Gov’t Attacks SPLM-IO Cantonment Sites in Western Equatoria State As Formation Of TGONU Is Near

SPLM/A-IO forces pose for a picture after a victory in Upper Nile State

SPLM/A-IO forces pose for a picture after a victory in Upper Nile State

Feb 17, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —- Forces belong to the Government of South Sudan have launched cold-blooded attacks in Ezo, Meke, Garia of Western Equatoria State, the sites SPLM-IO claimed to be its cantonment areas, SPLM-IO official spokesperson in Western Equatoria Baya Kayidri has said in a statement released to Nyamilepedia newsroom.

Baya Kayidri protests that the Government forces resumed their vicious attacks in Western Euatoria State from Ezo to Meke, and Garia in Mundri County, the attacks by the government in these areas have been going on for five consecutive days. The Government’s forces involved in killing of innocent civilians, looting properties and burning down civilians’ houses. It’s also reported that a gunship helicopter that didn’t drop bombs was seen hovering around, causing fear among civilians. The Government is reported to have used gas against the SPLM/A-IO forces during the engagement.

“Yesterday in the morning, the government forces fired serious gas but fortunately the wind turned to their directions and they sustained very serious infection among their forces,” Baya has stated.

In spite of the Agreement signed in August 2015 between the SPLM in Opposition and the Government of South Sudan, Western Equatoria State has lately become a new battle ground with many reports alleging the Government to be on the offensive against the armed opposition forces.

“It is very unfortunate that forces of President Salva Kiir have continued to attack locations of SPLM/SPLA (IO) forces in Western and Eastern Equatoria states. This is a clear violation of the agreement on Permanent Ceasefire,” James Gatdet Dak, the official spokesperson in the office of the SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny posted on his Facebook timeline,


The SPLM-IO in Western Equatoria attests that the Equatorians act in self-defense as a way to protect themselves against the government that is seen to have violated the peace agreement.

“Despite the appointment of Dr. Riek Machar  Teny  as the country’s 1st VP, Equatorians were left in the battle field to struggle in self-defense to protect themselves and fight for their own freedom,” Baya has complained.

In another development but similar story, the SPLA – Juba reinforced its forces in Yambio and Maridi, causing more armed confrontation in the areas with civilian loss of lives but Nyamilepedia is unable to reach the Government to confirm the report.

“The SPLA-Juba killed 7 children, several others wounded in Bari area West of Mundri West County and civilians flew to the bushes for their safety.”

Two weeks ago, the Tiger Faction New Forces (TFNF) under overall command of Gen. Yoanes Okej, that operates independently from SPLM-IO, confirmed that the Government’s forces launched an attack on them in Deba/Thrombaat near Wadakona, Manyo County in Northern Upper Nile.


  • Bol Gatjang

    Don’t worry guys God is our side because blood spilled in South Sudan would never be in vain.God will reward us by rebuking that devil. Soon will enjoy the federalism under Dr.Machar and nightmare will be SPLA in IO oyeee! Those vicious acts will soon vanished be strong.

    • Bol Gatjang

      I mean the nightmare will be over SPLA in Io oyeee! The blood of our innocence which had been spilled would never be vain together we have to fight for justices.

  • This is the time for you soldiers to stop fighting, think how Riek and Kiir continue loot the country resources while you are finishing each other. thinks twice you soldiers before finishing each other.

    Do not you know that you are fighting for the names of looters, there is no keys to heaven where you can get your rooms with everything. when you died here, you have died for ever. Bear in mind that God will not compromise in judging you the wicked thinking.

    Your children, wives, parents, blame you for relay always on weak leaders. Please, please, please brothers, I want you to be very vigilant for these leaders of south Sudan, you die without rewards.

    Good luck