SPLM/SPLA Condemns the Illegal Swearing In of President Salva Kiir

The only foreign president to attend the 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)

The only foreign president to attend the 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)

July 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — One day before the 4th independent anniversary, the embattled President of the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan, was rushed through a swearing-in ceremony within the national capital, Juba.

To the opposition, the procedure was unconstitutional, illegal and a deeply alarming turn of events in the world’s most volatile state.

According to the Opposition’s National Committee Chairman for Information and Public Relations, Mabior Garang de Mabior, the swearing in of president Salva Kiir after the expiry of his term is tantamount to usurping the will of the South Sudanese people.

“This is not only tantamount to usurping the will of the people of South Sudan, but it is also an indication that the Salva Kiir Administration is not sincere about peace.” the IO statement reads

The son of SPLM/A founder enumerates that the Leadership of the SPLM/SPLA “strongly condemns the illegal swearing in of President Salva Kiir today, on the eve of South Sudan’s Independence Day.”

“This is a deeply alarming turn of events, considering the cumulative gains made through painstaking negotiations with the Government over the past year and a half.” Capt. Mabior explains.

The surprised swearing in of president Salva Kiir, to the opposition amount to constitutional coup and declaration of more violence in the country.

“This illegal extension of the Salva Kiir Administration is a constitutional coup and an sign that the Salva Kiir Administration is opting for war” Mabior says.

Many stakeholders, IGAD and partners hoped that a negotiated settlement of the conflict would replace elections and form a new Transitional Government of National Unity.

“This is unfortunate considering there is a pending agreement negotiated by all the stakeholders, which would legitimize a new Transitional Government of National Unity.” Mabior explains.

“In addition, the SPLM/SPLA has accepted in principle for Salva Kiir to rule in the interim period, leading the country to elections; therefore, the illegal extension of the regime is unwarranted.” he continued.

The armed opposition calls on Juba to reconsider their decision or risk escalation of the conflict that has already hit the ten states in the country.

“The Leadership of the SPLM/SPLA would like to take this opportunity to persuade the Salva Kiir Administration to reconsider this dangerous action. This illegal extension can only escalate an already unnecessary war” the statement reads.

The opposition calls on Salva Kiir’s administration to help rescue the nation through IGAD-Plus peace mediation and institution of new Caretaker government.

The armed opposition calls on their supporters, the peace loving people of South Sudan and friends to object the swearing in of president Salva Kiir and his administration.

“the Movement would also wish to take this opportunity to remind members to remain vigilant and not accept the now open tyranny of the Salva Kiir Administration. The illegal extension of the Salva Kiir Adminstration can only derail the peace process. The Leadership urges all members to organize themselves so as to raise awareness about this constitutional coup.” the opposition reiterate.

In other reports, many South Sudanese communities in different parts of the world will turn out in mixed feelings to celebrate the independent day as others continue to mount their loved ones.

In Uganda, Egypt and Washington DC, USA, many South Sudanese and activists will match across the streets in “Red Card” rallies, calling for the end of Salva Kiir’s leadership in the country.

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  • You Mabior and your mother and nobody will help all of you with Dr.Brain PHD. It is now very clear that you are for Highest positions.

  • Greedy of power is only in South SUdan,so Mabior needs to back off.

  • Bentiu Ramaran

    As we all know that Kiir is the world foolish, power hungry, and clueless president, no one would vote for him. The only way for him to stay in power is to use military and sworn himself in from time to time.

  • Dr Riek Machar yesterday gave 24hours to persistent Kiir mayardiit to quit, but now Kiir still a persistent. the question is what is next for Riek Machar to say or do now? this is my time as south sudanes citizens to give Riek Macha. warning to join the government of south Sudan within six months or not be the part of south Sudan future government.

  • Nuer

    Salva Kiir is TERM in pressidency finished.he will continue rulling the country.Dr.Riek will remain in bush because his weakness in providing enough military logistic and dictorial idealogy toward advise of his long term commanders.Riek has more soldiers but with no logistic.

  • Lualdit

    Dr. Machar has given Kir ultimatum, huh? Will he keep his word? or will he renegade again from that threat? I am sick and tired of leaders who lack ball to keep their words. If you mean what you said Gatmachar, leave Addis and move to Pagak and command to the war. Lobby for weapon assistance. Enough is enough. Capture and recapture of town is stupid and it is waste of soldier life. Because of your indecisiveness Gatmachar, this war is still being fought and many people are losing life. There is no other option, but to wage war to get rid of this sickness in South Sudan.

  • AGUMUT,don’t criticize the young Mabior. He is the son of a hero, who should be given chance to become a future leader of the Republic of South Sudan. What did you do and your father?

    • Our is not the Monarchy and it is not either a tribal chief or a Tiger Chief,it is call the Republic Of South Sudan. So keep your worthless Young Mabior because we don’t transfer the power to the sons of our leaders.

    • Ours fathers have supported John’s Garang luxurious Hotels when they allowed their sons to join SPLA to enemies of our soil and that’s not going to happen again.

  • why Dr Riek Machar appointed prof David De Chand vice chairman of the SPLM \SPLA IO?

  • Our fathers have supported Garang’s Hotels when they allowed their sons to join SPLA in order to fight the ENEMIES of our LAND.