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Ambassador Donald Booth’s Mission in South Sudan is An Utter Failure, Enabled Kiir and He Should Resign

By Dr. Peter Kopling | Juba, ROSS.

Donald Booth, U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, discussing with members of South Sudan's SPLM/SPLA-IO during peace talks in Addis Ababa(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
Donald Booth, U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, discussing with members of South Sudan’s SPLM/SPLA-IO during peace talks in Addis Ababa(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 3, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The Obama Administration appointed Ambassador Donald E. Booth, August 28th 2013, as the U.S. Special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan. The major Criteria for his choosing seemed his experience in the Horn of Africa as the American Ambassador to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The main focus of his government at that point seemed preventing Sudan and South Sudan from returning to war and to further help South Sudan not to slide into being a failed state.

Secretary John Kerry called it a “decisive moment”, in that “South Sudan did not vote for independence to create a failed state nor to return to violence”; here the Obama administration was thinking of a possible south Sudan war with the Sudan. However what they had not anticipated, at least not such soon was, South Sudan tripping on its own foot and scoring double on the American concerns of the time, go to war but with itself and becoming by all measures, a failed state at this stage.

On the day of Ambassador Booth’s appointment, Secretary John Kerry, in his official press release, stated, ” While the ultimate choices resides with these two nations, the United States will do everything we can to support those working for peace and we will speak with candor about those whose actions undermine those hope”.

Clearly Ambassador Booth was chosen for different times and for a different reason. The ambassador and his Administration were caught napping when Juba exploded internally and went to war with itself not Khartoum and the ambassador and his administration startled, staggered and have been stammering ever since, why so? It was because they lacked vision to clearly see that their boy Kiir was turning into a monster daily, that the infant president was pooping in the diaper and the ambassador and his administration had no clue how to deal with its noxious odors. They relied on for understanding on Kiir’s well-placed tribal gangs in the likes of Francis Deng, who was busy protecting his homeboy.

Kiir, right in their face, grew by the day intolerant to opposing views, he did not promote the rule of laws rather broke the little there in; he became the absolute rule and ruler in town with preferential treatment of his tribes mate. Majority of south Sudanese the ambassador and his administrations comes in contact with were and are Dinka and Male, yet it did not occur to them that this is a sign Kiir is entrenching nepotism and tribalism nor did they realize to this day South Sudan is a nation of 64 ethnic groups, what they erroneously came to believe “the useless majority” thanks to Kiir paid western advocacy/opinion writer groups (Mercenaries).

This Ethnic dominance however may not be too terrible concerns from the American prospective since in the USA, a rainbow nation, is ruled by one color. What they should have been told is in Africa, that “color” that rules in absolute and in preferential manners, if allowed to morphed, will kill off the others and that is exactly what has been happening and the Americans actually helped to make it comes true.

Kiir became bold and corrupt with billions of dollars stacked away by him and his accomplishes. His inabilities to keep up with the homegrown political pressures (rightly so Secretary Kerry said, the choice belongs to the people, and the people did not give a free pass for Kiir on his way to becoming the current Monster, these Valiant patriots included the only woman in the pack, the matriarch of the nation, but is that not what democracy is all about? but Booth got lost in the false narratives handed to them by Francis Deng et al “Power struggles between Kiir and his Vice” so a democratic and political wrangles for African is termed power struggles where as for the USA, it is the primaries? there was more than just Machar in keeping Kiir from morphing into the dragon today that spews death) lead him to recruit illegal private Militia, defiles his oath of the presidency and lied of a none existent coup, He slaughtered fellow citizens by the thousands in the nation’s capital on the basis of their ethnicity and the amazing thing is, he got away with it.

Ambassador Booth timidly calls him out and since then Kiir grew even bolder, several Journalists dead, opinion writers killed, newspapers closed down, Political Jailing and assassinations and restrictions of movements.

When he jailed the original members of the founders of the liberation war, the group now Called, the former detainee, Booth and his government appeal for release but Kiir never yielded until he dragged them through dirt into a Kangaroo court before they were acquitted, once more showing, Booth and his administrations have no leverage leave alone power on Kiir, thus he does and undo anything South Sudan at will not surprising including states, it’s elected governors etc, Is it then therefor not up to  we the people as rightly so said by secretary John Kerry to put an end to this and America should support, we the people?

When IGAD plus to which America is a partner put together the compromise peace deal, mind you and imposed it, in order to end the devastating civil war, most south Sudanese agreed except that it drove knife into Kiir’s tribal agendas and so he stalled and threw tantrum refusing to sign it, like a toddler running to his room for comfort, America in the body of IGAD took the papers for him to sign in his room.

But Kiir dropped a bigger cows dung in proportions to his tantrum, he created the 28 Dinka centric states, in violations of the transitional constitution of South Sudan and in direct violations of the very Compromise peace deal put together by America itself in the body of IGAD.

Kiir abrogated the constitutional 10 states, changed their names and boundaries as well the constitution itself. Part One, section 4:2 of the south Sudanese constitution, states: “Any person or group of persons who attempts to…. suspend or abrogate this constitution commits treason”. No questions he did commit treason, making Kiir an enemy of the state deserving to be put to death.

Section of the same 4:3 proceeded on to say ” Every Citizens shall have the duty to resist any persons or group of persons seeking to suspend or abrogate this constitutions” It also call on the same for those who attempt to overthrow the constitutional government, however all agreed including the American that no one made a coup attempt Except Kiir against Kiir.

Therefor Kiir has committed treason and has become an enemy of the state, and it is the call of the constitution upon we the people, every citizen, to ensure that he, Kiir, does not leave above the soil of South Sudan.

But instead, the Ambassador and his administration, imposed a criminal on us, we the people, and the criminal himself is such intoxicated with the people’s blood that he is unwilling to take the lifeline thrown at him nor play by their books, instead they are choosing the path of least resistance, that is calling the SPLM-IO to yield and compromise even on matters of criminality at the expenses of their very own lives and are now locked in the Lions den, in Juba, without any exit strategies while they have so far shown no abilities to control Kiir when he goes into tantrum and a spree of killings, not even a bit. The latest concerns now are that he has resorted to using chemical weapon on the opposition forces while a large number of its leadership is in his control, including restricting their movements.

In this regards, the constitutions calls on South Sudanese to depose Kiir as he has violated and abrogated the states and the constitution itself, but yet Ambassador booth and IGAD calls the 28 states a political issues needing to “think outside the box”, leading them to collude with Kiir against the south Sudanese people and its constitution. Fellow compatriots our constitutions call on us to resist such persons including Ambassador Booth who has failed to speak on behaves of, we the people, as Secretary Kerry promised.

Ambassador Booth and IGAD, we the south Sudanese other 63 ethnic group will like you to take notes. The 28 Dinka centric states is not a political issues, nor is it an issues between Kiir and Machar, or SPLM-Juba Vs. SPLM-IO, but rather it is Kiir against we the people, some who are not even part of the SPLM-IO, it is Kiir pitching his tribesmen the Dinka against we the other 63 ethnic group, it is a criminal issues, It is an ethnic cleansing issue, it abrogate the constitutions and the constitutional, as well as ancestral boundaries in the benefits of the Dinka tribe of Kiir.

It takes away entire ancestral regions and gives it to the Dinka and the remaining regions are also spread with the Dinka Cattle and their armed to tooth herdsmen causing insecurities in traditionally stable regions of South Sudan. Again Ambassador Booth and his nation may not see anything wrong with this because, this is what white America did to the Native Americans, and they are perfectly Ok with it thus they maliciously say, the issue of 28 states should not prevent the formation of the Transitional government, but alas on what foundations? It is the effect of leaving in a glass house.

The ethnic cleansing criminality of Kiir’s 28 Dinka centric state is such fundamental that it is enough for us to allow south Sudan to cease to exist rather than loose our ancestral lands in which the bones and spirit of our fathers rests time immemorial, it is spiritual for in them are shrines and holy places only understood by its owners and to it our identities and very lives are tied. An issue of to be or die and America must not belittle such matters.

So even if the SPLM-IO agree to the 28 state, this will not solve the south Sudanese Crises, but worsen it, rather removing this obstacle placed here intentionally by Kiir for this very purpose, to derail the compromise peace he had refused to sign in the first place is clearly what need to be done but it will take a tooth because Kiir is bewitched, intoxicated with the blood of we the people and like Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi who came before him, he has reached a point of no returns, no amount of pleasing nor compromise will change him but instead it simply embolden him as seen to date and give more lives for him to destroy.

It should be self evident that the criminal nature of these 28 Dinka Centric states, will result into ethnic cleansing, because we did not fight the Arabs for independent south Sudan to turn around and hand over our lives and our ancestral lands to the Dinkas of Salva Kiir, Simply put replacing brown masters to the black ones, you can be sure Ambassador Booth, on the path of the Dinka achieving their tribal goal, like in America, they will have to ethnically cleanse the native owners of the lands they will eventually own, this is guaranteed. This by the way Ambassador Booth does not apply only to the Shilluk, but to the Madi’s, Baris, the Fajulus, Azandes, Muros, Balandas but in fact the entire Greater Equatoria regions as well as the upper Nile.

Politically no one person nor a single ethnic group in as many can just wake up one morning and decide there are now 28 states and move boundaries without consultations with the rest and yet Ambassador Booth and his administrations expect compromise but from the point of least resistant the victims of such agenda?

In conclusions, Kiir has been throwing eggs on Ambassador Booths face from the very day he was appointed. Ambassador Booth for some strange reasons each time moves the redline as does his boss and the day of reckoning never came for Kiir, he lied about the coup and trigger avalanche of blood shed, Carried ethnic killings, dismantled the rule of law, freedom of expressions and the press and now dismantled the very peace put together by Ambassador Booth in the body of IGAD but yet, Ambassador booth got stuck and stammers in one phrase, thanks to Francis Deng’s advocacy of protecting the bad guys, “Both sides have pooped”, really? It is this duality that emboldened Kiir.

Thanks Ambassador Booth, you have miserably and utterly failed in your mission, you have nothing to show since 2013, you and your administrations are a disgrace and have failed the south Sudanese people. You have babied Kiir in all his criminal ventures and never held him to the books.

Kiir “Supper tribe, the born to rule ideology”, designed by the Dinka council of elders is essentially a “Hitler” type of agenda for South Sudan and you are enabling him to achieve it, you see nothing unusual with such ideologies because your ancestor had done it in America and now you are the beneficiary. You should not rely on IGAD leaders because, Kenyatta’s father did the same thing in Kenya and Kiir is emulating such, but in grandiose scale, comparable to what white America did to the natives of the Americas.

Like you, the former President of Botswana, JMEC chair Festus Mogae has failed so far and will fail, as he too has bought into this duality and lacks tooth in dealing with the cowboy’s serous tantrums unless you all get off from this duality of “booth sides have pooped” rather than holding the spoiler of the peace to account instead of moving the ball forward only to found out it is not going anywhere because Kiir has no national agenda but terribly ethic one, that of the Nazi type.

Until your administrations shows us real paths to peace without selling our souls to the devil, then the constitution calls on us to stand and resist an enemy of the state.

Ambassador Booth, you have failed our downtrodden people of South Sudan and you should admit it and leave that seat for someone else.

The author of this article, Dr. Peter Kopling, can be reached for further comments at drkopling@aol.com

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Wedjuba February 4, 2016 at 4:13 am

Exactly Peter,

You have nailed the facts!. The expression “booth sides have pooped” fits the political predicament in South Sudan today, and the reek is tearing up our noses “we the people”.

Following the footprints of the signed peace Agreement, Kiir had been truly babied and even led by IGAD and TROIKA partners to accumulate more stinky dung in his diapers.

It all started out with his reservations to sign the peace document, then breaking of the transitional constitution with his illicit decrees of creating illegal 28 states, then the arbitrary arrests and killings of innocent individuals in Greater Equatoria region let alone in Upper Nile, now the use of chemical weapons in Equatoria?, and all these in front of the so-called regional bloc and international community!, good God, what the hell is going on here?.

IGAD and TROIKA should have demonstrated some authoritative stiffness, strength and resolution in disciplining boy Kiir with his continues perturbations and throwing up of dirty stench.

The truth to the matter is, the international community is less interested in bringing JUSTICE to the crying and dying majority of the people in South Sudan. They are not interested in punishing Mr Kiir and his gangs the JCE, they are only interested in avoiding a full scale wars within South Sudan itself and between the sister Sudans. So the only way to do that is to suquest the IO forces not to take Justice to their own hands, b’cos in the process of making, it can be very messy and bloody, so the world is not ready for that. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and the international terrorism is on top of the agenda not our land locked South Sudan.

The terms of the Agreement signed last August were very clear to the two parties. Mr Machar did his part by signing the document as agreed upon, on the very day. Kiir instead violated the accord by not signing it. Now who is the problem here?.

Now, the Opposition has been hurriedly forced to form the TGoNU, what are the guarantees that things will be different this time, that the REFORMS people were yearning for will take place, that FEDERALISM will be installed and JUSTICE is served?.

How concerned is Mr Machar currently about the probability of Kiir and his people pitching up even more chunks of pungent dungs in front of everybody supposedly things don’t go right and in the direction they (Jiengs) like???.

Opiombira Kiirendeazele February 4, 2016 at 7:25 am

Dr.Kopling, thanks for calling the Americans to the book. The Obama administration is terribly weak, they have not help any downtrodden groups anywhere leave alone in south Sudan. They set a red line for Syrian President by they moved it after he clearly used chemical weapons.

I also believe, they do not feel special bond with us south sudanese as it was their rival George W.Bush who help bring our country about, they hated him so they do not care if one of his greatest achievements goes to waste.

How true indeed, the 28 state is Dinka centric and it is criminal not political. Land grabbing and ethnic displacement which will result into ethnic cleansing is criminal plans and it must be nip from the butt not to be entertained. It is time for the world to either discipline Kiir or leave alone to get rid of him. It was America that let him survive to power because they call Museveni to intervene because The likes of Francis Deng pee in their pants after Kiir made the grave errors of Killing Nuer in the Capital, they cried to the Americans that the Nuer will come kill everyone in the city pointing the 1991 Bor killings. Well They started it!

The 28 tribal must be scrapped and no playing with it. Kir uses delay tactic mixed with briberies and killings to move his agendas, so we should not play with this 28 states than just getting rid of it.

Tolio February 5, 2016 at 2:20 pm

Francis Mading represented South Sudan in the US because he has a great deal of experiences in the field relevant to foreign relations. He wasn’t chosen for that job because he was from Dinka tribe. His track records speak for themselves.

It is a misrepresentation of the truth to assert that one race rules America. Mr Barrack Obama is an ethnic minority but majority of Americans elected him president to lead them regardless of race or ethnicity. US Ambassador, Mr Donald Booth is one of the majority whites who voted for President Obama, a black minority. If Mr Booth and the whites he belongs believe only their race has a right to rule America, they would have voted themselves into the White House since they are the majority and overlooked Mr Obama who comes from an ethnic minority.

Power struggle is what led to the civil war between Kiir and Machar. The South Sudanese ambassador is right to have put it that way. What happened in Juba that led to clashes was probably a coup that was aborted for some reasons.

Elephants have bigger dungs than cows. Humans don’t drop them.
It is wrong analogy to compare kiir’s creation of 28 states to a drop of any dung.

Increasing the number of states is not a crime. It is necessary and feasible.
People like Murles have always wanted their own state and creation of 28 states has allowed that to happen.

South Sudan does not possess chemical weapons. It does not produce such weapons and has not bought them from any country that manufactures them since they are not sold to African countries. The contental Africa is chemical,biological and nuclear weapons free zone. South Sudan has never used chemical weapons on oppositions. A claim that it has unleashed them is nothing but a pure political propaganda aimed at seeking attention of WMD’s watchdog to intervene, using military to remove president kiir so opportunists like his opponents would come to power.

There is no ethnic cleansing. President Kiir has one hundred per cent ethnic representation in his administration both at central levels and state levels. No single tribe has been a target of war.

President kiir is the opposite of Hitler or Nazi. Dinkas whom Kiir comes from are not a separate race from other sixty three tribes of South Sudan. Hitler was a different race from Jewish. So their is no racism whatsoever in South Sudan and it is out of place to say Kiir and his actions are similar to those of Nazi.

Tobias Modi February 6, 2016 at 10:19 pm

Which of the Dinka Council of elders are you? Kir has other ethnic groups in his government but who are the one that run the shows? Who are at the head of all the vital Ministries? How many Dinkas got Killed by Kiirs government? I agree with Dr. Kopling that this is a Dinka Centric government serving the Dinkas preferentially. The Americans have done a terrible Job under Obama whom all African should be ashamed of. Obama talks but have no substances. He is like a bird that sings beautifully but have no substances. Obama and his administrations has dome nothing to help South Sudanese people because they have bought of the versions of things of the Dinka. Booth should be given the boot!

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 6, 2016 at 12:21 am


it can not help you to explain your mind even to death point. No body listens to you the jenge blind defender. get it right from all comments of all 63 tribes. It shows that you are already unable to resist the changes especially the Call for FEDERAL RULE which is the popular demand of the people of SOUTH SUDAN since 1947. Just in this article, it is only you against 3 defending your jenge tribe by quating so much bla bla bla from USA pure democratic system with comparision to the dinkacracy/autocracy rule of this country. Shame on you poor tolio. I want you to be wise enough to judge for yourself that your rule has already lose popularity, think in this article it is you against 3. Do you still believe non dinka tribes will vote for kiir. You need to have wise eyes inside your wounded skull which can help you see very far into the deep hiden future. Every body knows including US and Museveni that there was no any coup in Juba. You know very well that your soldiers who were who were tasked to carry the massacre were all recruited from kiir’s village and still you insist kiir has 100% ethinic representation in his government, is there any non dinka tribe in kiir’s village? You are really an idiot. Look at the system and judge for yourself. By the way, we do not fail to judge for ourselves and this is why we are gearing for changes and we are very confident that things will never be the same in this country. The most important thing you must know is this, go back to your previous comments. Read about your resistence against peace and compare it by now. Today the voice of the IO is already within Juba. Now it is time for true politics. History is changing, I know you are already panicking. The future elections are going to be monitered by an internation body and 99% of the non dinka tribes will never vote not only to kiir but to any dinka contestor even if he or she changes her name to non dinka name. And I would like you to ask me after elections.

People now know that everything this government excute has been planned for a long period. You claim no any tribe has been targeted. What do you call the killing of Nuer in Juba, Nuer is a tribe isn’ it? hahahahaahaha, no body takes you serious poor tolio. The good thing you need to do right now is to turn to your jenge council of awirin and start teaching them about the good behavious you learnt in Juba from the People of GREATER EQUATORIA. Teach Your elders to Accept changes and remind them that the 28 states are already burried. Tell Your elders that we do not want them to mingle themselves With the affairs of this country, they best thing for them is to go to mura and mingle themselves with their cow’s dung. That is what they have good experience.


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