4:17 am

I dont think this is good move to single out one amongst couuntless traitorrs including those calling themselves peace partners.

Machar himself is doing the same but Gen Gathoth’s return to Juba only differs in the manner he chose to enter the capital.

Gaathoth showed up in the middle of the night to avoid tention and Machar wants a red carpet, Hollywood style and both did not put any consequential conditions before laying down their arms.

Nuers of Eastern، I think this harshness of critism should be rephrased. Acting without thinking things through should be left behind.

Bol Gatjang March 24, 2016 at 12:27 pm

Being a loyal to a certain groups of people is not blurred as it seems for the case of General Gathoth Gatkuoth. Gen. Hoth had been fighting very bravely to defend his people from Dinka’s vicious attack since the outbreak of civil war in Juba. He was very strong General whereby many to whom they combating together still have trust in him. But I think right now he become a perpetrators and I hope he die as scapegoat. So therefore,I personally agreed he going to be enemy soon than later, so let him go for money than being lukewarm man


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