Pope Francis Gave Mr. Salva Kiir 15 Minutes!

Catholic's Pope Francis is touring East and African where he made with presidents and local populations...

Catholic’s Pope Francis is touring East and African where he made with presidents and local populations…

Nov 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Pope Francis, who is visiting the East and Central Africa gave South Sudan president a 15 minutes of private meeting according to the Vatican’s chief spokesman.

The source confirmed the unexpected closed-doors meeting was privately arranged by the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni.

According to Fr. Federico Lombardi, the head of the Holy See Press Office, who spoke over the vatican radio, “It was a private meeting.”

Lombardi added that the reason for the meeting was in the interest of peace and reconciliation in the war-torn South Sudan.

“The reason for this meeting,…and the intention of the pope, was obviously in service of the peace and reconciliation in the land,” Lombardi added.

Despite the good-will gesture from the Pope it’s yet to be seen if the South Sudanese leader will commit to implement a recently signed peace agreement.

President Kiir, who is a member of Catholic Church, is on records for publicly declaring the peace agreement as non-biblical or Koran, a statement that was interpreted to mean that “it can be violated or change”.

Since the signing of the peace agreement in August this year, president Kiir who has met the US president and UN secretary general within the last two years, has severally pledged his commitments to implement the agreement “in letter and spirit”, however, the president has also created more states and amended the transitional constitutional in violation of the same agreement.

The president has also failed to order the withdrawal of foreign troops and his forces from Juba as stipulated in the agreement.

Pop Francis, who has been in Kenya will stay in Kampala, Uganda until Sunday when he will proceed to Central Africa Republic.


  • Gat,darwich

    Wow, Pope made the killer NyanKiir !, The pontiff has been undeniably dirtied and mortified by the Incompetent, Dinka-tribal-warlord, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous Killer NyanKiir !

  • Log

    He is a hypocrite, He goes to attend mass not as a Christian, but devil who believe in killing innocent South Sudanese. I wonder if he will even listen to Pope

  • Pope Francis had blessed our FLAG in Vatican in 2014 shortly after dangerous coup attempted and hand it back to South Sudan delegations.He is also a victim of hacking too.

  • Tolio

    The pope represents peace,humbleness, faithfulness,harmony, dignity and blessing in Catholic Church and to other people worldwide.

    President Salva Kiir received his invitation because he is a devoted catholic and there is no doubt he is faithful to his country and its citizens.

    Faithful that he has shown his loyalty to Any Anya I & II as soldier till we achieved independence without changing the course of our road to freedom and independence from Khartoum regime.

    President Kiir,like Pope Francis,knows the true meaning of what being loyal to God,line of duties and the people mean.

    The President will come back to South Sudan with a message of peace and reconciliation after he received his blessings from God through Pope who led their prays to the Holly Heavenly Father. Besides, the president will come home more ever stronger after the Pope told of the demons that are casted upon the president by his opponents who has prejudices against him that led to the civil war,destructions,killings and displacements.