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Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Commemorates 3rd Anniversary of Dr. John Garang’s Memorial

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Press Release:

Dr. John Garang Memorial

Jan 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The Eastern Twic-Dinka community in United States of America is here to announce the Third Anniversary of Dr. John Garang Memorial Day.

For those who might not have heard about this fundamental Event before, the First Anniversary was done in Des Moines, Iowa in September 27, 2014, and the Second one was done last year in Syracuse, New York. And for this year, the Dr. John Garang Memorial Day is going to be Observed in State of Nebraska.

Main purpose: The Dr. John Garang Memorial Day is the day where Greater Twic East Community citizens pledge appreciations to their sons and daughters who have sacrificed for their freedom, liberty and many other essentials that are related to their unselfish-sacrifices for our people. Expecting Date of 2016 Third Anniversary would be in July Fourth [An Independent Day-USA].

The event is compulsorily opened to all South Sudanese’ communities plus other nations’ citizens around the world who are interested in our Community honoring Event of 2016.

Again, the Dr. John Garang Memorial Day is in it Third Anniversary. Please stay tune in case of any changes in schedule or venue.

Note: We are calling our South Sudanese’ communities to stand for PEACE of our nation.


Signed by Executive Members of Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA

www.twiceastcommunity.org or E-mail at dinkatwi@yahoo.com

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United Naath January 28, 2016 at 7:23 am

To those ‘ll be celebrating so called dr john garang third mememorial day, I wish you the very best to accompolihing the event saftly where ever it may be held. However, It is shouldn’t spread as if dr john garang was an iconic figure around the globe.

Those that had known jonn garang who he realy was. This crisises that south sudan is dealing with it being documented by very man that people of south sudan thought he was their liberator,but otherwise.

Abu gruun January 28, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Good news for to celebrate third anniversary for John Garang and I believe if John Garang was a live what happening in South Sudan now should never happen because the guy was too smart even if he had some mistaken before, like he killed Gai Tut and he order killing of lockkurnyang and others.


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