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Congratulations South Sudan But The Bloody Game Is Far From Over

By Chuar Juet Jock,

Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon leader of SPLM-IO [Photo extracted]
Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, leader of SPLM/A-IO [Photo: extracted]
Feb 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Congratulations Dr. Machar and the people of South Sudan for the bold step taken today towards a promising process of full and successful implementation of peace agreement. On the other hand one cannot forget to appreciate the role of IGAD and Troika in doing all that’s possible to keep a sustainable and consistent pressure on the parties to the agreement until peace and stability are realized in this battered country, South Sudan. That’s a good step toward restoring our people lives to normalcy and this country to function again and fully.

However the bloody game is far from over and in fact this could be the start of the practical part of the tough process ahead. First of all, we wish that the Juba regime is sincere in its drive for peace and cooperation with all the stakeholders of the political process and in particular with the main armed and political opposition the SPLM-IO. Many doubts and suspicions are being casted to whether Juba is truly willing to see a new era of peace, reconciliation and healing that will usher to a better state of affairs to our suffering people and to our destroyed country or whether it is on its deception game as usual. These doubts and suspicions haven’t emerged out of the nowhere but the regime in Juba has consistent records of playing with all cards of deception and inconsistency and in particular, the terms of this peace agreement.

There are serious liabilities and concerns that would be windows of political exploitation that Juba could use in future. To mention few among many, the issue of 28 states that might set the allies in the SPLM/A-IO apart and the absence of the constitution that may govern and direct the roadmap of the peace agreement and the work of Transitional Government of National Unity in the long run. However, the IGAD communiqué has prioritized the formation of TGoNU as a necessary step to rescue the country from economic collapse, untold suffering of ordinary populace due to hunger, malnutrition and all related negative war effects. These people are actually telling us, the issues of 28 states and the constitution are both luxury talks given the dire situation the country and the nation is in.

How long will the issue of 28 states take to be settled? How long will it take to draft, review and finally enact the constitution? Will South Sudan and its people survive the agonizing wait, the political confusion and the chaotic wrangling over endless tribal ego and power based motives and opposition? Our opposing voices are too many in too many issues and it could take us decades without possible settlement that could satisfy everyone because they are not systematic debates channeled or directed towards a meaningful end rather than an open chaos that randomly hitting here and there without end in sight. These voices must be organized and heard in a democratic setting in order to bring them to a meaningful end and it needs an authorized body with courage and farsightedness, should that be the TGoNU? Well, Mr. Kiir and Machar have just done that today and they just need to continue with the formation of TgoNU to oversee the outstanding issues.

However, skipping the issues of the 28 states or the transitional constitution for the time being shouldn’t mean abandoning them rather than putting them on hold for a short period of time while the TGoNU is arranging and putting the house in order. Those who think that the TGoNU has no constitutional ground to be based upon or a mandate to execute, they are wrong. The peace agreement has made it clear in its articles and clauses what each party should do or take. All the noise here and there is not all genuine but partly motivated by political and power wrangling.


The SPLM/A-IO must have an inclusive, good enough paralleled plan A and B while it is being part of the TGoNU in Juba or else. The movement needs an inclusive security strategy and force that will swiftly act in time the anti-peace players in the underground decided to viciously act again like Dec 15, 2013. This time and around, Mr. Machar and the movement must not be caught off guard. The conspiracy against this country and its people is far from over. Some internal and external vicious groups are working tirelessly day and night to undermine our stability and peace using tribalism and the Macharphobia as tools to light the flames of war again. It is time for South Sudanese to handle their differences peacefully and through politics of non-violence.

Chuar Juet Jock is a South Sudanese entrepreneur, columnist and PhD candidate based in Omaha, Nebraska – United States. He has authored his new book “In a Nutshell: Opinions and Articles during South Sudanese Civil War (2013 -2016)”; a  powerful truth that has been injected into the body of South Sudan’s history, it unearthed the truth of the current since war started on December 15, 2013 up to this month. The book is available at Amazon.com and other online bookstores. The author can be reached through chuar.juet@gmail.com.

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Beek February 12, 2016 at 2:28 am

A sheep is going back again. Dr.Riek Machar in the central government,we don’t know him and i never heard of him. I deny him.

Beek February 12, 2016 at 2:33 am

Don’t build modern buildings in his States until people of Nuer change. Our government was right for building nothing in Unity State.

samuel February 12, 2016 at 3:23 am

Kir has now ability to building anything even a toilet he can build

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 12, 2016 at 7:21 am


you need not to know leaders who holdp Phd. It is enough for you to be familiar with your cows. Hhahahahhahahaha……….Last time you said you will never see any SPLA/M-IO in Juba. What a shame on you mr. rat? Is there presence of the OPPOSISTION in Juba or not? You must listen when we tell you the reality of the future. This country is not going to be the same you always shout. The freedom fighter is coming back to Juba to follow and put all the reforms we ask on its Place and we are waiting in full support. let beek the rat bark like a coward dog.

beek, do not try to move the Heavy foot of the SPLA/M-IO from you burning ass. Understand?

AMEN February 12, 2016 at 7:54 am

Riek machar has got no different with dog, a dog can vomit the food it eats and same time the dog suck it back to the stomach. riek want to remain forever as a vice president of south sudan, fool leader like riek machar I never heard of him in this world. let him go to juba he will be killed in front of body guards let him no think of 3000 or 4000 troops that will be in juba to protect him.
we chased away over 20000 troops in juba during the outbreak of war in 15-2013, the only way for south sudan to be stable is to killed Riek machar if Riek is die than Nuer will not take army again, against any tribe in south sudan because Nuer are foolish people who can be easy mobilize .but if Riek machar is alive than still yet there is very big problem in the country

Bol Gatjang February 13, 2016 at 3:27 pm

Oh no! Vulture Amen,you are totally wrong, we Nuer are not foolish and we will never be foolish you Moran. Riek has cooked the food by combating for self-determination but you voracious idiots Dinka or whoever you are just scramble over it. Who is dog? A someone who produce it or somebody who eat it while he/she doesn’t know where food came from. Dr.Riek was exhausted of seeing you begging for crumbs from Arabs and sold yourself by fucking from Arab in order to gain money. Please stop your filthy mouth ,you gluton man or woman cease from vanity life and just suck the blood of Nuer peacefully you monkey head.hu. You are already failure from goal of liberated the whole Sudan to fucking begging, it’s not something all you could be bragging about it. You eat shit such as pythons,snakes,peoples, vultures and lizards,…etc who are you to offense pure human in South Sudan?

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 14, 2016 at 10:56 am

amen the small rat,

where have you been. I understand you have been in hiding because you feel shame for the coming of the IO to Juba. It is not over til it is over. FEDERAL RULE is around the corner. Can I ask this queastion, how do yo feel the Heavy foot of the IO in you burning ass? This hot Heavy foot is going to be in you diry ass forever. Understand?


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