Phow Community in Uganda Calls For Dissolution of Unilateral Created 28 States By Salva Kiir.

By Jal Duop Yang,

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Jan 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The chairman of Phow Community in Uganda, James Tayien Koang Kuor, I call upon the dissolution of 28 states established and issued in presidential Order on second October last year 2015, by the president of the Republic of south Sudan, this will lead to disrespect of the ongoing peace process. On my own behalf and behalf of the entire community members living in Uganda as whole, the reservation will creates and establishes ongoing peace accord that was signed by the rival leaders on 6, 08, 2015 by Dr. Riek Machar Teny the leader of SPLM/SPLA O-I and also on 26, 08, 2015, by President Salva Kiir.

The peace accord signed by the rival parties was to retain 10 states that were constitutionally mandated by the legislative Assembly of the republic of South Sudan, base on the comprehensive peace agreement that was signed on 25-01-2005 between SPLA/SPLM and the National Congress Party which is the ruling party of Khartoum.

I argue the opportunists, Dinka (Jieng) Council of Elders, politicians, civil populations of warrap to trails the negative impacts aside behind Salva Kiir and allow him to move further for the implementation of peace agreement which was signed by him and his former vice president Riek Machar Teny, the leader of SPLA/SPLM-IO. This will give room to continue for the formation of transitional government of National Unity and that will improves the suffering of our patriotic citizens living in unconducive environment inside South Sudan and outside and also to have retaining back a stable lives in their areas.

I humbly request the peace lovers, negotiators, especially IGAD-Plus, Troika, United Nation, UN Security Council and African Union to keep monitoring the designation of ongoing peace process up to end, by eliminating articles which was not signed-in in the proposal given by IGAD- Plus in Ethiopia, capital Addis Ababa and protect the lives of displaced people until peace is agree and established by rival parties.

Nyaluak Top Bamuom deputy chairperson of Phow Community condemns and dismisses the implementation of 28 states in South Sudan as unilaterally created by President Salva Kiir. This issue of implementing 28 states will jeopardize the peace agreement which was signed by two warring parties. Creation of 28 states which was issue by President Salva Kiir for the presidential Order 02, 0ctotober last year will cause another problem and I call upon 28 state governors to step-down and distance themselves from this violation of peace agreement which designed by Kiir and Dinka (Jieng) Council of Elders.

I also appeal this to all women of South Sudan to voice out their voices about peace implementation and argues the chairman of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission to pressurizes the government to give a chance to the peace lovers in the country.

Implementation of 28 states and instructions to 28 state governors to carry out mobilizations to every corner of South Sudan is also mongering of war by government. And this need to be tackles by Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission to report it to IGAD-Plus for quick response.

On behalf of Phow Community in Kampala-Uganda and on my own behalf as a Secretary General of Phow community Par Chuol Kuek I would like to appreciate his Excellency Dr. Riek Macher Teny for his right decisions for the promotions of our sacrifice Generals to different ranks regardless of their tribes, however, the creation of 28 states was done unilaterally in a way that may cause the tribal conflicts between community borders because Kiir grabbed the lands of other tribes to his own tribe.

The name Western Bieh state at the expense of Phow state is a “red line” therefore; the decision taken by kiir and his Dinka (Jieng) Council of Elders to created 28 states is a clear violation of peace agreement signed in Auguest by two factions in Ethiopia, capital Addis Abbaba. We are concentrate on peace agreement which was signed on 6, 26 August based on 10 states rather than 28 states therefore, I call upon Juba government to revoke that decision otherwise it will hind the implementation of peace agreement, to add on that I appreciate the efforts made by the International Community, IGAD-Plus and Troika countries and others partners who are trying their best to restore peace back to the world’s youngest nation South Sudan.

Jal Duop Yang Legal Affairs Secretary of Phow argues the amendment committee of South Sudan constitution to amend the constitution as mandated by the agreement to compete with time. The completion of constitutional amendment will guide and guarantee the implementation of peace agreement which is oversee by Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission then to calls the warring factions to form the government of nation unity. The popular demand of more states by people of South Sudan as Kiir insisted to preach the war about his unilateral 28 states is not this time to create such of those states. The need for the federalism will be after peace when the nation come to together and make national reconciliation hence there will be a demand of federal government which will identifies everyone and will avoid the grabbing of other tribes’ lands.

We, the concern South Sudanese citizens call for president Salva Kiir and Dinka (Jieng) Council of Elders to avoid the bloodshed again in the country of not preaching the war for the implementation of 28 states. The implementation of 28 states will entail two major things; one is land dispute between communities and another one is a delayment of implementation of peace agreement. These two major matters will take place if the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) will not take care about them.

You can reach Phow Community in Uganda via Jal Duop Yang, Secretary of Legal Affairs, at

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  • Tolio

    What if there were no organizations like IGAD, troika,UN,security council and AU to call upon? South Sudanese would have reached a decision that puts this country into peace and stability.

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