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Ulang Youth Association in Nairobi, Kenya, Condemns Murle Attack On Makak of Ulang County

By William Duoth Chiok,

Deceased of Murle attack in Makak payam lying next to their cattle in the morning of January 29, 2016. Photo edited for viewing(photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Deceased of Murle attack in Makak payam lying next to their cattle in the morning of January 29, 2016. Photo edited for viewing(photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- We stood firm and we will stand firm in any face of barbaric attack on 28 Jan 2016 on our innocent lives because this is what we are. However, this unspeakable butchering of innocent civilians in Makak Payam of Ulang County has come as its second just in a month following what had happened in Bukteeng in the same Payam. In this latest brutal inexpressible massacre, more than 20 innocent lives were helplessly killed; many others people wounded and about 3 children abducted by Murle community which is hostile naturally and know nothing about having peace with any neighbor.

This is a huge lost and will never go uncondemned by us the Ulang Youth Association in Kenya( UYA).They are at war with all humanity- Lou Nuer, Bor dinka, Anyuak, Jikany Nuer and even non-neighboring tribes.Our question to Murle militias (bandits) is that if you are real warriors and real men, why coming like a snake? Why don’t you come like real men in such way that your coming is known to potential victims so that when you defeated them you can walk back with your heads high up? Why going for cheap and weak target like children, elderly and women? We strongly condemned your cowardice and barbaric attack on us and it is something you will fully payback.

Secondly, we also condemned your inhumane abducting of children whether from our community or any other communitiesanywhere in East Africa. Yes we understand the fact that many from your community (Murle) are not able procreate offspring, probably that is why you tend to abduct kids so that you sell them to those of your community who are unable to produce children. Sincerely, are you not ashamed of engaging in a business that has been abandoned by the entire world? This time not even Satan-the father of all evil acts- is willing to sell human beings. But we want to tell you that there is a softer and more diplomatic way of getting children for yourselves. You can surrender your women to your neighbors so that they get impregnated and go back to you when they are heavy, then the children given birth to can practically be yours though genetically not. This way may change your outlook- view by others, and can surely relieve you from evil pressure of stealing children of your neighbors.

Thirdly, we cannot rule out the fact that you can be a tool for use by Salva Kiir who has got a series of promotions from the devil for wasting innocent lives in all parts of South Sudan. Lately in 2015, we understood that the Cobra faction of Yau Yau has received high ranks promotions from Kiir and that alone has probably driven you wild. However, we want to tell you that Kiir’s days are numbered so are yours.

Finally we as Ulang intellectual youth we warn Murle community to persuade their militias to stop this senseless target against humanity and leave back home before action against them Because what they are playing it is kiir’s negative influence to achieve nothings in future of south Sudan. We need peace we don’t need war in South Sudan as the warlord’s vision we must to think well for how to handle the current situation in country rather than continue fighting one another for no reason. In fact we know that since the war broke out in mid Dec 2013 in juba all of us lost the important senses of life which is respect, forgiveness and value life of others and taking tribalism as the strongest tied to us. For how long are we going to continue with these horrible things as south Sudanese? Now we all knows that all mediators fall to find solution which can bring peace to our people who are suffering in different places because they tried their best to handle the problem but our aimless and visionless president still fueling the situation created some states which were not in the agreement despite of checking back his steps in leadership and apologized to the people of South Sudan therefore we as the future of South Sudan we have to find our own solution to handle this critical situation made by the futureless guys, maybe by making peace Payam with Payam or county with county or community with community until peace will spread in the South Sudan as whole because every things has beginning and ending let’s not hate each another. Word of God in 1john 4:20 say If anyone says, I love God and he hates his brother, he is a lair…..

William Duoth Chiok is the Chairperson of Ulang Youth Association in Kenya. He can be reached at dhol.dung91@gmail.com

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