South Sudan Rebels Captured Government Spies in Akobo.

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Pro-government youth detained in Akobo by the SPLA in Opposition. The youth are charged of spying on the activities of SPLA-IO and local populations in Akobo(Photo: supplied)

August 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Members of South Sudan’s SPLA in Opposition in Akobo County detained at least three armed youth earlier this week.

The detained youth are charged of spying on the activities of anti-government forces in Greater Lou-Nuer counties, and now awaits investigation.

According to Lul Ruai Koang, who leads a pro-government militia known as South Sudan Resistance Army(SSRA) to fight for Akobo State, the three suspects are compromised of two sons from the area and a third suspect from Longchuk county.

In Juba, Brigadier Lul Ruai Koang, a junior general who defected from the rebels earlier this year admits that he sent the youth to Greater Lou-Nuer counties.

Lul, however, claims that the youth were sent under his command as “Peace Caravan” to take a message of peace to the people of Greater Lou-Nuer.

Despite that Lul and other generals in the ranks of Salva Kiir forces and allied militias have been battling the opposition forces and the White Army at the buffer zone between Duk and Urror Counties in attempt to capture Akobo, Lul believes that the suspects were sent to the area to expedite peace process at the grassroots.

He blames their detention on his former boss, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, who promoted him to the ranks of Brigadier General.

“It’s completely not true and unfounded that those two sons from Greater Akobo and their comrade from Gajaak-Nuer were sent to spy on the rebels as alleged. What had transpired was that Dr.Riek Machar was upset on hearing the news that the people of Akobo County in particular and Greater Akobo in general were starting to have an internal dialogue at grass root level” Lul said.

Brigadier Lul served in the SPLM/SPLA[IO] as a military spokesman until August 2014 when internal conflicts between him and his comrades went out of control.

The young brigadier general established links with Juba late that year and officially declared his defection on 18th February, 2015.

Hoping that he would negotiate with the government of Salva Kiir for better resolutions, Lul went to Juba as a “chairman and a Commander-in-chief of SSRM/A”. So far, very little has been achieved.

According to observers, the suspect would be released after investigation.

SPLM/SPLA has captured pro-government spies during the Pagak Conferences and also in some parts of Jonglei and Upper Nile state, however, in most cases the suspects are freed.