Who is Dr. Nguen Manytuil?


  • GatNor

    Very entailing article to say the least.

  • He is one of greater Nuer Wew!

    • Abuchook

      Dear Readers,

      I am not really surprised to read this article because that’s how my Nuer people politics work: Nuer politics work as me against my brother and my brother against me! This has been happening since the creation of them.
      I am not really happy to see my people dying this way.

      Where ever we are Nuer people there is more likely to be violence and distraction and lawless and killings: Most of us as Nuer do not asked why Is this and that before we are starting the fight: we asked this Kate after the fight which make us a failure to follow up our right.
      In our Nuer society this is who we are:
      Thank you very much

      • GatNor

        Explain to me what kind of politic disarms Nuers presidential gaurds and leaving their Jaang colleagues armed to slaughter the disarmed. Explain to me what kind of politic goes door to door executing Nuers ethnics indiscriminately. Explain to me where you learn this politic before crying Nuers all the time to justify you hatred for the Nuers.

  • Very cheaper caretaker Governor who had been engulfed by resources. He was against Southern during separation warned us to vote for unity yet we have defeated him and continued soled innocence via bloody nor prostititution

  • Its very very sad story two brothers killed theirs owns folks because they had been betrayed their folks by money. You Nuer-wew eat the money and you are going to hell as soon.

  • Toutoute Dagany

    I some time wonder and believe this war had to happen for a very important reason – eye-opener War for the s. Sudanese and Naath in particular are implied.

    Any Nuer man who have not or refuse to seen the truth (up to this point in time;) and act accordingly, is a completely worthless human being and deserve to die a horrible death in hell.

    If the Naath, after this war passes, do not change their mediocre-way of doing things; it will be justified to conclude that the Nuer are just slewed mirror images of their Jieng Cousins.

    So I say, the new regime would face the fate of the outgoing regime, if the Nuer fail to weed out their own unwanted negative traditional habits.

    If the Nuer are really fighting for Democracy, then I say we have a huge home work of self-cleansing psycological conditioning to do in order to change to reflect enduring democracy. Otherwise, it would appear that we have lost a lot of lives for nothing. Nothing learned!

  • Chol Muong, i’m very glad to see you on forum. I know very well that Chol Muong is the one teaching all Dinka on how to loot, cheat, stole and lie in order to get some thing. Cal you tell me one of your tale please?

    • Goweng Torbar:

      I think you have wrong information about Chol Muong. Late Chol Muong used to eat a lots and tells jokes or parable about food and life. He was not a thief nor corrupted like Taban Deng Gai and Dr. Riek Machar. Chol Muong hails from the same village as president Kiir Mayardit. One of the prominent proverbs or parables of Chol Muong is that ” The thing that grows on the side of your belly knows the depth and corners of your Belly” If we all (Nuer and Dinka) comprehend the meaning of this parable of Chol Muong, we should not be fighting over the Bread and presidency in South Sudan all the times.

  • Folks:

    I thought Taba Deng Gai was a Bustard whose Father is a Jalaba and Mother a Nuer. How did a Bustard get rooted in Jikany Nuer? and then became a master of confusion in South Sudan? We will soon chase him to his Paternal Uncles in the Sudan if Pul Jang does not kill him this time. We have enough Bullshit of those single Mothers’ Sons, Taban and Riek in South Sudan.

  • We all know during hard time it is time for people who is the right person to leader the country or state .The rotten regimes of idiotic dunks salva kirr have put the country in the fire. He those blood sucker to protect him as cover. Gaatmonytuil has damaged their mother home town because of foods .finally we knew the rubbish of ours

    • in fact people we blame kiir mayar for the war, but people who started the war have to be blame. and do not tell me is kiir who started the war..i want to ask you all did you hear about types of coup there are political cuop and there is military coup. the coup that happened in Juba was combined coup between the political and military, and do you know why it was combined ? because Africa union will not accept the coup if it was done regular way that is known for coup, and the rebel keep saying the world knows there was no coup . who is the world ? is it USA? USA is the one cause this war because of oil . do you think he would admmit it ? i don”t think so. coup was real, but when it failed they denied . and it is clear any thief could not admmit that he is a thief.

  • Angelo

    Well informed article brother Gatwech and we need to tell our fellows more about Nuer Wew. I don’t know what to say about Nuer WEW.. Why don’t you guys have a feeling of your community? Why don’t you say No to the killer of your own people? Nuer WEW, your lust for money has destroyed our great commmunity. Only God can judge you for your evilness for the rest of us, We won’t forgive and forget. We will take you along with your uncle or your dumy boss to ICC for your war crimes.

  • Angelo

    I would rather be a poorman than working for a devilman to destroy my great community.Gaat Monytuil only care of what goes to their pockets and have nothing to do with Nuer.They don’t care for Bul community as long as their money goes straight to their pockets. It is up to Bul community to see their fate. NGUEN and his brother BAPINY are dangerous than JUDAS. Wealth obtaints throught bloodshed will never grow but easily perish…. For Dinka, it has been a great opportunity because WEWKUA ALUI (our money is really working) NYigaat anok rod wet wew. We will not forget Dinka tribe for wickedness and making us fight our selves for their own war of dominance agaisnt all people in South Sudan. We will not forget Uganda as an enemy of the people of South Sudan.

  • Bentiu Home

    I would like to comment in this article but I don’t have any words to say.Nguen has a lot of questions to answer? but who is going to question him but the history of our community will never forgive him. this situation will never sustain forever everything will be okay one day but the shameful how face each other. we need to educate our self rather than use our community to kill each other if the Dinka didn’t kill Nuer no one will be with Riek today. Riek will be in exile by him self. the Question is why our brother Dinka turn to our people and Nguen and his bother willing to complete the left over from Dinka. any way I go so far hope for freedom fighter to make us a way from this miserable situation and god willing.
    Son of Bentiu