Phow State-Fangak (South) County Youth Congratulates New Military Governor On His Promotion

By Thiang Nuer Youth,

Fangak popular tradition dance during an entertainment contest in Juba, March 11, 2010 (photo: Philip Thon Aleu)

Fangak popular tradition dance during an entertainment contest in Juba, March 11,
2010 (photo: Philip Thon Aleu)

Jan 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) On behalf of Thiang Nuer Community and indeed on our own behalf as Thiang Nuer Youths at home, we would like to size this golden chance to register our million congratulations to H: E Johnson Kuol Gai Nyoab on his recent promotion from the rank of Brigadier General to the rank of Major General and also on his subsequent appointment as Governor of Phow State.

It was on 12th January 2016 in Pagak when the SPLM/-I-O’s Chairman and Commander-in-chief of the SPLA-I-O, Dr. Riek Machar Teny issued those two series orders, promoting H:E Johnson Kuol to the rank of Major General and then promoted him as Phow State’s Deputy Governor to Phow State’s Governor general.

Therefore, in the first place we would like congratulate Johnson Kuol on his promotion and appointment to the above stated two higher positions respectively. Million Congratulations to you; Your Excellency Johnson, you really deserve both military and political higher positions that you was promoted and appointed to!! And it could not be out of blue, why you was promoted and appointed to those top posts at the same time. Surely it must be because of your unmeasured contributions you’ve been doing ever since in the Resistant Movement. So go ahead Johnson, we, all the Thiang Nuer Youths and indeed our community as a whole is one hundred (100%) behind you and behind the President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurghon.

Secondly, we cannot forget to register our sincere appreciations and thanks to SPLM/A-I-O’s top leadership for bestowed such a great onus on our brother and Thiang’s Nuer son, Johnson Kuol Gai to serve the people of Phow State as their Governor. It is first of its kind in Fangak or Phow Community’s history that one of the Thiang Nuer’s sons is appointed to the position of Governorship. And it is only done by a democratic, visionary leader like Dr. Machar Teny who, throughout, dedicated his life to works, fights for justice and equality for all. We have to acknowledge this truth in this message. The Thiang Nuer Community will, therefore, at the various levels organize and celebrate a historic appointment of Johnson Kuol Gai’s Nyoab as Phow State’s Governor. So thank you very much Dr. Machar for this historic & (your) democratic decision, appointed Johnson Kuol a Governor. A visionary, democratic and equality characters that you have in mind are the main reasons why the entire public is always behind you. We do really appreciate all those qualities in you very much and that is good of you Dr. Machar!!

Lastly, we would like to end this congratulatory message by urging Gen. H: E. Johnson Kuol Gai, the Governor of Phow State to tirelessly continue working for all four sections (cub-clans) of Phow State’s people’s common interests as usual and not only for Thiang Nuer Community but also in the best interests of Gawaar Nuer, Lak Nuer and Padang Dinka of Pigi county in general. Transparency, democracy and equality for all are what we are fighting for behind our wise and able leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurghon.

Backward never Forward ever!!

Long Live Thinag Nuer Youths!!

Long Live Thinag Nuer Communtiy!!

Long Live Phow State Community!!

Long Live Gen. Johnson Kuol Gai!!

Long Live Dr. Riek Machar Teny!!

Long Live Democratic Republic of South Sudan!!

This Congratulatory Message was prepared and Signed by all Thiang Nuer Youths in Old Fangak; but released to the press by Mr. Thomas Jenai Dual, Chairperson of Thiang Nuer Youth Association—Fangak (South) County. You can reach the authors at

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