Dhoal Larjin Peace Process Press Release

Unity For All Nuer Oppositions And Armed Factions

By Dhoal Larjin,

Dove, a symbol of peace (photo: extracted).
Dove, a symbol of peace (photo: extracted).

March 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The ongoing predicament in the Nuer communities is due to the struggle for leadership and lack of directives from the leaders. I think it is a reasonable issue because it will be resolved quickly through dialogue. There is no one that will anticipate to solve our crisis but ourselves. For this reason, there is a need for all Nuer to have divisions among themselves but must have unity of purpose instead.

I am advising the Nuer communities to come together on behalf of SPLM-IO II from all Conner of the World. We are making permanent nonviolence in the Nuer land. The absolute peace is proposed for the Nuer elders, churches, and community leaders to bring all the Nuer oppositions and fighting factions together to discuss peace deal that will take place sometime toward the end of March 2016.

The peace committee will communicate the real venue. I appeal to the elders to create peace that will resolve differences between the fighting factions, and discuss the leadership transformation for the Nuer people. The real agenda and the essential activities of the peace deal will be communicated later. The following committee have been proposed to organize and create meaningful dialogue among the Nuer fighting factions and communities. The selection is based on their capacities and the qualification of the committee members. They include church leaders and army generals.

  1. Hon. Dr. James Mabor Dhol
  2. Bishop. Tut Gany Reath
  3. Rev. George Riek
  4. Rev. James Makuai Chuol
  5. Rev. Maluit Hoth Ganyang
  6. Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang
  7. Hon. Wiw Kuon
  8. Gen. James Hoth Mai
  9. Gen. Gatduel Gatluak
  10. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak
  11. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual
  12. Gen. Gathoth Gatkouth Hothnyang
  13. Gen. Buay Rol Nyang
  14. Gen. Makal Kuol
  15. Gen. Dhoal Larjin
  16. Gen. Makuach Teny
  17. Rev. John Chuol Chan
  18. Hon. Dr. Riek Gai
  19. Rev. John Gatwech Turial
  20. Hon. Farouk Gatkouth Kam
  21. Rev. John Jack Deng
  22. Hon. John Juan Dong
  23. Prof. David de Chand
  24. Hon. Rev. Mathew Mathing Deng
  25. Rev. Simon Koak Bol
  26. Rev. James Pur Tap
  27. Rev. Peter Tekjiek Kuitay

The consultation is still going on among the Nuer elders and communities. We recommend at least three more people to join the nominees from each county. Please suggest the names as we include more potential people to participate in the dialogue and feel free to share about the upcoming events with your friends because we will bring all the Nuer from across the world. We have currently proposed London in the United Kingdom to be the first venue of the peace deal. People suggest it because it is the middle of our continents.


Should you have any concerns, Please contact Rev. George Riek for more information in Nairobi, Kenya or myself, Dhoal Larjin for details of the event.

Thank you for your participation to help our people define their destiny.

Dhoal Larjin is leader of SPLM-IO II and can be reached through email dtuolual@gmail.com

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Peter Gai Manyuon Web


Bol Gatjang March 5, 2016 at 10:28 pm

Sir Iam so sorry to said, your list is full of some ludicrous individuals which make it to looks awful. Those don’t think some names will be acceptable for now if the peace implementation not hastened by president. It must be being in insanity for those to discern attached with the rest who got reputations. Sorry!!

Bol Gatjang March 6, 2016 at 7:47 am

I mean some individuals among those names you have mentioned above are unacceptable before the complete transitional government in South Sudan.Our people are still in dire situations in the UNMISs who seem doing nothing to save their lives.I personally feeling emotional when I thought about their being stranded horrible conditions,precious souls.


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