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South Sudan: Government Troops Continued Attacks In Unity State!

SPLA forces training in anticipation of war in Upper Nile(Photo: file)
SPLA forces training in anticipation of war in Upper Nile(Photo: file)

Oct 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Unity state’s Rubkona County confirm resumption of intense fighting at Dhorchieng Lokjak [Ngop] in Rupkotni County yesterday morning.

According to military spokesman of SPLA-IO, Col. William Gatjiak, government troops attacked their position at 8:30 Am at Dhorchieng Lokja village “in search of food and territorial gain”, however, the rebels claim to have repulsed the troops towards Nhialdiu.

“The fighting lasted for 1 hour and after all, freedom fighters repulse them to Nhialdieu where they had previously planned their attack.” Col. Gatjiath states.

In addition to attacks in Ngop [Dhorchieng Lokjak] Payam, Col. Gatjiath believes that the government troops also attacked their positions at 2pm in Gezirra, Buoitong Boma, in western part of Rubkona County.

“While fighting was on in Ngop area, they also launched other attack on our base at Gezirra, Buoitong Boma, the western part of Rupkotni at 2PM but at last, the SPLA-IO forces taught them a good lesson that they will never forget in their lives.” Gatjiath said.

The armed opposition holds Juba accountable for violating the recently signed peace agreement and continuation of war in the country which displaces civil population and scars off humanitarian assistance.

The opposition calls on IGAD-Plus and partners to take serious actions on the government side for continuing war at the expense of peace in the country.

“We are again calling immediate action from IGAD plus, AU and International community to send down their verification team to know exactly what does Kiir and his echelon wants beside this compromised peace agreement that mends to rescue the citizens from this unwanted situation.” He said.

Notwithstanding that President Kiir refused to sign the peace agreement on time, government officials organized anti-peace rallies and prepared “reservations” document as prerequisites to sign the agreement, 9 days later.

In spite of new confrontations, Salva Kiir has announced 28 new states, created from the current ten states to be implemented from next month, a call that many South Sudanese and partners strongly object as “unilateral and unconstitutional”.

Many analysts, who cite both the Transitional Constitution and the recently signed CPA-II fear that Kiir has no power to order creation of states in the country.

Within the last one weeks the warring factions of SPLA have fought in Leer and Koch counties of Unity state as the government troops took on the “Arrow Boys” in Mundri, Maridi and Yambio.

South Sudan returned to deadly civil war in 2011 following a political rift within the ruling party, SPLM, fitting forces loyal to Dr. Riek Machar, the First Vice President, against local and foreign troops fighting on president Salva Kiir’s side.

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AMEN October 8, 2015 at 8:29 am

You decided to attack the government forces and you claim to be government attacked your forces.

manalone October 8, 2015 at 9:57 am

Why do you think GOVERNMENT keep attacking you ? Is because your objectives of fighting the government are not clear , I dont know what you are fighting for,because you are just confusing the government’s troops , you as one tribe called nuer plus your friend whereever they are , you are not going to win this war, because jieng as a whole did not agreed on what you are doing, that jungle of south sudan will not be enough to accommmade us all, you will end up in Ethiopia and else where if dinka rebelled that is my predictions ,So for your info let us negiatiates as brothers, and discuss these issues in a good manner. and tell your friends that , the words get rid of jieng or dinka is very dangerious words , and very more dangerious by itselves, south sudan is very vast and it can accommodate us all, even arabs leaves alones kawajats who can comes in inform of investment, preachers, and so on, so consider other sixty three tribes, peaces is important for all. Dont let yourselves be fooled that you can defeat dinka, no win win on this war my friend, we love you pan de nyatooch, abe nyuop or abe bul that is what is going on , put them together lets move ahead without kawajats please or arabs periods.

manalone October 8, 2015 at 10:21 am

We the government we needs to put laws in order , there is country on earth whereby, everybodies can have guns and ammunition everywhere and you called it a country. So we are after you those with guns suffering from madness of 1991 and 2013 , because public safey is our first priority as government for south sudanese citizens, no guns in the hands of citizens except you are assigned by the government of beny kiir mayardit, and if you don’t listened to laws of the land , then go to UN compound, or otherwise we will deal with you accordingly till madness of yours is treated, because it bother south sudanese and international communities always by wastings their resources on you the rebells.

GatNor October 8, 2015 at 1:21 pm

And that’s my 2nd main reason for not putting much trust in Juba’s end of bargain or signature of commitment to the agreement.

The 1st reason is that Kiir has committed crimes not only against the citizens of South Sudan but against humanity and to have him lead the interim government is actually an illegal move.

I knew there was nothing no machanism put in place that would hold Juba back from violating the agreement.

Had I been one of the powerful nations being mocked by Juba’s thugs, I would bomb Juba and Uganda including the locaton(residences) of the Jaang Council of Criminals to no existence.

Then I would tell them to pick up the darned signed agreement and read it again. On top of that I would put a coalition of factions of South Sudanese parties and factions to change the government and installed the interim leader of the resistance most endorse by South Sudaneses.

Maban cuonty boy October 24, 2015 at 4:37 am

the tribal troop they till in move Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! freedom fighter yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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