Chollo Community Writes A Protest Press Statement About The Massacre Of Chollo Innocent Civilians In UNMISS Protection Camp In Malakal Upper Nile State

To: Ban Kim Mon, Secretary General of United Nations,

New York, USA.

Your Excellency,


Feb 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- We, the Chollo Community Council were dismayed by Barbaric killing of unarmed civilians in UNMISS Protection Camp in Malakal. It is well coordinate killing plan by the Governor of the so-called the Eastern Nile State, and was accomplished last night by criminals Padang Jieng by murdering and wounded good numbers of unarmed Chollo and Nuer in the internal displaced camp.

We strongly condemn this merciless massacred of innocent citizens who evacuated and escaped to POC for safety but now their fate was vanish under UNMISS. Central question is how did those killers managed to come into on the watch of UNMISS?

Last time we have cautioned H.E Festus .G. Mogae, Chairman of IMEC and the international community partners to Compromise Peace Agreement about the consequences of the creation of 28 States, knowing that there is burning situation in Malakal that resulted from unconstitutional Decree of 28 States by giving Chollo land to Padang Jieng. Now, Padang Jieng backed by the President Kiir himself, wished to push Chollo out on ancestral land in eastern side of Nile, including protected people in UNMISS. The only logical for war wage by Padang Jieng militia supported by Jieng forces called SPLA was terrorized Protected People and to dislodge them by attaching them using smuggle weapons in to the Camp. The things which UNMISS will not escape from being blame is how did those criminal murders managed to bring in weapons with tied security at entrance gate? What was the UNMISS respond to control the situation? Until this morning they were still burning down shelters that belong to Chollo community. The world needs to realize that most notorious murder is the President Kiir himself, who initiated the creation of 28 States.

Your Excellency,

The Massacre of our Chollo Innocent Civilians in Malakal at UNMISS Protection of Civilians Camp ,was carried out by the soldiers of the Newly Appointed Governor , Chol Thon of the So-called Eastern Nile state together with his Padang Dinka Malitia on 17th February 2016, at about 8:00 PM. On Wednesday.

The Massacre had resulted in the loss of Lives of five and thirty seven wounded   innocent Chollo Civilians, who are being hosted by UNMIS as Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Civillian Protection camp.

Your Excellency,

The Massacre took place inside the UNMISS Protection of Civillian Camp with the presence of UN Peace Keeping Force from Rwanda, who were well armed even with tanks in order to protect the Civilians. Unfortunately, those soldiers did not even shoot a singular bullet into the air to dispatch the Government Soldiers in scene and to challenge Padang Dinka Militia there were forces to protect the civilians. Indeed, this situation is very embarrassing to international community, how will they justified this madness killing in their presence. The sound question, what have prevented those Rwandans UN Peace keeping Soldiers not to respond to the killing of unarmed Innocent Civilians under their disposal? All are aware that UN mandated its Forces to use force under UN Charter, Chapter V11 when the lives of people they protected is endanger by aggressor’s soldiers.

In fact, Chollo Community in the chollo Kingdom and throughout the world is saddened and aggravated by this massacre of our people in Malakal. We issued this protest Press Statement to condemn this barbaric and brutal killing of our Chollo Innocent Civillans at the UNMIS Protection of Civilian Camp in Malakal.

In this regards, we are urging you as the Secretary General of the UN and the Chairperson of the UN Security Council in New York to take strong action against the Governor of the so- called Eastern Nile State and president Salva Kiir , who supported unconstitutional appointed Governor of so-called Eastern Nile State, who implemented cold blood killing of unarmed Innocent Civilians, in order to pressurize them to quit to western side of Nile as they claimed which is impossible under the Sun. Find more evidences from UNMISS soldiers in Malakal, then the International Criminal Court at Hague must file the case against the murderers in South Sudan.

Best regards.

Samson Oyay, Chairman of Chollo Community Council. Khartoum, Sudan.



CC: Festus G. Mogade, Chairman of JEMC, Juba.

CC: Troika Members (USA, UK and Norway.)

CC: Chairperson, Human Right, Geneva, SWizter land.

CC: Chairperson, ICC, Hague.

CC: IGAD Member Countries.

CC: Chollo MPs, Juba

Chollo Community Members Worldwide (USA, UK, Canada, Australia)




  • Bol Gatjang

    Yes, the international community must have scrutinized carefully this vicious and barbaric acts which had happened before their watches in UNMISS. Those are one favorite of Kiir’s action to whom they have supported as an elected president, the guy embrace money more than humans lives. When you going to learn him in his being sarcastic man with less IQ?

  • paulino

    FYI it is the military and militia of padang, that attack protection of civilian site, they are all wearing the SPLA uniform.
    i have seen them, till now they are still in PoC, and all people are in UN compound.

  • We have saying this that jenge Council of murderers and their soldiers are planning for another massacre but many jenge defended by denying that jenge are not murderers and that there is no any evidence showing such evil acts.

    Good that today it happens in the eyes of the international monitors. How will the dinka get away with this? This is another politica ingredients for the down fall of the jenge council of awirin. I think the jenge are not happy because they are now forced to full away their killers from Juba. They must follow the peace agreement plan.

    • GatNor

      The Jenge Councils of awiirin. lol.. What puzzle me is how did the UN’s onsite guards let these murderous Jaang get picked up by south sudan government soldiers, cars, trucks and swift them to safety when fearing imminent retaliatory majors against them by the surviving victims of their vicious and barbaric attacks. Why was no arrests made right on site at the time.

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