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Jieng Council of Elder: A Response to Chollo Community Chairperson ~ Hon. Samson Oyay Awin

By Hon. Joshua Dau Diu,

Jieng Council of Elders

Jan 14th, 2016

To: Hon. Samson Oyay Awin,

Chairman of Collo Community Council,


Dear Samson,

New Year (2016) Greetings!

Jan 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- It was surprising to receive an elaborate document from you full of hate language, incitement rhetoric and war threats. As a matter of fact, it amounts to a declaration of war by Collo on Padang (Jieng) just like what Gen. Olony is doing. I am surprised more because your document undermines the work of our joint committee to restrain our people – Collo and Padang from turning against each other at this time when both communities are facing extermination by Naath (Nuer), as it happened in Malakal before Gen. Olony joined the rebellion of Riek Machar Teny (Attached are the resolutions of our meeting in Yam Hotel on the 22nd April, 2014).

In our committee, we acknowledged the fact that land problems naturally exist among us as neighbors, whether tribes, communities, families or individuals. We did agree that time will come when the pending issues would be resolved amicably without unnecessarily resorting to the use of force. Our joint committee presented its report to Collo Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet, in his residence in Juba.

When misunderstanding persisted, our adhoc joint Committee discussed the outstanding issues with Gen. Johnson Olony in the presence of Rt. Hon. Bol Chan, and again the two communities’ delegations: Collo’s delegation led by Reth Kwongo Dak and Padang’s delegation led by Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau discussed reconciliatory mechanisms in the presence of the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit in his office in J1.

It is you as my co-chair of the intra-tribal committee (Padang and Collo) for Peace and reconciliation who have opted out of the agreement to resolve our internal disputes by ourselves. You have now raised the complaints to even foreign elements, institutions and bodies that do not know our background and the methods we use in solving our internal conflicts within our traditional and cultural generic propecia online context.

I have been reading a lot of hostile literature from many Collo people including Dr. Joshua Otor, Chairman of Collo intellectuals inside South Sudan and in Diaspora. I am therefore, obliged to inquire whether the use of abusive language and agitation will ever take us anywhere, in terms of arriving at a peaceful settlement of our disputes.

Multiple land disputes are usually discussed till solutions are found, mostly through third party’s arbitration, no matter how complicated the issues are, or even if many people have lost their lives in the process on both sides, people still live as neighbors. This long time feud is rooted in history since the Collo people started to cross to Jieng side – east of the Nile and began to give names of their villages across west of the Nile where they left for newly founded homes east of the Nile. This claim is what is being contested/ disputed but will one day be settled.

Firstly I wish to advise you that since you are now Chairman of Collo Community in Khartoum, contact your counterpart of Padang Community Association Dr. Ramadan Chan Liol. He is currently the Chairman. Secondly it is evident that our ad hoc committee work is superseded by the community councils as well as the revolt of Gen. Johnson Olony to fight for the liberation of Collo land as much as you are. You may continue to find the solution the way you think best. I will no longer be in position to mediate as we used to do together in the joint ad hoc committee now that it is evident that your options are intimidation and violence.


Joshua Dau Diu


  • Ramadan Chan Liol – Chairman, Padang Community Association, Juba
  • IGAD Office, Juba
  • TROIKA Office, Juba
  • Reth Kwongo Dak
  • Joshua Otor – Chairman, Collo Intellectuals Committee

The author, Joshua Dau Diu, can be reached through Jieng Elders at jiengcouncilofelders.ss@gmail.com

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Iual deng January 20, 2016 at 4:56 am

Stop lying, when Collo and padang live in coexist with harmony never happened before, but you try diverted the tension between Collo and padang you grabbed their land by force nevertheless Nuer didn’t occupied Collo land. Believed me that is notion and Collo are upset with your leader given Collo to his tribesmen apadang including Malakal the largest Collo kingdom capital, this war will never end if your imbecile president reverses his decision.

Chol Wani January 20, 2016 at 10:28 am

Uncle Joshue,

It is hypocritical of you to start talking about solving land disputes between collo and Padang Dinka throw discussion at a time you took the law into your own hands and took collo’s land without consulting anybody.

What is taken by force will be taken back by force and after that people will talk.

It is people like you and the other deceased Padang Dinka elders who have been conspiring to take chollos land. Majority of your people would love to live side by side with their neighboring collo communities.

Gatdarwich January 20, 2016 at 11:56 am

Total crap and rubbish that the lunatic and fanatic Jenge Council of Evils’ secretary, Joshua Dau Diu, would devilishly posted on the social media that Padang Jenges and Chollo are facing extermination by the Naath Nation.

This is nothing more than the typical naked Jenges’s rely on trickeries and manipulations tactics, which the Jenges often use to detrimentally deceived their eminent victims from taking appropriate countermeasure actions.

GatNor January 21, 2016 at 1:03 am

If the last paragraph is indirrectly suggesting that the so called born to rule idiots with their JCE delusionaled elders’s objective which is creating a Jaang kingdom, for the Jaang in South Sudan is perhaps the only solution to best solves or “dissolved” South Sudan’s problem, then the elders must starts by dissolving their organization that is hellbent on a destructive path of an objective of trying to create a tribal kingdom.before they are desolved forcefully by a more workable system of inclusive united, multi ethnic, multi religious democratic federated South Sudan. These tribal councils are absolutely insane. Your quest for reclaiming loss territory leave you at the mercy if Nuers should they the Nuers be intelligence enough to realize that and your doomed to take your losses and shut up.

Peacemaker January 21, 2016 at 10:39 am

Rev, Joshua,
Your argument sounds great and convincing but only to those who do not know the gist of the dispute. The fact is; back in early eightieth, you with two others namely, Andrew Wieu and Antipas Ayey claimed ownership of some parts of the Chollo land on the Western Bank of the River Nile and along the River Sobat.Those claims were dropped as they were proven baseless though Abel Alier the then President of the High Executive established a police post within Adhidhyang land and curved it to Jongulei with out due process. An inter-tribal conference was organized between Panyidway Chollo under the auspices of HM Reth Ayang Aney and Atar Dink aimed at settling the border dispute and violence almost erupted but it was averted when the government intervened and promised to address the problem. Nothing was done until the civil war erupted in 1983. In 2009 and while the CPA4th anniversary celebrations were underway in Malakal and in the very presence of Omer Al-Baashir, the Sudanese President and Salva Kiir, the 1st VP and President of GoSS, Padang Jieng attacked 2 Chollo areas( Anekdiar and Abanimo) simultaneously and burned them down. These crimes were carried out with the support of the government and we have the evidence. Salva did not entervene and to surprise every body when he came back to Malakal on Unofficial visit and proceeded to Canal area to preside over a tribal conference urging them to forget their differences and unite against Be(Chollo) he then announced the creation of Pigi County in the very Chollo land of Adhidhyang. This was followed by upgrading Akoka to a County and possibe annexation of Chollo land south to Akoka up to Malakal which he decreed in his infamous decree# 36 of 2nd October 2015,
The irony is, how possibly can Mr. Mayardit preside over the land dispute between Padang and Chollo as stated when he is actually party to this dispute.
Rev. Joshua, You all the Country resources and the SPLA behind you to fight Chollo but until when? Be reminded that sooner or later Salva and Jieng government will not be there and you will be left alone in the cold. That time you will have nothing to claim but to go back to Abyei, your original home and we shall have back our former land.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 24, 2016 at 8:08 am

Hei Joshua,

can you also inform the dinka that they are turning very voilent in Juba by attacking Lobono and area around Juba With an intention of taking the land. Can you please tell the dinka that they begin to Call some of Our ancestral greater equatoria Mountains jebel dinka? Tell all the dinka that we People o Greater Equatoria do not want these jenge agressive behavious. We want you to realise from many of the comments from different People of the 63 tribes of this country that you are not good People at all. You use force to grabb land, you loot Public Money, you committ massacres like the ones in Juba, Wonduruba, Yambio and every where. Please note that the other tribes are watching. So you must think twice especially in the issue of dividing greater equatoria into smaller states inorder to Block us in the active participation in the Juba administration. Your intention is to take Juba and later Call it jenge city. You must put in Your mind that the national Capital will be RAMCIAL NOT JUBA.


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