SPLM/SPLA Canada Mission Applauds the Appointment of SPLM/SPLA Chairman and Commander-in-Chief General Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon

Press Statement,

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Feb 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– On behalf of SPLM/A Canada Mission and my own behalf as SPLM/SPLA Deputy Representative to Canada, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and salute the SPLM/SPLA Chairman and Commander in Chief General Riek

Members of the SPLM-IO/Canada rallied in New York to receive and welcome Machar and high level delegation from Pagak (Photo: supplied)

Members of the SPLM-IO/Canada rallied in New York to receive and welcome Machar and high level delegation from Pagak (Photo: supplied)

Machar Teny-Dhurgon for his appointment as the First Vice-President of the Republic of South Sudan as per the Compromised Peace Agreement Chapter 1: The Transitional Government of National Unity ( Article 6) and this is the 2nd step in the implementation of the Compromised Peace Agreement of 17 August 2015 by the government of the Republic of South Sudan after our Advanced Team landed in Juba on December 21, 2015. SPLM/SPLA Canada Mission acknowledge with caution our partner in peace agreement the Republic of South Sudan under its leadership of President Salve Kiir Mayardit seriousness in the full implementation of the Compromised Peace Agreement.

In order the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) to be formed the

government of the Republic of South Sudan need to allow and support the transportation of our SPLA soldiers as agreed upon in November 2015 Security Arrangement Agreement, form Commissions, revoke the 28 states created after the Compromised Peace Agreement and amend together with SPLM/SPLA Representative a transparent Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan which includes all the 64 tribes of South Sudan and those tribes which were marginalized intentionally during the writing of the first Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011  like Itahile tribe, Ofiriha tribe, Katebo, Imurok in Eastern Equatoria State and other tribes not included in the Transitional Constitution of 2011 across 10 states of the Republic of South Sudan and must be incorporated into the Compromised Peace Agreement which would be the Supreme law of the country during the 30 months of the Transitional Government of National Unity to achieve permanent and a just peace for all.

The positive response by SPLM/SPLA Chairman General Reek as per the Compromised Peace Agreement deserve acknowledgement and salutation by the peace loving citizens, supporters and sympathizers of SPLM/SPLA and citizens of South Sudan at large whom General Riek Machar serve their interests.

Ambassador Charles Wani Pioneson is the SPLM/SPLA Deputy Representative to Canada. He can be reached for further comments at cpioneson@yahoo.ca

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  • Bismark loWani

    The cart should not be put in front of the horse. It is interesting to see the political events that are taking place in Juba. How can a first vice president be a appointed in absentia before Juba is demilitarised and Machar’s body guards are transported to the capital. There must be something sinister behind this move. Moreover the constitution of the new government is not yet in place. I think Riek must take note of this.

  • Wedjuba

    This is some dumb shit!. How can a government be formed without a Constitution? What about the Security Arrangements that people signed and agreed upon.

    Mr Kiir should study the peace document he personally signed before making any one of his sudden distorted announcements.

    It doesn’t make any sense to agree on different points based on concensus if you already have a signed concrete document that gives directives to the implementation of the accord.

    This is sickening and leading us straight to where the whole mess started back before Dec. 2013.

    The stooges in Equatoria are just as rotten and confused like their disillusioned Jiengs. I know time will come again where our Principles and Dignity in Equatoria is restored, and those greedy ghouls who have no courage to represent us Equatorians be given lessons, for they have not done their homework instead brought shame and pain to our innocent people in Equatoria.

    If Juba is demilitarised, and the Opposition forces take their assignments, I think a conducive environment will be created to provide guidance for the real PEACE, otherwise the sudden command rhetoric of Mr Kiir calling for the formation of a government within short period of time is just another one of his despotic desperations.

  • GatNor

    Its the same typical absurd behavior of political mind games Juba’s tribal government plays. This appointment or reinstatement of the VP is not necessary announcement when the agreement has already recognized Machar as the VP of the yet to be implemented agreement in order to formed the TGONU. The agreement itself is not exactly being honored by Juba or else the necessary implementation mechanisms are there in the agreement’s steps guidelines. Any short cuts or lack of following the signed agreement will results into disappointment for those who put all their hopes on this agreement.

  • Bol Gatjang

    Salva is kind of snubbed to Dr.Riek even in his appointment by reinstated him.So a result, Dr.Machar must take an extra caution by being vigilant in travel back to the same old story. Juba had been a ghosts city since 1991- December15,2013.Many Nuer had been massacred by the same enemy Dinka. Mr.President is sarcastic to be decent in his security arrangements and people’s lives is like one cent discarded on the floor in South Sudan.

  • You Canadian guys do not be happy for not because will be worst than kiir. The man he likes to appoint just close relative and his wives . this guy called Machar is debacle to Nuer because is wrong leader who will never achieve any thing but people will kill themselves while he enjoying other are dying. Since the war he did not have any relative who pay sacrifice like other South Sudanese for the he started and kiir and now he accepted to be reappointed as VP so all these who fight they are for Machar return to a VP that is shame on him.

  • Wedjuba


    …..like their delusional Jiengs= as of maniac and delirious.