Islamic Relief South Sudan: A Case Of Fraud, Dishonesty And Greed

By Abdul Hosni,

Mohamood Ali Mohammed the chief architect of the fraud in IRW-South Sudan

Mohamood Ali Mohammed the chief architect of the fraud in IRW-South Sudan

Feb 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- With very many international organizations operating in the Republic of South Sudan, many of them are here for humanitarian work but this particular one is for business. Operated by Kenyans and Somalis, this organization which operates on the principle of Islam is another money minting machine for different Kenyans who are sent here in the Republic of South Sudan pretending to be giving humanitarian service.

South Sudan is one of the vulnerable countries in the world and with this, many donors have pumped millions of dollars trying to make the life of millions of South Sudanese better. Sadly enough, many of the vulnerable people don’t get this aid. This money ends up in the pockets of top bosses of the organizations. They take this money back to their homeland leaving South Sudan to be poor and poorer. Islamic Relief South Sudan is one of these heartless international organizations and with the top managers swindling millions of dollars meant for the poor people of South Sudan, the future of the humanitarian service looks bleak with such people.

How it is done.

Islamic Relief South Sudan has its regional Headquarters in Nairobi Kenya and everything is controlled from there. That means all the money meant for humanitarian aid are first channeled to Kenya from there, a small portion is sent to South Sudan. Even with this small portion is sent here, the top management of Islamic Relief South Sudan is composed of Kenyans. No South Sudanese is allowed to be on the top management. South Sudanese are looked at as incompetent and incapable, so they are given the junior positions where they dance on the tunes of Kenyan bosses and if the nationals try to come up with decision contrary to their swindling machinery, he is given the exit. As the Kenyans milk South Sudan in humanitarian aid both in South Sudan and Nairobi, the poor national South Sudanese watch in shock as there is nothing they can do because they want to protect their jobs.

The money is stolen in many different ways. One of the ways is by awarding themselves huge amount of money in salary in positions which doesn’t help even help the South Sudanese people. For example, when a project has been approved for south Sudan, there will be very many Kenyans being paid from it. Kenyans even who never even come to South Sudan, they sit in Nairobi without doing anything but have huge salaries. Many of these people never even come to South Sudan. They pretend they are working as consultants, advisors and their salaries are in thousands of dollars. Even those that are working here, are employed as South Sudanese, they don’t pay taxes and they receive all their money.

How a program manager a one Mohamood Ali Mohammed stole over $1m of aid money.

He is one of the Kenyan who was brought by his Kenyan friends to work in South Sudan. He is this guy who almost emptied the coffers of Islamic Relief and surprisingly, he is walking scot-free on the streets of Nairobi enjoying his loot. That means he was not alone in the scam, because if he was alone, he would have been held responsible. Many top bosses were part of the scam. A one called Aliow Mohammad was part of the plan to swindle the money. He (Aliow) used to give order from Nairobi to execute the plan. He was the controller of the account. So it was just a matter of Mohammood signing and the plan was executed. The finance manager was also from Kenya, one Steven Killu, he was also used to steal a lot of money, he approved all the dubious deals by the top bosses. All of them are in Kenya now, no one has touched them and no one will ever. What was so annoying is as they worked as nationals of South Sudan in positions meant for South Sudanese (which is illegal), they had the guts to steal from the people who helped them. As the effects of this thuggery, many areas which they claimed they are helping people in remain with no or little progress.


To show that these guys were really thugs or wolves in human skins, they even sold relief items. Borehole meant for the community was constructed in individual homes. Wrong pictures were taken and reports fogged just to convince the donor for more money. With this our government has where to begin from with the investigation into the dealings of this organization and why Kenyans think, they are the most superior people compared to other nationals. This takes me back to a case where KCB national staff had strike apparently because their Kenyan counterparts refused to increase their salaries even when their Kenyan counterparts working here in South Sudan had their increased. The government through the relevant ministries has got a job to do especially with the new law concerning humanitarian operations in South Sudan. Otherwise South Sudan will be a playground for everyone who wants to steal money on the expense of the suffering people

The next article will be on the companies and individuals used in the dubious deals

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  • I guess if he can clean his own room. Very dirty (MAD) human being on earth.

  • i AM not against,(ISLAM a EARMARK) nobody but keep young ones (BOY) out from Somalis males.

  • Little mouth,what about bloody pressure and diabetes.

  • He is together with SPLM including our Late John Garang. SPLM like Eastern African citizens because of corruption.

  • GatNor

    Former looter turned whistle blower. Wariyah, Haram halaikum ya Muslims. Nigga is cheesed because he had been cheated from the loots.

  • They eat very very crazy Qat and eating foods throughout at Night and never sleep.This not a surprise because most big SPLM have their own Charities by then,so SPLM itself like Somalis.

    • Bol Gatjang

      mianare absolutely right on this point Beek SPLA in government including you are voracious. You are Somalia or ISIS like in your vague political indecency,you and your father Kiir. Your antipathy become very pervasive in our country with overwhelming catastrophe,deaths and too much animosity.

      • Bol Gatjang

        I mean you are absolutely right on that particular point.

        • It seems like you are trying to insult me with out any reason while i am not living in South Sudan or received anything from South in my life and i have interest either,i think you need a job instead of begging government. I am in debt because the world is in a bad economy situation ,but i will tell you
          amount. I am sure they will hide from you.

          • Bol Gatjang

            You better feel free if you think about to take your position, I don’t have any kind of inspiration whatsoever in blood money of your country South Sudan. As Iam just concerning citizen who doesn’t like that dehumanizing in so called South Sudan in which one control as his property. I personally hate South Sudan in seeing devil killing my people with no pleasure in such dogma with unilateral useless 28 States. My life here is fair,iam not wealthy or rich nor poor but affluent man to claim popularity by indiscriminate massacre ,relax I have not debt buddy.

      • The War,Charities are over and nobody even have interest in you unless you change your own life.

  • Lee judoung

    This is totally false and nonsense I am guessing you have to write such sensational stories to generate traffic to your website.IRW is here to help south Sudanese but unfortunately some of the staff especially locals just want to steal swindle and then point fingers else where to divert attention.So sad.

  • Lee

    This is total nonsense and lies.The local staff in IRW South Sudan have ganged up against expart staff from Kenya because they have refused to abet their corrupt ways.IRW is in South Sudan to help but its being sabotaged by the local Sudanese staff period.i know u will not publish this because you are just a sensationalist writer trying to get traffic to your website.what a shame.

    • Lee

      This is total nonsense and lies.The local staff in IRW South Sudan have ganged up against expart staff from Kenya because they have refused to abet their corrupt ways.IRW is in South Sudan to help but its being sabotaged by the local Sudanese staff period.i know u will not publish this because you are just a sensationalist writer trying to get traffic to your website.what a shame.

      very disgraceful

  • Bol Gatjang

    I mean my life here is fair iam not wealthy or rich man nor poor but I don’t want be affluent man to claims the popularity by indiscriminate massacre of innocent,relax I have debt buddy.

    • Bol Gatjang

      I have no debts and I have completed my masters in international relations.

      • Money make and lost. N.B. i don’t have a degree because i have no support and i had decided to work. I am in debts,but i will be out in it in a less than three years and doors are still open. Masters in international relations,good for you.

      • I was admitted to the programme at University. A Bachelor of European Studies,but i didn’t attended because of luck of Tuition Fees and expenses.Tuition fees is not very difficult because a citizen,but expenses like accommodation because government here don’t support over 30’s and older at universities unless one to two years training instead of joblessness. You are very lucky.

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