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SPLA-Juba In Preparation To Launch New Attacks In Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria


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South Sudanese SPLA soldiers are pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state on August 20 where they fought an armed group identified as SSAF(Photo: Gehtti Image)
South Sudanese SPLA soldiers are pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state on August 20 where they fought an armed group identified as SSAF(Photo: Gehtti Image)

Feb 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- A High level, senior official and a major general in the SPLA-Juba revealed to this news site that the SPLA general Headquarter is in its final phase of preparations for an immanent attack against the bases of SPLA-IO in Eastern Equatoria State.

It is not clear what has triggered such an unthinkable plan to violate the peace agreements given the overall commander of the Eastern Equatoria Division; Gen. Martin Kenyi has ordered his forces as parts of the peace deal to stay in their camps and he himself is committed and is physically present in Juba. “I think the Dinka lead government is not interested in peace and doing every thing possible to sabotage this peace implementations, otherwise what is the justifications for this planned attacked now”, he asked.

“If Kiir is planning an attack on these forces how about an attack on Kenyi himself in Juba? Is this an equivalent to attacking Kenyi himself and what shall such do to the already badly damaged peace by no other than Kiir” He pondered.

According to the informant, the potential targets and locations to be raided by a special commando forces reinforced by the criminal and notorious militia of Kiir, the Presidential units of Tiger battalion mainly recruited from President Kiir’s home of Gorgial, supported by Helicopter gunships, includes Pageri areas, Kerepi, Moli and Opari in Madi area, while in Acholi area the locations are Agoro, Amee, and Pajok.

This same militias group is now stand accused by UN panel committee of experts on south Sudan of having committed ethnic cleansing against the Nuer in Juba during the darkest hours of our nation, the black December 2013.

The senior military officer who hails from the Equatoria region, who spoke in condition of anonymity, warned that the attack on the SPLA-IO bases is very eminent and is expected to be executed within the next three days, possibly tomorrow or the day after. He said the chief of general staff Paul Malong has been consulting with his senior military officers. And more troops have been deployed from Western Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal and that his own troops are in standby waiting for the final orders to move to the areas mentioned above.

He said the move to deploy forces from Bahr el Ghazal to crush rebel groups based in Eastern Equatoria state was rejected by many senior generals from Equatorian region during the consultation phases held in General HQ in a closed door meeting.  The generals from Equatoria see no reason to attack the bases of the rebels given the rebels group in EES have not attacked government position and are part of party to cessions of hostilities.

According to the general, any attack on positions of the rebel force in violation of the peace agreement will be viewed by most of them in the Ranks of the government as declaration of war against Equatorian and many of them are angered after the recent senseless fighting in Western Equatoria state where many civilians were killed and displaced.

He said the Equatoria senior general felt that their views and voices were disregarded and not paid attention to. According to the senior general from Equatoria, if indeed Paul Malong with his group go on and defy the rejection of war by sons of Equatoria in the government army, the move will derail the ongoing efforts to form a Transitional Government of National Unity and will also cause deep rift among the army and will encourage many sons from the Equatoria to desert the army because they feel the recent attack in WES is designed to silence the voices within Equatoria, which called for equitable power distributions, the contrary response by Juba  reveals perhaps how Juba is not ready to accept coexistence of all ethnic groups in the country.

He further said recently Juba has taken several reconnaissance spying flights over the area to spy and monitor the movements of the alleged rebel forces. He cautioned the civilian population to be vigilant because the plan is to repeat what has happened in WES. He further cautioned the youth from the mentioned areas to move out in order to avoid being arrested or killed as youth are at risk of and are prime target of the Dinka led government, and warned that what happened in Yambio recently must serve as an example.

He questions the motives behind the selection of the army deployed to Juba now in readiness to make a move to those places.  He said most of the forces are from Bahr el Ghazal and majority of them are not part of regular forces.

This tells us the Equatorian sons, there will be yet another massacre on civilian, special in Ma’di corridor, which has been the prime, target for the Dinkas. He said this plan came at the time Martin Kenyi is taking part with the advance Team of SPLA-IO and he is physically present in Juba.

He conclude by issuing a strong warnings that should innocent lives be lost in this senseless campaign masterminded by none other than the malignant Malong, the ramifications will be felt in Juba and no Dinka shall be safe anywhere in Equatorian lands, if the Dinka armies are purposefully targeting Civilians as they have done so far all over south Sudan.

SSLN has reached out to Captain Theophilus Badru Pitia, with a unit of the SPLA-IO Eastern Equatoria Division Magwi County, for comments. He said “we do not know what rebels they are coming after because according to the peace deal we are no longer rebels but a regular army except under the SPLA-IO and we are in observant of the peace deal as was commanded by our overall Chief, Dr Rick Machar and our

Eastern Equatoria Division Commander, Gen. Kenyi. “He, however said, “We, nevertheless, are on stand by and will, without hesitations, respond forcefully and decisively when provoked by the belligerent and peace enemy, Paul Malong.”

He said, “Luckily this report shows, those who shall face the other end of our guns are strangers to the areas and should not be deceived by the helicopter gunships that never win wars.” He further said, “SPLA-Juba, a tribal army should come prepared with large body bags if and when they step into our forests.” “We are committed to peace but we shall respond decisively to any provocations and teach Juba a lesson we thought they have learned by now, however we welcome them to come for some more if death instead of peace keeps knocking at their doors, we shall comply and respond to them in a kind but with determined resolves” He added.

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