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Poem: R.I.P 15TH – DEC – 2013

By Wenne Madyt Dengs,

I see your soul ascending in steps to heaven

I have no disrepute when they see me wiping

You are gone, beyond the stars

I try to reach you, but I am immovable

Mortal antipathy has chained my hands

I am a motionless object

On this day

Mourner: Angel above, hear my pain

I needed you, why did they kill you?

The filthy fifteenth

Of Death-Same-Month

You left us nailed, on the wall of tribalism

You are gone, but I am immovable

My eyes are covered with myth

I cry,

And no one seem to hear my voice

I’m drowning in the stream of blood

Hunger has finally hunted down

I’m still scavenging

At northern and Southern borders

You perished, and published their gluttony

The tears are endless,

I’m an orphan

I’m a widow

I’m barren

They keep ululating

When I’m bawling

The writer can be reached via: wennemadyt63@gmail.com

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