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The Beggars on the Streets Need Government Intervention

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Street Children in Rumbek(Photo: via Sudan Face.com)
Street Children in Rumbek(Photo: via Sudan Face.com)

March 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The crisis is the worse thing one should not anticipate to be in, and it’s the dangerous calamity someone should not dare to tempered with for its results causes sorrows, pain, hardships and lost of lives. South Sudan a country blessed with all its takes for a blessed country to have is being spoil and tarnished by tribal hatred among the inhabitants of the soil who are the rightful owners of the land. Should they come together as one family……..

As one of child born in the struggle, raised and nursed in hardship with many others in the same scenarios I am appealing to authorities concerned to see what is happening to our civil populations. Our citizens are dying of hunger and no one is paying any attention to their grievances. They needs quick and prompt actions for them to be rescued from the lake of poverty-stricken, they need the president action. Should they continue that way, then in few months times we will lost good numbers of people through starvation. Believe me.

I was in Konyo-konyo market yesterday and Juba town too, old ages were begging in the streets for their survival, young mothers who should be enjoying their marriages are panting everywhere in the city centre roaming for their young ones to get something to eat. Isn’t that an insult to our nation?

We need to put our heads together as leaders and rightful owners of this country and come up with genuine reasons to fight back this abominable situation call hunger and poverty. We must produce logics to avoid such situations that overcome our civil populations in our rightful watch. We must eradicate both poverty and hatreds so as to retain our dignity as the patriots of this beloved country call “Junub El Sudan”. Once and for all.

Our women, elders, youths, and children who are hunting for money for their survivability should be reinforce with food aid, leaders should work tirelessly to provide them with their needs so that they don’t loiter in the streets for help from anyone whoever by passes them. Asking help from strangers is deadly.

However, South Sudan is rich country with all the resources but corruption and bad politics are running it administration from all the sections be it from public or private sectors. We have gone astray from what we are meant to do as the leaders and patriots of this country . We think only about what we should get in return not what other will benefit from our work.

South Sudanese needs leaders not rulers we must deliver services to them in good faith and we must make sure development takes place so that we shall all get the south Sudan we all desire.

I my own opinion, the government must accept that it has failed to take care of its citizens and someone else can take over the citizens or else form a committee to set up camps for hunger-displace people (HDP) from Juba and other towns in south Sudan so that this problem of streets begging stop. We must stop this….the dignities of our people is more important than self-catering. If we fail… UN agencies can intervene.

For I know we all love our beloved country south Sudan so very much we must also learn to love whoever is born in south Sudan, citizens needs our help, 24/7 protection from any harm and good leaders.

If we continue giving a blind eye to our citizens than, we shall not get the south Sudan we all want….. South Sudanese will never attain to their full potential with leaders who put their stomachs as primary concern.

Get me at sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com.

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