Breaking: South Sudan’s Kiir Creates More States In Spite of a Recently Signed Peace Deal!

The proposed 21 states or former Colonial districts. ...

The proposed 21 states or former Colonial districts. …

October 2, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s incumbent president, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, has issued a rarely expected republican degree that creates more states in the Republic of South Sudan after the armed Opposition champions the cause in their controlled areas.

According to republic decree no. Salva Kiir creates 18 more states to add to the currently existing ten states, a process that may complicate the recently signed peace agreement.

According to a document read on the government owned channel, SSTV, the president has broken down the current ten states into the following states.

Regions New States Capital
Greater Equatoria


(8 states)

4-1: Imatong Torit
4-2: Namorunyang Kapoeta
4-3: Maridi Maridi
4-4: Amadi Nimule
4-5:Gbudwe Yambio
4-6: Jubek Juba
4-7: Terekeka Terekeka
4-8: Yei River Yei
Greater Bhar el Ghazal

(10 States)

4-9: Wau Wau
4-10:Aweil Aweil
4-11: Lol Raja
4-12: Aweil East Wanjok
4-13:Twic East Mayen Abun
4-14: Gogrial East Kwajok
4-15: Tonj Tonj
4-16: Eastern Lake Yirol
4-17: Western Lake Rumbek
4-18: Gok Pngeik
Greater Upper Nile


(10 States)

4-19: Northern Lich Bentiu
4-20: Southern Lich Leer
4-21: Ruweng Pariang
4-22: Eastern Nile Malakal
4-23: Jonglei Bor
4-24: Western Nile Kodok
4-25: Western Bieh Ayod
4-26: Eastern Bieh Akobo
4-27: Latjor Nasir
4-28: Boma Pibor

In 2014, the First Vice President Designate, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, created 21 states that were driven from the previous colonial districts.

According to Dr. Machar, creating more states would spiral development and brings services close to the people at the grassroots.

The Opposition, however, demands that a federal system must be established in the country for such a system to be effective.

Many critics believe that such a broad system may not be well funded by a centralized government, however, the proponents argue that having more states will stabilize the country and boost economy across the country.

It’s yet to be known how the recently created states would be factored into power sharing arrangement but both sides seem to agree on this one idea.

The creation of 28 states by President Kiir has been positively welcomed by many supporters of the oppositions, who demand federalism, but it leaves confusion among the government supporters!