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Salva KIIR and Jieng Councils of Elders Idealized the Dinka Tribe In The Army To Carried The Ethnic Cleansing In The South Sudan.

By Gatwech R Bol,

kiir in aweil with malong gov and lonuro minister sep 2013
kiir in aweil with malong gov and lonuro minister sep 2013…

Dec 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- According to Pan Africanist philosopher Fanon; that “ it is always easy for young independent countries to switch back from the nation to ethnic group and from state to tribe a regression which is so which is so terribly detrimental and prejudicial to the development of the nation and national Unity” . This is true that when south Sudan got its independent nobody thought that the country will be on war for itself rather than the fight again with old Sudan. However; it was not the case of salva kiir and Jieng council of elders whom were planned to rules the country for life on the iron. Nobody was aware of what will happened on the dinka leadership until there were new names codes emerges for secrets few dinka society from media. The names of such as ( dootku Bany councils and army) and Mathiang anyor (loosely translated as exterminated the insects) .

The south Sudanese community were confused by the dootku bany terms as it is was later loosely translated also from dinka language as it mean to help the president. The question was helping the president from whom? The scope of this article is base of the remember of souls of innocent Nuer children and women whom were massacred on the December 15-19, 2013, in South Sudan capital Juba.

Webster dictionary define the term ( Massacred) in three categories 1 “ the act or an instance of killing a number of usually helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty 2: a cruel or wanton murder 3: a wholesale slaughter of animals 4: an act of complete destruction” . Also American merit political professor Robert Melson’s “basic working definition,” reads, “by massacre we shall mean the intentional killing by political actors of a significant number of relatively defenseless people… the motives for massacre need not be rational in order for the killings to be intentional… Mass killings can be carried out for various reasons, including a response to false rumors… political massacre… should be distinguished from criminal or pathological mass killings… as political bodies we of course include the state and its agencies, but also non state actors”.

As the survivor of Juba massacred; I had witnessed how my people were killed on street of Juba likes animals. Juba massacred was indeed “a state policy plans” as it is mentioned by Africa Union investigation inquires. The massacred was planned ahead of time. I saw the helpless innocent children running on street likes they were not a south Sudanese National due to the fact that they were happened to be from Nuer tribe. The innocent babies and women who didn’t do nothing wrong to Jeing council of elders and with their president kiir, were slaughtered in Juba by the president private army upon the order of president himself and his tribal elders. The door to door searching for Nuer community members for three days is very similar killing styles of Cambodia regime known as ( Khmer Rouge (KR) regime) led by its leader Pol Pot between 1975 and 1979 in which an estimated one and a half to three million people died”.

Likes any dictatorial government, south Sudan government were runs by ideally one tribe of dinka and hands pick bourgeois from others ethnic groups. An example; of that hand picking bourgeois re the ( Nuer wew politicians). Wew is the dinka name for money. As Nuer were killed in Juba; those who sides up with genocidal regime of kiir and jieng council of elders re becomes identity as Nuer for money. As they (Nuer wew) did something that rarely happened in the society history as to sides with someone who killed your family. It is totally new in Nuer cultural customs but the wew creates such New culture for those politicians and generals.

In fact; the Splm/Spla party lead by Jieng council of elders uses many extermination campaign to ethnic cleansing by forcefully pushing the all-state media and privates to makes ethnic killing to war propagandas of so called (coup plot). For the last four days of killing; the government was very much warning some other ethnic groups citizens whom were tried to hides Nuer in their houses to face the punishment there was warning message that “ if the security find them hiding Nuer coup plotter in your house you will face the consequences” . The similarity of (Kr) the leaders of Cambodia whom were purposely of committed genocide with logon of “purification of the populance” whereas the splm of jieng were calling it’s as “ coup” whereas they called 1991 revenges in their private meeting. There was also message that “Nuer will learns the lesson”. The desire of the KR of Cambodia for example; was to bring the nation back to a “mythic past”, stop aid entering the nation from abroad, which in their eyes was a corrupting influence and restore the country to an agrarian society, and the manner in which they tried to implement this was one factor in the genocide” in that particular case many profession such intellectuals were genocide together with their families.

Whereas the Jieny council of elders purpose were to killed all Nuer including their strong leaders and leaves those weak puppets leaders (Nuer wew) to uses as tool against their community so that they could run the country as dominant tribes using the their claimed tribe majority ruling through dictatorial system. Kiir and the dinka elders councils were also trying to “idealized their ethnic peasantry as the true ‘national’ class, the ethnic soil from which the new state could grew to kind of western world industrial society class styles. Whereas The Khmer (Rouge regime) targeted various ethnic groups during the genocide, forcibly relocating minority groups, and banned the use of minority languages. Religion was also banned, and the repression of adherents of Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism was extensive”

In December 15-19 2013; Nuer were massacred in huge numbers besides the innocent children and women; salva kiir privates army were first selectively killed professional Nuer such as journalists, students, doctors, lawyers and pastors. It is something that will never be forgets even in the peace time. Nuer society will also remember the innocent souls of their community members every year from this generation to next generation. Nuer massacred is will also be a part of National history newly chapter that will be add to liberation struggles history as in response from community civil defense of white army.

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AMEN December 18, 2015 at 6:47 am

Riek machar is not a capable leader better for me to die, he caused the war for no reason

Gat.darwich December 18, 2015 at 7:34 pm

hate him or like, Dr. Riek is your next president period.

You can bleached and oiled your ass for Muhoozi Museveni because that is what BenyDit-Killer NyanMayardit, NyanAwandit, and NyanManyanydit have done and faithfully doing for Museveni, Malik Agar, and Darfur rebels Bosses.

Beek December 19, 2015 at 12:29 am

Okay he is your president in central government if he becomes president with out general election,but at least he is not in our homes,not hacking our networks because we pay our Internets and Phones and we have nothing to do with his life. John Garang and his few cronies had played and abused many people,but where are they now! Keep dreaming boy,but we not vote him.


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