Breaking News: War Resumes In Malakal, Upper Nile!

Olony speaks on SSTV with Gen. Bapiny Monyutuil when they return to Salvsa Kiir governent in 2013 before the conflict start in December, 2013(Photo: file)

Olony speaks on SSTV with Gen. Bapiny Monyutuil and Gen. Carlo Kuol when they return to Salvsa Kiir governent in 2013 before the conflict start in December, 2013(Photo: file)

May 15, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile state, confirm that a heavy fighting resumes this evening within the town of Malakal.

“Fighting erupted in Malakal just an hour ago and still ongoing. pro- govt militias and it’s allies launched an offensive against position of general Olony.” Dickson Gatluak of SPLM/SPLA-IO said.

According to Nyamilepedia correspondent in Malakal, fighting resumed two hours ago between the forces of Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony and other government forces loyal to president Salva Kiir.

The credible source reiterates that Gen. Olony has captured the major areas including the town centre and the airport as the government forces yet again withdraw northwards.

Olony captured the town from the government troops three weeks ago but later withdraw to the south of the town to allow government peace initiative to reunite the forces.

After sending two delegations to mediate the two “government factions”, the president in a meeting held at Bilpham Headquarters, gave orders that Olony must come to Juba without delay, however, the General has not  shown  up for the past two weeks.

According to the latest leaked reports, Maj. Gen. Olony switched contacts from Juba to SPLM/SPLA-IO.

While the SPLA [Juba] field commander, Gen. Akangelo Abango, admitted losing contacts with Olony earlier this week, the SPLA military spokesman, Col. Philip Aguer, has just lost contact with the two generals.

The SPLA-IO denies any involvement in the current fighting in Malakal. According to Dickson Gatlauak “SPLA/IO forces are not involving in the ongoing fight.”


  • Gen. Olony is getting re enforcement from SPLA-IO to pursue those reminet toward Palioch tomorrow. Congratulation to Freedom Fighters for capturing Malakal Town! Soon Bentiu will fall into our hand. WHAT IS PROBLEM WITH YOU DINKA? WHERE EVER YOU GO PROBLEMS ARISE. Juba is falling soon, no Fuel, water and food items in Juba town

    • GatNor

      Eventually Juba will collapsed.

    • thanks freedom fighters for there victory today .ihope we who are out said of southern will said thanks forfighters thanks from adamdudu

    • Abuchook

      To all the readers:

      It is very easily to rebellion and switch sides in Nuer people and Shilluk militia: Nothing is new about Olony or Oliny cowardly or primitive thinkers of Nuer white Army…it is just history repeated itself…nothing surprised and wondering here:

      The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY Offensive is mass destruction and defeat of those Khartoum oilfields police and Slave..

      Any tribe or militias can rebellion and collaboration and switch sides as always as hiatorty can tells but THE POWER OF THE LION KING IS MORE POWER FULL THAN ALL COMBINE IT IS JUST MATTER OF TIME AND PEACE INTERESTS….

      Thank you very much

    • Abuchook

      To All Supporters of Dr. Riek Ebola and Visionless and hopeless Gen Olony and Other craziness Idiots Nuer White Army:




      Standing by of 85,000 THE SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY IS REALLY GOOD READY TO STRIKE and destroy any body anyone any militias in South Sudan only if if decided by Juba Government MAIN CONTROL COMMAND…

      • GatNor

        And the coward Abuchook continue to cry. This is the Lou Nuer Youths Vs the Nuer-Sellout & the combined forces of the ethnic regime plus the mercenaries. Machar does not want to fight you cowards on tribal lines but some have no choice but to fight you in whatever disguised you chose even if you dressed up like clowns carrying weapons and waving a UN flag, cross the line and you will be taught a lesson like had just happened.

      • Kiery Nyilek

        Dear all gentlemen but mainly those who are Dinka among you, no one rejecting kiir leadership just because he is Dinka but it is the way he run the country affairs.

        Malong Awan, General Garang Mabil of spla-IG were trying their levels best to solve the problem but kiir with his own weakness didn’t understand what these two Generals were saying, so pleass detach yourselves from tribal thinking and takes the affairs of this country seriously.

      • Abuchook, you are just joking, come to Juba and see for yourself how economic collapse affected your greedy Dinka. There will never be a fighting coming outside from SPLA-IO but a fighting will begins with in Juba. There are strike in Aweil, Waraf and Wau because no food. Where do you think these people can do? No Fuel, No water and No food stock here in Juba one flat of Okra disc is cost 15 SSP and USD rate is 14.5 SSP per $1, 100 SSP cost 18,000 Ush, 100 SSP cost 500 Ks, 100SSP cost 200 birr and 100 SSP cost 60 SP where do you think you can run with you so called Dinka Kingdom ruled by primitive Dinka elders? Ahahahahah Sanction for South Sudan which was delayed by IGAD, AU and international community has been started through hand of God almighty. Remember when Awek Teny Awek called Ngudeng as doom prophet, white army were roaring till Mongala and last two Month Salvatory Kiir Kuethpiny said ” Unless it is sanction from above (from God)” Now you begins to cry. Please don’t cry yet it is just a beginning.
        Congratulation to Johnson Olony and Gen. Diang Duoth

      • It seemed heart broken,bu it’s too early mourned mr. You started it and we ‘ll finfished.
        Salva was voted to office by all south sudan tribes,he turned his power given by voter to cleasing one tribe that never said anything nor opposed any illegal activities he choosen from the time he commenced to lead south sudanese people.
        The mand didn’t know he being watched by internaltional communities that donated billions of dollars to south sudan since south sudan gained an independent in 2011.
        This is 21 century, no more uneducated person to lead south sudan again!!!


      • It seemed heart broken,but it’s too early to mourn mr. You started it and we ‘ll finfish it.
        Salva was voted to office by all south sudan tribes,but he forgotten and turned his power given by voter to cleasing one tribe that never said anything nor opposed any his illegal activities in the office. And he choosen from the time he commenced to lead south sudanese people it time to plan an attack on those broke me to this offfice because no one will say anything since i am thier leader.
        The mand didn’t know he being watched by internaltional communities that donated billions of dollars to south sudan since south sudan gained an independent in 2011.
        This is 21 century, no more uneducated person to lead south sudan.

  • GatNor

    The so called Jaang kingdom is burn from Upper Nile to Juba, from all Equatoria to Juba & from Bar El Ghazal to Juba.

    The Chilluk must stand firm and defend their people from tribal aggressions of the Jaang regime.

  • Chut Daniel

    to end this conflict is my major worry about my country.
    no tribe war, if it was, it would hav b outside gvt but that is primitive n irritatin.

  • Dantut

    Congratulation to Gen. Olony and freedom fighters for capturing Malakal! Just move a head to capture Palioch to shurtdown the oil production there so that there will be no oil revenues to be used by the government in Juba to finance this war against the opposition. There will be no money to provide the Uganda and Jem troops who fight along side the government against the Spla-io. Kirr and his cohorts will soon surrender to oppositon authority unless they sign the permanent peace with Dr. Machar and his comrades!

    • Warning! Now the Mighty Dinka of South Sudan have now Waged a full War Against You The Nuer rebels to Wipe you out, the ruminants Nuer out of South Sudan. let the Dinka remain with Their Country and Enjoy Oil. We are now leaving our Land and we are going to settle in Greater Upper Nile. Wait and see. this rebellion will end in August.

  • That is art of war. Gen. Olony have finally known their bloody enemies, whom are the enemies of peace in S. Sudan.
    Salva Kiir and his devil hooligans must be overthrown be4 S. Sudan’s 4th Independence Anniversary on 09/07/2015.

    • Deng II

      Gen. Maximus
      You might be out of your mind and you know it. After S. Sudan’s 4th Independence Anniversary on 09/07/2015, you will tell us you was guessing.

  • yoalbiel

    freemdom oyeeeee fighters may God be ur guard

  • The earliest defeated general Johnson Olony is in full control of malakal, juba spla are on their way to polioch oilfield to decide their fat either to end their guns to sudan arm force or Sudan revolutionary front. where updo will be lifted to kampala via juba. salva kiir dismay by the evening report.

  • Good job to John son olony and troops of shlluk

  • Eu Koang J

    congratulations to Gen. Olony.

  • Deng II

    Nuer folks, not so fast. Don’t be so happy for Chollo Militias joining Dr.Ebola (Machar). Get it from me one more time, a collaboration between Nuer and Chollo will never succeed, but Dinka collaboration with one the mention above would succeed, no doubt about it. get happy for now.

    • GatNor

      Abuchook & Deng II,

      Let me guess you are that much closer to becoming the next rebel in South Sudan.

      • Deng II

        Where I come from, we never rebelled against South Sudan people. It is only Nuer cultures because of food, greedy for power to get more food. shame on you Nuer.

        • GatNor

          You are such a liar in ’72 you went back to United Sudan and came back as agents against separation and you started to destroy the struggle you traitor.

    • Kiery Nyilek

      Please don’t generalized Dinka. Is just some Dinka like you.

      • GatNor

        In order for that to stop I think the Jaang also need to differentiate. To ethnically massacre thousand because one Nuers expresses his wish to run for the high seat of the government is nothing but the most despicable kind of generalization and I don’t see the whole country condemning it.Indsicriminate=generalize.

      • Deng II

        Kiery Nyilek
        After Nuer perceived that Dinka are killing Nuer in Juba, Nuer killed every Dinka they get, specially Dinka Upper Nile, whom by the way had nothing to do with killing in Juba. Now, you harvest what you sow.

  • DengII and Abuchook why you Dinka killed Olony Deputy and expect him to silence? I think you are crazy you don’t know who depend UNS because you are busy in Juba looting Dollars while Nuer wew, UPDF, JEM, SPLA-N, Chollo Wew, Burun Wew, Blanda wew and Equatoria wew are busy fighting along side with you. WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU DINKA? WHERE EVER YOU GO PROBLEM FOLLOW.

  • The capture of Malakal was a miscalculation from Bhar Al Gazal group led by Paul Malong Awan who believed that Olony was fighting only Simon Kun Puoch and that he was still with the government. Simon Kun is a governor of the government of South Sudan, how can you allow a militia allied with the government to fight him and order your forces not to get involved. Now, how is it? Olony is now part of Riek as we have been telling them that this guy was anti-south Sudan since the days of CPA. We fought 11 battles with him in Upper Nile when he tried to disrupt the referendum in support of the Jalaba agenda. How can he be your darling today? These are kind of people that you must watch even when they are with you.
    Anyways, Generals Nhial and Buay are coming to return Malakal to government control. However, this should serve as a warning to those of Malong that if we capture Malakal again and they mess it up, we will not be part of its liberation again. This must be clear!

    • mankien

      yesterday 100$ to 1600 ssp

    • Deng II

      NYalual Lual
      Your comment indicated that when people lead by dumbs, corrupts, arrogant uneducated foolish and greedy, with no hypothetical thinking, they end up with miscalculated the whole host of issues.
      I guess Chollo militias will not attempts to go to stop oil flow so that for all those dumbs almost one hundreds wives holding, to face the consequence of no money to feed them.
      The Gov’t lead by poor man provides Chollo Militias with moderns weapons includes an amphibian tanks, and left others militias only without nothing, this is very foolish dirty thinking since Olony had well known records of fighting Gov’t before.
      The poor short sight Gov’t was blindfold or outsmart by Olony for him to help Gov’t to get rid of Nuer rebellion in Malakal and it was almost let the Gov’t lead by dumbs thrown Apadang Dinka under the bus.
      One would understand why Dr.Ebola (Machar) disrespect the president because he has so thick mind with no flexibility thinking or critical thinking capacity, instead of poor temperament.

      • GatNor

        You can put an educated genius Jang in the position of leadership any day but knowing their mentality he/she will suddenly become a liability just like the previous ones turned out. You are doomed.

  • chuolkhan

    Very good lesson to government of kiir welldone freedom figters for your defending your selves good resistant from the heavy fighting from those idiot government let them taste it stiĺl we recontol the othr areas in unity state which they have burned down of ash for sure the government smelling the good bullets which they have received from their attack of of general johnson of chòol or shilluk in uppernile state that is turndown of the all attack which the government was lauched from uppernile state thanks u guys freedom fighters oyei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plse learn to say a genuine and constructive comment otherwise, this lies will become ur habbit.we are all S.Sudanese who know their capacities,LION doesn’t depend on other animals for its survival. Why did lion beg for mercenaries like Updf,Jem and…..too much talk with negative action shame shame on u guys.

    • chuolkhan

      Let the vulture learn to benefit by it own, plse ,plse do not shown us your stupidity n big lies which occupied your brain doesn’t you who do that bringing of foreigners armies is like the vultures(parasite) which get pieces of wast from the human being what do u make compression from the government? who protected you since from the beginning????????????? Mr.Maluth Lion should joint other lions and do what every

  • Lojur Molu

    Congratulation liberators. please us from the murderous regime and transform the nation to meet the aspirations of the independent state.

  • Our government is not fool,since they didn’t build anything in Unity State. SHANTY TOWN boys.

  • Congratulation to Shilluk militia and SPLA IO armies for their victory against dictator salva kirr government. teach them agood lesson and liberate our country finally.