Agel Ring Machar Appointed as the Governor of Lol State



  • Abuchook

    Ooh my God! Really Agel, history repeated itself. This is exactly what happened in 1997 appointed people In position without clear vision and objectives and goals; same Riek Ebola behaviors ; same Mentalities; same failed visionless and hopeless.

    This is another reasons Riek Ebola Rebellion failed terribly. FAKE PHD OF RIEK EEBOLA
    Fake Leader of Leer villages and areas.
    He will never never become the President of South Sudan. Mark My words

    In 2002 while returned shamefully to Real NATIONALIST CITIZENS of the SPLA-JUBA lead by real Doctor Garang, Riek Ebola and his wife Angelina Teny were crying In front of Real Dr Garang and others SPLM high Command. Riek Machar Ebola to them that he us responsible and accountable and Liability for the death of Dinka Massacre of 1991.

    He asked them for forgiveness and Riek was told to Apologies to the Dinka People and others he killed in 1991. Therefore he did apologies for the killing of our Patriotic citizens.

    Riek Machar Ebola Primitive Nuer Rebellion will fail again again again again again again.

    I speak my words out and May God be with the people of South Sudan.

  • Young MACHAR is the future of South Sudan but could not get a chance under regime of Slava Kirr. Congratulation Agel!!

  • Good move taken by Dr.machar teny,i’m very confident that machar will rule s.sudan for real.

  • Jamal Yor

    Agel as Governor!!? Too young, too inexperience, too many things.
    Riek is just crazy.He cannot be taken seriously.

  • Agel deserve the chance because he is more energetic and hardworking. He is against injustice and vocal

  • Agel Ring Machar Son of Victoria Adhar Arop was the head of Supraid Wunrok and he misappropriate embezzled the organization budget and due to fear of accountability for his mismanagement he ran and joined this the type the leaders Riek machar Wants in South Sudan?your governor will never step his dirty feed on Twic Mayardit soil. mark my word.

  • he will deliver let him alone.
    hate speech against him on tribal base is what is done in dinka gvt
    instead seek your fortune in the next gvt of Dr Machar.
    I have fully secured mine

  • ater

    This rebels are 75% crazy ,how come that SPLM-IO has become SPLM/A. As seen in this outdated and purported appointment letter”C-in-C of SPLM/SPLA” Riak is becoming very insane, along with his mentally retarded rebels.

  • chan kueth

    it is on the state of disorders not really sense or actuall facts