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Feb 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The Lou Nuer community in Uganda is an organization formed some years back in 2003 in Kampala Uganda. It was basically formed to guide the Lou Nuer members’ fraternity while striving to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills while studying in Uganda.

On the 17th Jan, 2016, the 2013/2015 Lou Nuer Community leadership was peacefully dissolved and Electoral board was constituted by the outgoing leadership under Juma Whectuor Both. The electoral committee tasked with organizing and conducting elections for the community next leadership for 2016/2018 comprised of the following members

  1. Joseph Wany Nyoak EC-chairperson
  2. John Samuel Manyuon EC- Secretary General
  3. Mok Dei Gual EC-Secretary for finance
  4. Simon Chuol Tongyik EC-Secretary for information
  5. Nyaruot David EC-Advisor

Observers :

  1. Nhial Hoth Gatkuoth
  2. Rachel Nyajuol Nguth
  3. Ter Yuek Gach

On Friday 5th February, 2016 at Makerere Kikoni Church-Kampala, the community held its elections where they decided their leadership for 2016/2018 by the use of secret ballots and the following were the results

The chairperson

  1. Gatmai Majak Gatluak got 82 votes
  2. Khor Chuol Rut got 116 votes

Secretary General

  1. Ngundeng Kai Wuol unopposed

Secretary for Finance

  1. Dak Both Koryoam unopposed

From the above results which were witnessed by the electoral observers, the candidates’ agents the following candidates declared the winners for the 2016/2018 Lou Nuer Community executive board.

  1. Khor Chuol Rut Chairman of Lou Nuer Community In Uganda
  2. Ngundeng Kai Wuol Lou Nuer Community in Uganda Secretary general
  3. Dak Both Koryoam Lou Nuer Community Secretary for Finance

Lastly we (EC-LNCU) thank the entire Lou Nuer Community in Uganda for the all the supports and the compliance to the process.

Compiled by the LNCU-EC Secretary General. For more information, email the LNCU at johnsamuel161@gmail.com

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