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Governor Gen. Bol Only Wished To Have Known As Nothing To Warrant The Lobby After All.

By Deng Vanang,

The 28 States of Mr. Salva Kiir....
The 28 States of Mr. Salva Kiir….

January 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — Truth callously curled behind the iron curtain of recently announced 28 states has begun to filter out, dampening state’s sanctioned celebrations which greeted their hurried and unconstitutional establishment.

Courageous to come out and voice the abominable as the real soldier he is known, is none other than Lt. General Peter Bol Koang Nguth.

Who during the grueling campaigns for gubernatorial nominations, fell some other military Generals that nursed similar political ambitions.

Later in some days to his utter disappointment following the assumption of Western Bieh sate gubernatorial office, he was alleged to have dismissed in private conversation.

Suggesting “the currently introduced Governorship of 28 states as nothing not worth the lobby in the first place’’, end of quote.

This shilling statement came fast and furious when he went together with other three Governors to Mading Bor.

The capital of the country’s previously largest state of Jonglei before its sub-division into four states. Where they were told to go and converge for the sharing out of former state’s assets.

Only to be told up on arrival, there were no assets to be divided after all. What were said to be assets for distribution, as it turned out, was some little cash. Even that small cash was still unaccounted for.

Reason, as they were told, the cash was the amount used to hire the plane to fair them from Juba to Mading Bor and then back to Juba.

Thus, nothing more is left off it. It is after returning empty handed, with valuable time and energy squandered, then came the exploded bombshell.

Though big question remains unanswered on the fate of Greater Jonglei state ministry building complexes built with combined resources from current four states.

This is not withstanding however, more home truths about the myth of 28 states are trickling in further. One, some people are failing to even locate where their new states are, since they are given funny new names they never heard of in their life time.

For an instance, Phow – now the Eastern Bieh state – has lost its original name with huge chunk of its oil rich land annexed to Eastern Nile state.

Most of these states are conflicts-prone and full of disputed borders. Enough to drain one’s ounces of energy in vain attempt to settle one arising border conflict after another.

They are not economically viable entities and sparsely populated to make flourishing business that requires a good number of buyers and sellers tenable.

Linguistically deprived since they lack ethnic diversity to enable cross-cultural interactions and national unity viable among citizens.

While for the tallest Governor like General Bol, these states are too small in land mass in which one of his kind can throw stone from one end and hit somebody in another end. That is apart from knowing each and every citizen by name.

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