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Mr Aguer Rual, A lonely Wolf And Unlucky Lottery Seeker In South Sudan’s Political Affairs

By Adhar A. Chol, 


March 04, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- After constructive consultation with Warrap State, SPLM/IO Victoria Chapter and SPLM-IO Australia Mission, I decided to respond to Mr Rual’s short sighted defection to refute his misleading claims of splitting People’s Movement, and his unintellectual charges against SPLM-IO leadership, which falsely claims that the top leadership has been running movement as its own property. I wish to assure the readers that People’s Movement cannot be divided by people who do not practice what they preach and do not understand ultimate reform agenda that the SPLM-IO and the South Sudanese are yearning for.

The chance of winning lottery is one in millions. The phrase applies to Mr. Aguer Rual political gambling and self-centric egoism. There is no room for opportunists’ egos centered ambitions in SPLM/A-IO as the people’s Movement declares not to entertain position seekers anymore and the real struggle has just begun.

Leadership is not simply a concept, however, a disciplinary field that has numerous and countless definitions and a road to self-discovery. Leaders are morally accountable for their acts. The more the leaders know about themselves, the better they lead others. This fact about the leadership is hardly observed and instituted in like-minded visionless individuals like Mr Rual.

Mr Rual’s erstwhile apology letter to Salva Kiir two months ago was in fact a confirmation of his later defection. South Sudanese and the world at large, know Mr Rual’s defection was an event waiting to erupt at any time. The public has seen his defection coming in his bow-low apology letter where he asserted that it was his entire fault for he didn’t know what he was doing?!!!! His failure to fathom the injustices inflicted against our beloved and innocent people by tribal regime of Savla Kiir is, an extreme act of unfaithfulness and infidelity, which should not be applauded but condemned in strongest term possible.

My past twelve years personal experience with Mr Rual made me concluded that he is a forlorn internecine individual who possess severe and unpleasant satanic egocentric attitudes. He is a person who has no interests in supporting and nurturing others, whatsoever, he only believes in himself and blindly thinks the world revolves around him.

Surely, it’s an absolute misuse of my precious and demanding time to response to his irresponsible, shameful and reasonless defection, for I am in my complete awareness that spotlight is where he attain his excitement; however, I must admit that I am gravely enraged and forced by the fact that he heartlessly use Juba massacre and ongoing severe suffering of our resilient and proud people as an agile high way to implement his satanic inconsiderable interests. Our innocent citizens were maimed and killed indiscriminately not only because of their political belief but also because of who they were. The Nuer nation’s equal rights before the law and before the supreme eyes of other South Sudanese to exist in South Sudan was attempted to be denied by Mathiang Anyoor forces of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan; however, people like us stood tall and spoke loud by condemning Kiir and Malong’s actions. We are prepared to pay whatever costs it will take to ensure South Sudan’s ill-governing system under Kiir and his stooges is reformed once and for all.

It’s extremely absurd for Mr Rual to level People’s Movement as a ‘so called SPLM/A-IO’ and at the same time feel pretty safe to proudly use the titles of our party. The SPLM-IO has groomed Mr Rual from no –where to top executive positions including ambassadorship, governorship and advisory position-the very heart of leadership, which he has never been dreaming of in his entirely live. Regardless of how much he has been hailed high, Mr Rual has spiralled back to square one and damaged his legacy simply because of few dollars that Kiir’s bribery and corruptive regime provided him.


It is now apparent that Mr Rual’s reasons to joining SPLM/IG were neither in line with implementation of peace agreement, nor an implementation of Arusha reunification agreement; however, rather is merely an implementation of his own interests. As his vision and ambition are centered around material wealth and power, it is an evidence it will not take him sometime to defect from Kiir’s regime unless the regime keeps providing him with materials he needs. Mr Rual has been longing to go to South Sudan; however, his previous violent toward South Sudanese were impediments. He therefore took advantages of People’s Movement to tint himself. His decisions to joining SPLM/IG, is an elusive. He is a lonely wolf, who has no support. All our commanders and politicians have confirmed their allegiance and loyalty to SPLM/A-IO and its leadership.

Charging SPLM/A-IO leadership with bloodshed, devastation and treachery is the wildest scratch of imagination for self-centric people like Mr Rual who has no public interests. SPLM/A-IO leadership is the most consultative and practice democracy in any decision making with tremendous openness for different views.

Mr Rual’s departure from People’s Movement is not an ideological departure but it’s simply more of personal and will cost no-harm to People’s Movement. We wish Mr Rual good luck in his primitive political quest.

Viva, viva SPLM/IO we shall win.

Adhar A. Chol is General Secretary for SPLM/IO in Victoria, Australia Chapter. He can be reached through adharthondit@yahoo.com.au 

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Editorial Team.


Bol Gatjang March 4, 2016 at 8:21 pm

Yes,Mr.Aguer, the choice is still yours in this dilemma direction I have observed. I thought you are right person to recollect your paths with SPLA/m IO who had been tremendously with respect.I have met in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia in 2015 at certain international hotel after you came Australia.

Bol Gatjang March 4, 2016 at 8:22 pm

I mean who had been tremendously treating you with respect.

Lony Ngundeng SSAF. March 4, 2016 at 9:12 pm

Please Chol stop criticising one for leaving your tribal rebellion, Hon Aguer has mentioned exactly what your stupid warlord has been doing and still doing it for South Sudanese, where on earth do you see democracy is practised by the use of Bullet, is only Riek Machar who always bring suffering to South Sudanese due to his power hungriness. Wait and see more of your so called IO will continue defecting to the Government and next will be your self. haven’t you heard the confusion happening and exchange of bad words btn your IO in Addis and those in Juba? wait, that counter accusation has yet given some of your advance team green light to defect to Government and the Government is more than ready to welcome them. Ask your Poor blood sucker stupid Riek Machar to speed up the formation of the Governement or he risk loosing all of his advance team in Juba to Government. FPDS are in advance stage of dismantling their group to join Government and your former comrates who defected to Government recently are working day and night to convince more of your group to join the Government, so wait for more breaking news that will break your heart.

Akot Mathiang March 5, 2016 at 10:02 am

Dear Long Ngundeng,
I do agree with your point that Dr. Riek Machar is not a Democrat .Let’s take 1991 split and the failure of Dr. Riek which resulted into political wrangling with Dr. Lam as an example.However I love his ambitious politics but he lacks support due to his violent tendency.I hope the likes of Adhar will one day withdraw their vote of confidence and follow the same path of Hon.Aguer Dual.

padiet gahgah March 5, 2016 at 9:04 am

Dear James Lony, the war of words will never help any one especially the Nuer who are termendously affected by this war, are still having no real direction. you a defected people from Riek Machar, please try your utmost level best to show the best direction to save the lives of Nuer who are still dying in UNMISS camps, as it happened in Malakal. I think all of you who ran away for your lives in Juba including Riek Machar did not give any consent to salva kiir to kill the Nuer. It was most dinka’s ultimate goal to do it onto us. But we failed to understand it. Padiet Gahgah

Akot Mathiang March 5, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Dear Padiet,
Iam very sorry if you ‘re still singing the narrative of Nuer massacre.What I do know is that massacre was widely preached in order to gain tremendous support from the so-called White Army.I don’t believe that such a narrative still carry a weight worth acceptance b’se it was preached for inciting the Nuer to fight vigorously and divert the intention of International Community from coup narrative.If Nuer IDPs were safed in Bahr el Ghazal as I know how could you come into conclusion that Nuers were the legitimate target by the Dinkas?Please we need peace and unity of these two major tribes, Jieng and Naath for the prosperity of our beloved country.Jieng & Naath Oyee!


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