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Appointed Payinjiar County Commissioner Calls The Rebels’ Gen. Abdelatif To Leave or Face Death!

Members of South Sudanese- Australians are reported spotted fighting under Maj. Gen. Khamis Aldel-Latif, the former Director of South Sudan Radio and Television, currently fighting against injustice and bad governance in Unity State, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
Members of South Sudanese- Australians are reported spotted fighting under Maj. Gen. Khamis Aldel-Latif, the former Director of South Sudan Radio and Television, currently fighting against injustice and bad governance in Unity State, South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

June 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The regime appointed commissioner of Payinjiar County, Mr. William Nyuon Jok Kam, warns the rebel Major General, Khamis Abdelatif, to immediately vacate Payinjiar county or risk humiliation and death.

“On behalf of the courageous and humble people of Payinjiar County and indeed on my own behalf, I decided to issue a straight warning today to fugitive rebel commander, Khamis Abdelatif, to immediately leave the soil of Payinjiar County or face humiliating death if he does not heed to this humble notice.” the commissioner warns.

The commissioner believes that the major general and the commander of Lakes forces for the opposition, Abdelatif, cannot be allowed to hold the people of Payinjiar hostage while preventing the government intervention in the county.

Mr. Nyuon calls on the people of Payinjiar to collectively rise against Gen. Abdelatif before his presence deteriorates the good relations of Payinjiar county with the neighboring Lake state.

“This developing trend cannot be allowed to continue because it has a potential to worsen the thriving relations between the great people of Payinjiar County and the communities of Lakes State.” Nyuon said.

The commissioner accuses the former director of South Sudan radio and television of fleeing corruption when he should be facing justice for alleged crimes in the ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

“The people of Payinjiar County must also know that Khamis Abdelatif is a criminal on the run. He is wanted in Juba by the government to answer questions regarding the crimes he had committed when he was a senior official in the national Ministry of Information and
Broadcasting. His allegiance to Riek Machar is in essence a deceptive strategy intended to avoid justice.” he said.

“I therefore call on the elders, youth and women of Payinjiar County to dismiss this criminal from our beloved home land in order to avert the presence miseries and future sufferings of our people.” he continued.

The former director of South Sudan radio and TV defected the regime in December 2014 and declared loyalty to the Opposition under the former Vice President on 16th January this year in Nairobi, Kenya.

Khamis’ widely circulated defection followed heated arguments  between him and his boss, the minister of information and broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth, who attempted to “unconstitutionally” reassign the director.

The appointed commissioner strongly urge the youth to stop fighting for the former Vice  President, Riek Machar, and the former governor of Unity state, Gen. Taban Deng Gai, saying that they have betrayed them many times.

“Our youth, the today and future leaders of our society cannot always die just for Riek Machar to become President of South Sudan and Taban Deng Gai is a Governor of Unity State” Nyuon said.

“We faced painful rejection from these two leaders when they were in government. Taban never build a single school or hospital in Payinjiar County during his eight year tenure as Governor of Unity State. He also supervised the killing of our people in 2010 during the elections besides his cruel actions against our people during the war.”  he alleged.

Despite that credible sources accuse the government troops of castrating, killing, dehumanizing, rapping and forcefully recruiting under age children, the appointed commissioner promises the people of Payinjiar that their children would go back to school and resume normalcy in the county if they defeat rebels.

“Our children must go back to schools, hospitals and health centers must be reopened, roads and other economic infrastructures must be built to open the borders of Payinjiar County for trade and telecommunications services are made available so that the people of Payinjiar County can use mobile phones like the rest of the country.” Nyuon said.

After the government troops went rampage in Unity state for the last two months in attempt to push the rebels out of the state to resume oil production, grave atrocities, abduction, raid of cattle and burning of houses have been widely reported in many parts of Unity State.

Contrary, the opposition accuse the government commissioner of massive recruitment from Lake State counties to attack Nyal Administrative area defended by the opposition.

The Opposition forces under Gen. Khamis and county commissioner have repulsed multiple government attacks in the county within the last two months.

The General, who defected with only his son in January this year, has reportedly captured 17 government trucks and four tanks in May in Payinjiar county.

Khamis is believed to be commanding thousands of mixed troops, including members of South Sudanese-Australians, who joined the conflict in their native country.

Unity state is one of the three states of Greater Upper Nile that have been devastated by the ongoing conflict.

Latest reports indicate that more than 3 generals on both sides fighting here in Unity state would be sanctioned by the United Nations as proposed by the United States.

Updated on June 30 at :252am, PST

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James Droma June 29, 2015 at 5:51 am

Lt. Col. William Nyuon Joak Khan is most stupid thief in South Sudan, William will die like dog in Payinjiar soil instead of his claimed to kill Gen.Abdelatif, Khamis who is fighting for just war in South Sudan as the whole.
William Nyoun Joak must leave Lake State or face death as he is now true criminal than Salva Kiir.


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