South Sudan: Government Troops Preparing Fresh Assaults in Malakal

SPLA-Juba government troops planning new military offensives in Malakal to push back the Opposition forces in the area(Photo: file)

SPLA-Juba government troops planning new military offensives in Malakal to push back the Opposition forces in the area(Photo: file)

May 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Malakal indicate that the government troops (SPLA-Juba) and allied militia are preparing fresh assaults on areas around the capital of Upper Nile state.

According to military sources in Malakal, the government has decided to carry out the last heavy assaults on the towns near the main cities of Malakal, Bentiu, Renk and Ayod before the rain intensifies.

“It is order from general headquarters, the rebels are going to attack our position here when the rain come. So we must act now and push them away” Said John, a member of governor’s forces who refused to be identified due to fear of reprisal.

“That is why they will be cleared very soon from all the bushes around malakal, Renk, and Ayod” John added.

The soldier said Juba has dropped more reinforcements in Malakal yesterday, and continued this morning.

Similar concerns were reiterated by Col. Philip Aguer, the military spokesman for SPLA (Juba) forces.

Col. Aguer accuses the rebels of mobilizing to attack their position in Malakal, however, he believes that the allied government forces are prepared to repulse any attack on their position.

“The rebels have been mobilizing after the Pagak conference to attack Malakal and their mobilization are almost completed to attack Malakal” Aguer said on the government owned SSTV.

“We expect rebels attack on Malakal at any time but the SPLA command is confident that all the rebels attacks or attempts will be defeated” Aguer continued.

Sources from Malakal indicate that tension remains high between the government factions that recently fought along tribal lines.

According to leaked reports from SPLA-IO, Maj. Gen. Olony may join forces with the SPLA-IO against the government troops if the SPLA-Juba attack their positions.

In a report released by the US embassy in Juba yesterday, government forces committed “grave human rights abuses” when they attacked areas near Bentiu in Guit and Nhialdiu last week.

Credible sources confirmed that the government troops killed 75 civilians, including children and women, in Nhialdiu, and burned down the villages beyond recognition.

Thousands heads of cattle, children and women from the Nuer tribe were also kidnapped.

According to reports released by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS), the government troops restricted humanitarian access to these areas around Mayom and south of Bentiu.

The disturbed US embassy calls on Salva Kiir government to allow humanitarian access to the areas where grave human rights violations are suspected.

““We are deeply disturbed by credible reports of grave human rights abuses against civilians in the areas around Mayom and south of Bentiu. We call on the government to allow protection actors to inspect sites where violations are alleged to have occurred, to include Nhialdiu, Wathjak, and Nimni.” part of the Embassy report reads.

The US Embassy has warned that “those who threaten the peace in South Sudan or violate international humanitarian law must be held accountable”


  • They are late in counted assault although Bentiu is on fire.

  • Opimoli mario

    Juba government should not under estimate the force of the freedom fighters

  • Let them try, they will be defeated and Malakal will be captured soon.

    • They will be allow to capture Malakal in order to study the rebels war capacity and then government eliminates the rebels.

  • GatNor

    There are three factions of government in Malakal:

    — Juba’s combined mercenaries(South Sudan’s sponsored terrorists)
    — Kun Puoc’s gaurds
    — Johnson Olony’s militias(The Child Kidnapping Gangs)

    Dogs of the ethnic regime fighting over an already destroyed town of Malakal, a meatless bone.

    • Juba high education cheated 50 university lecturers sent to Khartoum for furthers studies , January this year lecturer from public universities were promise to be given 1000 US, per a month, and they were given 1000, US for one months January to motivate them . Now they are suffering in Khartoum nothings to paid rents since February up to this time no money sent to them ,only receive February in South Sudanese pound which is 3000, SSP instead of 1000,US. Officer are enjoying their Dollars after they uses their names for bank request and send them 3000,SSP, bank rate ,now most of students have been arrest for failing to paid rent in time . One of the student report to me in my office and fear to said his name ,he may be follows or target by this corrupt leaders in high education, no trust of money with so call big people in South Sudan , they are big criminals.

  • Abuchook

    Real Message to all Riek Machar rebellion:
    The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY decides to crush you as much as they wanted no one and any body In SOUTH Sudan can stop the POWER OF THE LION KING.
    RIEK Machar rebellion must learn and listen carefully to this message: the next Mission of the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY is Lou Nuer villages and areas and primitive Nuer White Army must be teach their second lesson again like what happened to them In 1992 TO 1997. history knows what happened!!

    If the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY DECIDES NOW AS THEY DID FULL SCALE WAR IS IMMINENT: Riek Machar is a war Commander in Chief at Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa. His field Commanders are frustrated and become hopeless and ready to quit the tough game of this fight…it Is too early to complain about this war.

    NO MORE PRIMITIVE NUER WHITE COMMING IN AS MAN POWER THIER families are already feeling the pain and hunger of thier dead sons in Riek Machar stupid war of selfish interested individuals.

    • Abuchook

  • for easy communication

  • Lualdit

    My friend, Naath nuer never surrender. You can come with all weapons using our resources, and with all the sellout nuer, but be certain, victory will be ours. Federalism will be installed in the end. No return to dinkaism. Celebrated the death and suffering of nuer people today, but be prepared.

    • Abuchook

      remember Naath Nuer people surrender asked my nuer people what happened in 1985, 1991, and 1997 and 2002 and one more Is coming: 2016. If you denied this then Lualdiit you do not know the History of South Sudan inside and out.
      please remember do not reply to me as If I am not a part of Nuer…The only thing I am not happy is how my Nuer people keep following Riek Ebola and by being used as tool to satisfy Riek Machar personal interest and Greed and power. I am not happy with Riek Machar because he killed many my Nuer people than any other South Sudan leaders dead or alive.

      Now Riek Machar war is already lost against the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY.
      The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY has battle Field advantage and unlimited man power supply and weapons.

      Lualdiit, here is my message to you: Federalism will never come to South Sudan because of Riek Machar rebellion demand for it but only will come because South Sudan people choose and vote for it but not Nuer people only as Riek Machar rebellion claimed for It.

      Lualdiit, history is already repeated itself this time again as it happened in 1991 to 1997: Riek Machar and his crooked self servicing leaders of Nuer people will never never win this war no matter what they do or pray for.

      Today as I write this comment: The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY is ready to march to Lou Nuer villages and areas because Lou Nuer is running its mouth pieces of War in which they can not win even If Jesus joint them. Our Lou Nuer people used their own young and youthful generation for Riek personal power and greedy but now Lou Nuer villages and areas are almost empty: because Most primitive Lou Nuer white Army are dine or wounded or missing.

      Also upper Nile and Unity states are ready to go with THE SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY hunting down Riek Machar rebels and thier ass will be kicked and hunting down no matter where they go.
      Now that’s the Power of the LION KING.

      Thank you very much.

      • GatNor

        Jaang were killing Nuers by the thousands in Gajaak land way before Machar came in the picture I seen it with my own eyes. What make you think Jaang will stop killing Nuers once Machar is no longer in the picture? Take yourself and follow the Jaang king Kiir and we will find you under his foot stool like Ruei Koang’s mother-in-law. Abuchook, cool it man, your too much.

  • SPLA -Juba did not calculate the war well from the beginning,therefore Kiir will lost the war to Freedom Fighters by all meant because they has failed Military,Politically and Ecomically beyond repaired both regional and international relations.

    • Malong Awan ,give Nuer food fighters three month to surrender and return to their previous jobs no rewards of Rank because they killed Dinkas. Nuer create all useless title for big food Kiir refuges.

      • GatNor

        Kiir and M7 did give Machar an ultimatum timeline to surrender or else. Since then nothing happened. When Malong was rewarded for his role in the massacres of thousands of Nuers he became chief of staff and his first public statement & objective was to crushed the rebellion. Nothing had happened since but more surrendering rhetorics with no real explanation to the earlier rhetoric. Considerably, it would be naïve for one(you) to have any trust on these three stooges. If General Gadet said he would be in Juba within a certain amount of time I would believe him more than Kiir, Malong & M7 put together.

  • kiir refused to reward Nuer fighters ,,,Nuer style ,of corruption of every body creating ranks for himselfe and divided ranks according to clanism , to receive big money ,, Matip nhial uses to said in Nuer wuur, moc ro, guoor,

  • I have confidence in General Johnson Olony, who the same government tried to ruin his life as a young boy and did not put him to school during liberation but used him for their selfish interest. General Olony is teaching the most wicked general is SPLA/M including president Salva Kirr for playing with lives of South Sudanese, and they should not be proud to think that they have ruin the lives of lost boys, but that it is time for them the outdated SPLA/M from Kirr to bottom to retire because they cause more harm to South Sudanese youth more than Arabs did to them. Kirr and his cronies must go to hell and our people should not think they have once existed in our society

  • why those who a little bits understand write stupid thing like this oh god forgive them. Because their own brother is the one dies in front there while these who enjoy the money there children are safety in heaven abroad. ..nonsensical

  • Going to Lou Nuer land is not that simple as you say. you like talking about 1991, by the way who the winners by then. bor town was burned, bor community were displaced to other areas. Lou Nuer white overrun bor youth up to juba bor road twice 1991 and 2013/2014, and you are talking of history. dinkas they have never reach the Lou Nuer heart land(waat). in every war there is negative and positive effects on both opponent, but we the Lou Nuer are capable of depending our land from dinka government. like it or not we are going to win this war….

    • yeah mr gang, what you Nuers Lou did since 1985 when we going to Ethiopia is not a joke you can not reminded people about it, I was witness what happened in wechlual

    • yeah mr gang, what you Nuers Lou did since 1985 when we going to Ethiopia is not a joke you can not reminded people about it, I was witness what happened in wechlual.

  • talk after your mission to Lou Nuer land. therefore there is no need of talking rubbish thing before action.
    man your making noise…

  • chuolkhan

    Waalah yajaama going to Luo-nuer land is like flying of pig if it is possible for pig to fly like a bird in the sky or impossible? to go over there without capturing men at live is not me,yes make it not ? put it in your brain fuckens minded reckless government of kiir how was it at that time ? take the good confirmation from Malual Ayom ,kuol,.ping deng and other generals those who were in Bor on the front line last year how they will explain it to you Dinkas this season is one of two for Kiir to swallow the bullet or Maloung Awan and those who are really fooling other world

  • comment: i am inviting South Sudanese who post their suggestions on how to solve a problem realistically. as we kill each other, some one is waiting to finish the survivor or the winner. do you know that we are fighting our resources? someone somewhere is waiting for a weak winner to attack and grab our resources. please think and act objectively.

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