Murle Living in Diaspora Trashed the Creation of 28 States

Murle Tribe Mobilized To Attack Lou Nuer Sub-tribe!

Murle Tribe Mobilized To Attack Lou Nuer Sub-tribe!

October 05, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—The Murle Community in diaspora has strongly expressed out their reaction to recent decree, hastily issued by Salva kiir  without constitutional validity or approval from the national parliament and the people of South Sudan, to create twenty eight (28) states in the Republic of South Sudan.

We strongly condemn this premature decision taken by Mr. Salva kiir as a serious flagrant violation of the law and the peace agreement that was recently signed between the regime and opposition party on the 17th August 2015.

We hereby, reject and denounce the creations of 28 states. This is a bluff attempt by president kiir to brainwash the citizens of South Sudan to lure them into yet another unimaginable catastrophic mistake as of the recent.

As for us, we are for democratic federals state in South Sudan. The SPLM/SPLA, before the peace agreement, had established (21) Federals States based on the former British Colonial Districts.

The twenty one (21) colonial districts have a clear delineated borders that where demarcated before 1st January 1956, and therefore establishing more states on such a system is feasible and logical.

For such, we don’t recognize the creation of twenty eight (28) fake tribal states as legitimate. We are, therefore, sending this clear message to president Kiir that Buma or Pibor is not part of your newly imposed states.

Pibor was already a state with eleven (11) counties and it’s one among the federal states that were created by SPLM/SPLA chairman Dr RiekMacharTeny.

Yours sincerely,

Gen. Poulino Zangil

COBRA FACTION in opposition.


  • manalone

    If you dont like to be in your state then keep complaining about that.

  • Tolio

    Murles don’t like the idea of 28 states,because it prevents them from stealing children of Dinka Bor.

    This is a community that kidnap children,alter their appearance with traditional bodily scarings,teach them dialect and culture so the children abducted become assimilated to the point authorities and communities can’t identity the stolen children from the ones that are not stolen,leaving child trafficking Murles not punish for their wrongdoings.

    No body cares if you don’t like your states.


    It is not only Murle who reject this BUREAUCRACY jengle system of rule. This system existed lont time ago in the Old Testament during Saul’s time. It Places People under chiefs. Please, let everybody know that South Sudan is a country, it must be ruled by DEMOCRATIC RULE.
    Any body who supports this kind of chief’s rule must go to mura to take care of their Cattles. You know very well that there is no such rule existing in the world today. jenge are really helping hanging themselves. Please the hate against you has reached to the end of Your rope.

    • Tolio

      Well,accept your states if you want people like Dinkas to go to their cattle camps.

      This is a solutions that will give states of Equatoria to quarantine cows pasturing on their farms. Why advocate against a fair solution for every tribe?

      Any talk of democracy is meaningless when the people use weapons against one another. Democracy and conflict aren’t Synonymous.

      The Western nations don’t have both.

  • This time thievese must go to his state

  • Blind can not lead eye person 2 wrong direction while he seeing good way z stupid Salva never direct people of s.s in good way

  • Realist

    Murle in Pibor are celebrating the creation of 28 States while Murle in Diaspora are complaining! what a paradox!

  • Salva 2 lead is better 4 nuer 2 be part of North sudan b/ s we fought together & dies together but only dinka benefit , occupied all posts shame to nuer who seized with Salva while their people are in bad situation who they represent dinka /nuer

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