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The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition Press Statement



Jan 21, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- PRESS RELEASE

The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition would like to assure all members and the people of South Sudan of our undying commitment to the categorical implementation of the ARCISS and the Arusha Agreements. The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition would like to take this moment to dispel the negative propaganda being concocted by the enemies of peace are completely false and only intended (as usual) to derail the peace process.

The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition advance team is in Juba to implement the agreement, despite the many provocations by hardliners Government. The Movement has dispatched a team to Pagak for consultations with the leadership and shall soon return to continue with the implementation of the peace agreement. This should not be cause for alarm!

The leadership would like to take this opportunity to assure its members and the people of South Sudan; that your Movement, the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition is fully committed to peace and shall not entertain a return to war.



Mabior Garang de Mabior (Chairperson)

SPLM National Committee for Information and Public Relations

Juba – South Sudan

+211 923 888 288 (Mabior Garang)

+211 956 433 336 (Puok Both – Director of Information and Public Relations)


Cc: Cde. Dr. Riek Machar, (Chairman and C-in-C SPLM/SPLA – Pagak, South Sudan)

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 21, 2016 at 7:43 am

Peace is all we want, peace without any loose of blood is what the people of this country want

Iual deng January 21, 2016 at 11:45 am

According to Ben Franklin ” there is no bad peace and there is no good war” all Southern Sudanese need permanent peace which could last for long because people of this country pay the price of war since civil war erupted in 1983 most people left the country and took refuge in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda ,so peace is the only option which will bring back our population. One side is interesting in peace ,but the government is not intersecting.

Dr Henry January 21, 2016 at 12:46 pm

Going to Juba has become like going to Pakistan and Afghanistan where one has to make good preparation before taking off. Yet the going had materialized last month despite 3+ and -11 scenario of rising and falling of the ideologies. consultation is not a crime but rigidity is a crime against the people of South Sudan who are being intimidated by the its leaders and government. Implementation of the signed peace agreement witnessed by both regional and international bodies, so ignoring and dodging it may create loopholes…

Gatdarwich January 21, 2016 at 3:42 pm

CPT Mabor,

The August 15 peace agreement is constantly being violated by your Jenges kinsmen in government. I don’t think SPLA-IO alone, will and shall be able to bring permanent peace in South Sudan because your partner in peace deal, The incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, Killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics, Jenges Council of Evils are diehard anti-peace elements. So, SPLA-IO’s tactless–groups marches to Juba is not peace agreement implementations, but a blessing to the Killer NyanKiir and the JCE because TROIKA nations will eventually financed the Killer NyanKiir’s and JCE’s evil plans indirectly–easily implement the 28 pseudo states–annexation of the patriots 63 tribes’ lands to the Jenges’.


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