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Revealed: Why Salva Kiir Will Not Appoint Deng Alor As Foreign Affairs While Expelling Abyei Sons From His Government

By Garang Abyei*

Former Detainees, Deng Alor, has once served in Kiir government but dispite his appointment as a minister of foreign affairs by his colleagues things are not yet over(Photo: file)
Former Detainees, Deng Alor, has once served in Kiir government but dispite his appointment as a minister of foreign affairs by his colleagues things are not yet over(Photo: file)

Jan 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Since the return of Deng Alor, things have not worked out behind the scene as they may seem on the SSTV. While Deng Alor on the weaker side has been playing a good boy strategy to appease Mayardit, Kiir never returned that favor. Instead Kiir’s relationship with Deng Alor and other Abyei’s sons and daughters seems to have reached a dead end. Here it goes!

The elder brother of Deng Alor call Awet Alor has been one of the best friends of Salva Kiir, the president, until lately.  Awet resides at Luri where he is employed full time to look after the cows of the president but few days ago Salva unexpectedly confronted Awet with the reality that he (Kiir) will “never” appoint Deng Alor as the minister of Foreign Affairs as proposed by his colleagues. While Awet wonders, Kiir made it clear that he has two good reasons to back up his case:

  1. Deng Alor will damage the relationship between him (Kiir) and his counterpart, Bashir. In other words, Kiir said he can’t even send Deng Alor to Khartoum as his foreign minister. That would be a suicide!
    2. Deng Alor is not a South Sudanese to occupy such a prominent portfolio, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Awet, the brother to Deng Alor, got very annoyed with such poorly phrased statements from a man he trusted as his president but again thought these are the realities. He(Awet) told Salva Kiir that “I can see now the reason behind the sacking of Pieng Deng as the Inspector General of Police (IGP), and expelling Dr. Luka Biong from his teaching career”.

Awet went further and accused Salva Kiir for standing against the people of Abyei and went as far has refusing to conduct or recognize Abyei referendum. Kiir realized that the conversation was out of control. He adviced him if there are “big people” from the community whom he can meet to discuss the matter further.

When the elders of Abyei were approached, they first divided among themselves on whether to go and see Kiir or not but finally some accepted to accompany Deng Alor who did not want to give up. Yesterday they met Salva Kiir. The meeting was intended to take place in the house but for some unknown reasons the venue was later changed to Salva Kiir’s office, maybe to intimidate the elders.

It was a lengthy discussion but the egocentric president compromised nothing against his vulnerable subject, Deng Alor. He repeated that he will never work with Deng Alor as the minister of Foreign Affairs, because Deng mobilized the international community against his leadership. Kiir accused Deng that “when he (Deng Alor) Failed, he went for the foreign forces and finally the Hybrid Court”.

Mr. Alor tried to defend himself, by saying that he worked for Arusha, than he convinced everybody including those of Taban Deng Gai to come back to Juba for implementation of the agreement, but all his efforts where in vein. It seemed it was just too late!

Deng asked Kiir to give him any ministry as he likes but Kiir said no, claiming that all the other ministries have just been taken. There was nothing left for Deng Alor. The meeting ended in disagreement. But Kiir promised the meeting may continue in his house the following day!

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Peter Gai Manyuon Web


Gatdarwich January 20, 2016 at 12:05 pm

good, good, really very good news for the patriots period

deng hate salva January 20, 2016 at 1:46 pm

I hate kiir hw on earth will u deny abyei people yet we speak the same language n all our parents contributed to the liberation of south including my own father fool even deng alor too seriously alcohol will take ur ass somewea else u cowboy lookin us motherfucker

Peter Bol January 20, 2016 at 8:23 pm

These are just rumors my people of Abyei. We are one people nothing can divide us. Those words are from enemies of peace, unity of South Sudanese especially among Dinka communities.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 21, 2016 at 11:23 am

Peter Bol,

get me right young man. Store my Words for seeing what happens tomorrow. When 30 000 innocent civilians were massacred in Juba, the dinka convinced themselves that this case will never Reach the international human rights Committee. When the SPLA/M become stronger and stronger every day, yet the dinka thought it is a joke. When the dinka were told to sign the Peace agreement in August in Adis, the dinka said they will never sign it at all. Now the dinka are told to implement the Peace agreement, yet they do Dodge. But People who know the experience war know very well that the dinka are already forced into a corner. now way out.

Now aready there are so many dinka who are understanding the fact that it is not good for this country to be lead by jenge Council of elders. Only you poor bol who know nothing than milking a cow. I tell you not to push Things very far, you must Accept Peace without the 28 states or you face the total collapse of jenge rule. See now, there is no Money and those who you use to pay them to follow you soon will abondon you then it will be only Your cows following you.


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