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South Sudan: Government Forces Prepare To Launch Attacks On Rebels’ Positions On Juba-Nimule Roads To Delay The Return of Dr. Riek Machar

Andrew Olweny

Magwi County, EES

A unite of SPLA [Juba] leave Juba for deployment on Nov 23, 2015(Photo: supplied)
A unite of SPLA [Juba] leave Juba for deployment on Nov 23, 2015(Photo: supplied)
March 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- According to credible source with full knowledge and access to Bilpam, the general HQ of South Sudan’s SPLA army, a government force comprising mostly of Dinka militias is preparing for an imminent attacks against the SPLA-IO cantonment site along Nimule-Juba road under the overall field commander Brig. General Max Marlin Lino Azo.

The SPLA- IO forces along Juba-Nimule road reacted by saying their forces is on high alert and prepared waiting for Dinka Centric government forces offensive in their area. “

Our regional correspondent in Eastern Equatoria State interviewed Brig. General Max Marlin Lino  Azo from his field office. In response Gen. Max warns that if the government forces dare to attack them, their forces operating along Juba-Nimule life saving highway will response with a maximum forces and therefore should not be blame by the international communities of any consequences thereafter because the fate of the Juba government and the IDPs depend on the mercy of the rebels who are keeping peace along this highway.

“ We will respond, in self-defense with resolute and decisive force, and the international community should not blame our forces because if provoked we will cut off and block Juba-Nimule highway permanently” said Brig. General Max.

According to the intelligent gatherings, the government forces are armed with 10 Worals, Russian made trucks, 25 RPG, 30 PKM, 6 Tanks, small arms AK47 and others.

All the assembled forces are stationed at Ame Junction awaiting orders from Paul Malong to launch the attacks, a decision believed to have been delayed by the recent disagreement between Salva Kiir and Paul Malong over issues of newly created states.

Intelligence reports speculate that Johnson Juma Okot [JJ Okot’s] vehicles are the one currently used to transport ammunition and food items to government forces in their hiding areas along Juba-Nimule road.

According to one elder from Abara, who spoke in condition of anonymity, JJ Okot is a long time enemy and conflict instigator in Magwi County, between the Ma’di and the Acholis. JJ Okot was recently suspended from his position as commander of Division six based in Western Equatoria and Lakes states due to corruption scandals including money laundry.

It was revealed that currently JJ Okot is providing information and helping government to attack the SPLA-IO positions and bases along Juba -Nimule Road. Who are just by his backyard less than a mile from Obama Guest house.

Okot is believed to be trying  to impression the Jienge Council of Elders to regain his position and perhaps to be waved off corruptions cases.

According to the inside source from Juba and Ame Junction, who leak this information, Okot was consulted about the attack and he has been part of the planning team.

It was reported to our regional correspondent based in EES that, JJ Okot implanted and sent his junior officer called by last name Bongomin  to SPLA- IO to spy particularly on Gen Martine Kenyi and Oyet Nathaniel.

Bongomin reportedly defected to SPLA-IO under a government mission. Our sources in IO discovered that Bongomin was surprisingly promoted from 1st Lt to Brigadier General.

The insider said currently Gen. Bongomin, Michael Odontong and 5 others defected from SPLA- IO and are in negotiation process with government to maintain their ranks and lead the government forces to the secret Camps in Magwi County.

It was reported that Bongomin sent 5 of his junior officers to Juba to draw the final plan for the attack. According to sources who does not want to be named, Bongomin had 3 secret meetings with Gen Jildo Oling Paraynag, Lomoya and JJ Okot in Juba and Panyikwara.

When SPLA-IO field commander in the region was asked by our reporter about their logistical support, defense, whether or not they have enough manpower to overcome the government offensive, the commanding officers Brig. Max expressed confidence in their capabilities and referred back to his logistic officer, whose name is removed for security reasons because he is outside cantonment area only being identified by his pet name as Brig. General Ochan Philip Okeny.

Our reporter managed to reach Brig Okeny for comment, confirmed their capabilities, he however refused to disclose further information but he said this will be the worst mistake should government attack their area. Brig. Okeny said they would ensure Nimule Juba Road is cut off, since they are the lifelines for South Sudan.

The presence of SPLA-IO in Magwi County is seen by Juba as an existential threat to the tribal regime of Salva Kiir Mayerdit, due to the Juba-Nimule highway, which runs through the heart of the County.

Declaring war in Juba this afternoon, the Government spokesman, Michael Makuei Lueth, reiterates that there is disagreement over the contentment areas in Equatoria and Bhar el Ghazal as the Jieng Council government sees these cantonments sites for SPLA-IO as major threats to their leaderships.

Brig. Okeny said the government activities in the County are part of the grant plan to deny Equatorians access to any cantonment area in the region and this will never be tolerated.

“We respect the compromise peace agreement and observe ceasefire however, we can only act in self-defense and prove to government yet again we are a force to recon with, we shall ensure they regret this time should they dare attack”. Brig Ochan Philip Okeny.

The intelligent report from the SPLA-IO in the region further said they uncovered the government plan to attack their bases along Juba-Nimule road has been going on for weeks, and now it has been approved by the senior generals from Military headquarters in Bilpam.

According to the reliable sources, some soldiers with heavy weaponry have been moved out of Juba, going towards southern Bari, waiting for commands for further action.

This new acts of provocations seemed to be engineered by the anti-peace elements within the army with aim to derail the expected homecoming of Riek Machar to Juba. The anti peace generals from government side fears that they will lose their positions if the Transitional Government of National Unity [TGoNU] is formed, so they plan to do everything possible to the derail it.

The report was gathered by South Sudan Liberty News and distributed for wider circulation.

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mindra joel March 11, 2016 at 10:32 pm

SPLA is kidding.committed to peace and the same time war.which is which.choose one between the two rather than confusing the citizens.if it is war let us go by war and if peace,let us implement it.
Do not preached us peace when there is not implementation or action.
Male tortoise would be seen in fire
Mindra,loa local pageri administrative areas madi,EE state,madi corridor

mindra joel March 11, 2016 at 10:45 pm

A government who does not care,value no human life and property. should they carried any attack on madi land this time round.the population would be force to defend their land and property.
Nimule juba road being life line and gateway to southsudan capital would be cut off and the impact would be great on the government and citizens in general.
This time around,we have got the man power and the logistics to dislodged the government forces who dare to launched an attack on our position along juba nimule road.
Mindra,loa local,pageri,administrative areas,EE madi corridor


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