AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT KIIR. Your Highness, may you have mercy on your people

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

President Salva Kiir Myardit of South Sudan {photo supply}

President Salva Kiir Myardit of South Sudan {photo supply}

March 01, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-Where there is little or no public opinion, there is likely to be bad government. Witch sooner or latter becomes autocratic government—William Lyon Mackenzie King

Your Highness,

The day 15, the month December and the year 2013 had been an extraordinary moments for South Sudanese, people around the globes and you in particular. People had view your style of leadership in different perfection. Your credential, your personality and your human virtues altogether drop to lower degrees and they are still on the verge to fall and fall.

Your Highness.

I will suggest you sit down on your rocky throne full of skulls and skeletons of the Dec-15/2013 victims and on your wetly bed wet by bloods of young children, old ages and disables who got murdered in the mention date by your insurgencies for no reasons but just because God chose them to be from Nuer tribe.
Your Highness.

If you humble yourself and think about the atrocities committed by your forces who took the orders into their own hands, you will automatically come to your normal senses to apologize and quit the throne because you will come to realize how disastrous you had been from the turmoil happening now in your country.

Your Highness.

Just recalled your reception in all the states and particularly in Unity State currently Liech State in 2010 General election. Comrade, you will surely know that there was no different between you in comparison with Jesus Christ of Nazareth when entering into Jerusalem. But after a year later, your charming characters of being an example of shining star for all the SPLM/A cadres turn vividly deem, you starts to change your clear color which was dazzling white symbolizing peace for all and you started to produce some complicated colors that nobody, not even your wife the first Lady Mama Ayendit could interprets.

Your Highness.

You started your Mandates by threatening journalists, starving our gallants forces SPLA by deducting their monthly salary, to make the matter worse your instructions to all ministries to cut all the employees working in all ministries’s money on the list were; Doctors and Nurses, Teachers clerks, civil servants and among other groups.

Your Highness.

Let’s talks of our own roads the physical infrastructures of our country, you will be annoyed by the images of our roads. South Sudan never enjoyed the development you promised to it peoples in Yambio during the CPA anniversary celebration. Your highness, I know you will quickly rush and remind me of Juba-Nimule road which was constructed and tarmacked by our international friends. But if you had actually made it yourself, I will surely say thank you. But I am afraid you weren’t the one.

Perhaps our international friends whom God touches their hearts constructed for us the so called Juba – Nimule road probably in 2011-2012. But your Highness you didn’t waited for the tar that cling the soil and rocks to hold, but you swiftly order for its opening before it dries off to transport military equipment and war tanks to kill your own people. Do you think you are still preserving your promises? Do you think your name, your reputation and the image of your leadership is still shining in south Sudan and its neighbors? The space is enough for you to answer.

Your Highness.

Let me draw your intention to look at education system in south Sudan, our youths don’t have access to our local universities, our primary pupils and secondary students lack quality education in our country. Our teachers are incapable to pass their best knowledge to our kids for they lack teaching materials, facilities and other needs and yet you continue to put your hand at your chin and give a deadly smile to a situation that you can control in a minute.

Mr. President, will I be wrong if I say give somebody a chance? Will I be a bad analyst to say you have failed our country? Shall I be called an opportunist to highlight the truth about your governance? Too many children had drop out last year and more are going to dropout as well this year…

Your Highness.

Let’s have a trip toward health sector; I know you will also agree with me from all the difficulties and challenges that face our Doctors and their Patients. Hospitals and Health Care Centers in South Sudan don’t have enough tools for our domestic Doctors. Therefore, our people died each day because they lack all the necessary medicines for treatment while you always keep traveling abroad to get proper treatment.

Mr. President.

Young mothers are dying every day of Labor pain, and their infants also perish as well for lack of Maternities personals in our country South Sudan. And you blame it on others, do you have consciousness?

Your Highness.

I will advise you to practice flexibility as a good quality in leadership to think twice and not to stick to one ideology, be a good person who fear God and value other people’s lives. The wounded heroes in different Military Hospitals are now nursing deep wounds because of you. Should you forget them as you normally do in the pass…than time will come for you to fight for yourself.

Your Highness.

Unemployed Youths are roaming in the town looking for jobs and starving to death in Juba thinking things might change in your leadership, but still the dawns comes and go still the same president and the same cohorts. South Sudan Youths are adapted to idleness because of you. They spend most of their days sitting in Tukuls thatched with grasses and unfinished buildings sipping on tea for the whole day till evening. Do you thing these youths will one day vote for you?

Your Highness.

I am taking this initiative to remind you of your strongholds of failure and your weaknesses. South Sudan need you no more, they need changes, Peace and reconciliation with you not in your current position as the President of the Republic of South Sudan.

Your Highness.

If you need to restore back your reputation, peacefully step down and apologize to your people, believe me you will be forgiven by them all. And maybe when your time come for you to visit our ancestors maybe your statue will be raise somewhere in the country. Won’t that be the legacy any leader would want to leave behind..?

South Sudan is not for you nor for me but for all the Nationalists who works in good faith.

Wish to hear from you soon.

Sirir Gabriel can be reach through


  • well done bravoooo!!! Mr.sirir, strongly to naaaath” let me confirm to you that; as long as you know that who ever was/is a first born never minds of magots’ bites”because though you died but as it’s of truth’ don’t care because dinkas are like when if you and your lil brother use to play but at the end the younger can hurt the tiger brother but is moms’ can not allow you to cane him for that you are biger and wiser enough she can’t allow you to that.last to this also you can know you zee (nuer) why do you rinse your mouth after taking food always in your life times??? but the past x pertists got clear that’ it is because the minor and small organisms which are so called parasites can survive since they are powerless therefore can live on human beings’ surpluses but after all these wurjangah use to swallow those food’s pieces not to those ants,(chuw,piieny, luang, ngich,kolkoli,etc:) to survive” take a look; do you think is that a human being???!!??, no!!he is not but (e yuel Jen min lot hoo chok leah!!!)

  • Gatkuoth Lok

    It’s unfortunate that this author could just chatter in such a way.

  • Thon Simon

    thank to u bro and cde. sirir Gabriel for this good  message to kiir and mst go re now

  • Dog Sirir Gabriel,
    president Kiir was having no intention to killed any one but your retarded Dr. Machar caused it and ran away for his safety. if he was a man enough and a real patriot,he would have allowed himself to be imprison like Nelson Mendela or like other political detainees who arrested and later were released.lias does not promote harmony but some of Nuer Devils aka Sirir Gabriel are the sources of calamity in this Country.there will be no peace should you continue to preach your hatred against Dinka and President Salva Kiir Mayardit. no reward to back stabbers.