You Can Never Straighten An Object’s Shadow Without First Straightening the Object Itself’

By Justin Ambago Ramba.

A portrait of South Sudan's incumbent president Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: supplied)
A portrait of South Sudan’s incumbent president Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: supplied)

Feb 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Following the conspicuous absence of President Salva Kiir Mayardit from what is largely supposed to be final round of the IGAD mediated Peace Talks for South Sudan, many observers begun to doubt the sincerity of the Juba administration to realise an inclusive just peace in a country ravaged by a civil war of its own making?

Also of concern to all is the implication of what seems to be an ill-intentioned absenteeism given the fact that any backtracking from previous signed positions by any of the principals of the two warring factions will adversely destroy any chances of bringing peace back to this new African country.

However there is much that in president Salva Kiir‘s absence than that meets the eyes. In a personal interview President Kiir gave a statement to the Ugandan Daily Nation in its Thursday, February 26, 2015 edition under the heading: “Why Machar will not be my Number 2”.

You may forgive me for not being keen to go into the details of President Kiir’s interview with the Ugandan Daily Nation which can be accesses following this link: http://www.nation.co.ke/news/politics/Kiir-Why-Machar-will-not-be-my-Number-2/-/1064/2636950/-/7sx1q/-/index.html

However for the purpose of this article it suffices to know that contrary to previously signed agreements between himself and Dr Riek Machar, the president has abundantly made it clear that he is reneging on all those agreements and won’t be sharing any power with Dr Riek Machar Teny, a man who served as his deputy for nearly eight calendar years.

Yet it all seems to me that President Salva Kiir Mayardit was not only being blatantly obvious, but what he said should in fact have been the case from the very beginning given the great visionary disparity and apparent incomparability and incompatibility between the two men.

And to be very fair to all – it really takes a lot of sacrifice from any learned person to accept being second to an individual like Kiir who shouldn’t be presiding over a sovereign country to start with, although it was only those several unplanned events that brought him to the top office.

The African Union, the IGAD and the international community have all said that President Salva Kiir should have kept his word when he signed a deal to attend the final rounds of the Peace Talks that kicked off  in Addis Ababa on 20/02/2015.

The United Nations Security Council and the US administration have both talked of possible sanctions plus or minus arms embargo on individuals or entities who directly or through their policies are seen to be blocking the progress of the peace talks.

Well to say the least, President Salva Kiir now squarely lies in that category of “spoiler” of peace and rightly deserves all sanctions from ban on global travel to freezing of assets, of course a heavy embargo on the flow of arms to his notorious army and allied militias.

It is equally important that the UNSC understand that the Ugandan People’s Defence Force (UPDF) is part of the ongoing war in South Sudan and must also be included in the arms embargo and any other sanctions for that matter.

Any attempt to exclude President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda from facing similar sanctions as his partner in crime President Salvatore Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan will not bring about the anticipated outcome.

In fact the only way to have an effective and water-tight sanctions is by including the Ugandan military and political leadership into the lot as a share of their role in sustaining the crazy war and directly engaging in the battles.

Museveni and his UPDF must taste their share of the bitter medicine soon to be declared by the UNSC, be it in the form of sanctions or ban on foreign travels or freezing of all assets and a total arms embargo.

It will not be too much for international justice to demand that both
Museveni and his friend Salva Kiir Mayardit enjoy equal level of punishment.  Together the duo are  partners in the crime of setting South Sudan ablaze. This should remain so until such a time that they are both prepared to negotiate peace in good faith. I rest my case.

As for my fellow compatriots in the reform camp, urgently reconsidering our priorities where we stand now could mean the difference between succeeding and failing.

To allow for a timely achievement of the tabled list of reforms, it is necessary to adequately reprioritise these programs, for otherwise there is a real risk of not being able to implement them any time soon.

Informed by the quickly changing dynamics of both the political and socio-economic parameters of our joint struggle for a peaceful coexistence and regardless of whether at this stage one believes in the IGAD mediated talks or not, certain things are much of foregone issues.

However there is one truth that all reformists in South Sudan need to know at this particular point in time and it is the one fact that Salva
Kiir and reforms can never coexist in the same administration. In other words there is no daylight between the two. Each one will do everything to obstruct and eventually eliminate the other.

So if you are indeed a person or a group who is contemplating to see reforms dawn in South Sudan then you are practically only left with this one single priority and that is to partake in the removal and disposal of Kiir administration from power as a first step towards any anticipated national reforms.

Salva Kiir Mayardit and his administration are the very opposites of reform and they can never at any time become your partners in actualizing any dreams which are more likely than not to bring an end to their corruption riddled existence.

Everyone who believes in reforms for that matter should have long known that allowing Salva Kiir to continue running the country under any pretext is in itself a defeat to the very realisation of any reforms how big or small they be.

It doesn’t matter any more whether he extents his stay in power through a manipulated approval by his rubber stamped parliament or as a part of a hard won transitional government of national unity.

You are not expecting  Salva Kiir to negotiate himself out of office and negotiate his bitter enemies (the reformists) into power, are you? I hope not, otherwise you are being naïve and rather simplistic.

For as top as Kiir  is now on the list as the most powerful person in Juba (obviously not all over South Sudan any more), his removal from power should equally top the list of any constructive reform agenda aimed at salvaging whatever is left of our beautiful country.

It is only after getting the priorities right then and only then can reformists celebrate the start of a new dawn characterized by a good and focused campaign.

And regardless of how tough the implementation of each and every stage might seem, yet down inside we also know that every step the struggle takes is being informed by a total conviction not to compromise its very basics – the Peoples’ quest for Justice, Good Governance, Equality, Economic Prosperity, Accountability, Stability and Peaceful Coexistence which is now in full gear.

After all no one in their right state of mind will even for a second consider being second to Kiir as an end in itself.

In another turn of event I found it quite refreshing to read the article by Bol Mathieng A, titled:  Lack of Accountability and Causes of
Current Political Instability: A Case of South Sudan, which appeared in the southsudannation.com, Feb/26/2015, and SSN; http://www.southsudannation.com/lack-of-accountability-and-causes-of-current-political-instability-a-case-of-south-sudan/

Although it was ironically written entirely to project President Salva Kiir Mayardit as the only saint in the midst of SPLM political sinners, I still consider it another beautiful article in a long series of articles that not only condemn the rampant corruption that continues to engulf South Sudan, but also one that went on to suggest accountability as the way forward.

The article was absolutely on spot when it pointed out that the current sad state of affairs in the country could have been avoided if only we had a competent leadership and administration from the word go in 2005 to deter the widespread corruption and glaring impunity displayed by the incumbent Salva Kiir’s “rotten to core” administration .

However when we talk about the introduction of accountability as suggested by the author, Bol Mathieng A, as a one important aspect which has completely been absent since the beginning of the CPA era of the SPLM administration under Salva Kiir Mayardit, it will be an impartial demand to see to it that all are held responsible – from top to bottom or better still to put it in the authors’ own words,” regardless of the title of the culprit”.

Being in total agreement with Bol Mathiang in his suggestion for a national pursuit of an impunity free South Sudan as an entrance to a peaceful and stable South Sudan, although I wonder how much thought has he given to the fact that for such line of thought to succeed, it is paramount to hold each and every one who wronged the people of South Sudan accountable beginning with those who abused the public office the most!

In such a top down approach the weeding of corruption must start right at the top from the office of the president – then the naming and shaming can successful be allowed to proceed down that gradient.

The logic is that had the person at the top acted promptly on corruption from day one, given the fact that he wields more constitutional powers in the country than anyone else, then we would be today living in a corruption and impunity free South Sudan.

However no one should attempt to sell us the “too cheap” narrative that the president was indeed a saint in the middle of a cabinet of sinners who in fact were his own buddies.

Birds of the same feather flock together – and this explains why the president never took an action past his “in famous” letter writing, to either pin corruption right in the bud or to weed it afterwards.

For all practical purposes when cannot be so blinded to the obvious that the true salvation of South Sudan lies outside the incumbent administration, given the fact the administration all across its decade long history has repeatedly resorted to corrupt means of extracting loyalty from the few that it succeeded to blackmail using what literary amounts to an institutionalized trend of a nationwide corruption and impunity network.

You may agree with me that, ‘you can never straighten an object’s shadow without first straightening the object itself’.

Author: Dr Justin Ambago Ramba. The Voice for the voiceless all across South Sudan.

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Balang Tutute February 27, 2015 at 2:11 pm

Dear JAR,

Let me ask you one question:

What if the so-called UNSC becomes silent (like IGAD) and excludes M7-ni from sanctioning???

Wouldn’t that prove the international “Illuminati-Theory” correct?

Some times I wonder and become skeptical of the silence of the so-called International Community with regards to their lack of comment on the very obvious M7 intruding into the affairs of our young nation!

Should M7 continue further resisting our necessary “regime change”, we will be forced to regard Uganda enemy # 1 in the future and we will give half of Unity State Oil to El Bashir to help us deal with the Ugandan Dictator’s intrusion.

If soon we successfully change the kir-regime, we may consider squeezing the Equatorian / Uganda X/-Import corridors, while opening the Ethiopian, Sudan and Kenyan export / import corridors instead. Then we will see how the “wewes” will deal with this factual reality!

How could the lives of so many “wewes” be risked by the actions of a single man – M7?

Mawien Magol February 27, 2015 at 8:46 pm

I think Mr. Balang Tutute is not viewing their own supports from Khartoum government and European nations as a violation of the international treaty. Why are you guys complaining frequently about Uganda when your rebels are fully getting supplies from Omar al Bashir in the Sudan and the former vice president have had received full supports from Europe countries. Do you thinks Juba government doesn’t know how the rebels gets supplies from? The Juba’s government understood that, there are countries in Europe have back up the former vice president Dr. Riek Machar but they do not want to talked about this issued because the Juba’s government knew that, what brought these countries to young nation Affairs is oil and brothers in-law and the sisters bother them to interference in to South Sudan Affairs.

In addition to that, we have acknowledge the power is in the people of the nation so I don’t think hoping for Foreign involvement or always too much complaining about Uganda will bring someone to rule South Sudan. If that was the case then, you can see Libya country is getting worst in North Africa and the rebels who claims after dictatorship Mohammed al Giddfi are in trouble now a days therefore, if we keep cycle rebellion apparently, there will be no stable government for sure and that will harms economic in the nation and the people’s life. I belief the only way to resolved our problems in South Sudan is through using none violence and more dialogues but the Idea that, when a person was fired from his or her position then, will created rebellion is ridiculous and there is no room for those people who are desperately about leadership and bear in mind that, if you take power today by force and the next day probably, you will hear others forming rebellions and this is why it is important to understand the notion of randomly creation of rebellion is bad because it make the conflict cycle for years like Congo. Please keep singing about involvement of Uganda in to South Sudan Affairs but in reality, the rebels are getting big supports from the above mentions.

Balang Tutute February 28, 2015 at 12:55 am

Mr. Magoldit;

Can we please be honest & frank to ourselves?

Dr. Riek had made it clear to President Kir that his turn (as a co-liberator) was upcoming, to peacefully contest for the presidency of South Sudan prior to the Crisis.

But President Salva (by help of his greedy advisers) rejected this proposal and they went ballistic by inventing the coupe idea to justify purging the voice of reform. That is the reason why they tried to disarm the Nuer Guards & hence the conflict blew up! Just recall the last-minutes NLC sessions, prior to Dec-15 Shoot-Out!

Dr. Riek is legitimate citizen of South Sudan and has the right to contest for Presidency despite the 1991 system mutation crack-up.

Marginalizing Dr. Riek in the government is equal to = nullifying the Nuer Contributions in the 21-year old struggle! Which is something a 10-year child would not do. I don’t know what went wrong with all Jieng collective reasonableness after Independence! If it is greed for oil dollars, then I say all the Jieng in the SPLM-Juba need psycho-counselling for abnormal-greed syndrome.

If you Jieng Politicians intentionally choose not to acknowledge the facts, then you are part of the Kir-Problem and there is no choice except for South Sudan to disintegrate & go to the dogs – given the fact that we are cousins who possess similar war-emotions.

You said quote:

“……. if you take power today by force and the next day probably, you will hear others forming rebellions and this is why it is important to understand the notion of randomly creation of rebellion is bad because it make the conflict cycle for years like Congo….”

The choice for “cycle of rebellions” is up to the Jieng-Born2rule-Elite.

Anyway we Nuer refuse to be marginalized in a country we helped to liberate and establish. We are ready to be rebels for the next 50 years if you Jieng stubborn brothers do not change your inconsiderate attitutes.

Permanent War or Permanent Peace?

You obscure Jieng choose One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GatNor February 28, 2015 at 8:51 pm

Maggot, there is something called Black Markets in which South Sudan’s ethnic regime of Kiir is a customer and Uganda is main and dirrect agent trader and a supplier of commodities such as munitions, logistics, arms, mercenaries including other weapons of mass destruction such as band cluster bombs. South Sudan’s Ethnic Regime of Kiir & M7 defiantly persist to destablised N-North Sudan by supplying its Rebel Factions as beneficiary of such an illegal arm trade. Uganda and South Sudan both as sovereign nations are bound by international treaty and as UN members to follow international arm trade protocals. The oppositions are not subjected to nor are they signatrory to such treaty. All captured logistics supplies and weapons are purposeful gifts from Heavens to the SPLM/A-Pagaak is what has been used to protect the tagetted civilians being mass murdered by your ethnic regime of Kiir. Remember that SPLA-Pagaak has captured many supplies of war including uniforms, foods, tanks, munitions, heavy and light artilaries including ranges of air defense systems all from the weak forces of your ethnic regime. To thoughtlessly regionalised the war was dumb but dragging N-Sudan into your ethnic cleansing war will severely cost you not only the leadership but possibly more in the future.

sharpvoices February 27, 2015 at 11:05 pm

Reblogged this on SHARP VOICES.

John Jal Kuach February 28, 2015 at 1:58 am

Mr. Mawien if u not know the root cause better to keep quite, physical interferre and supplies are different, u people we did more as one element in S.S. We care you as bady since in anyanya1 and anyany2 you dirty our wirst, back and shoulder now it last ability we put down and sit with two bottom. coz we are need to clean my body with saop, and water then to go where the people are.

man of the people February 28, 2015 at 9:01 am

Dear Mr. MAGOL, I believe every word expressed in your article is not new.You are the satanic cult of doom in south Sudan. But, one thing remains clear,hiding behind a foreign Military force is a double blade. Ugandan forces are in south Sudan for MONEY. The day Salva Kiir and Kuol Juk fail to settle their $ bills, they will turn against them. Remember Lawrence Kabila the late President of Congo. He was brutally murdered after failing to meet his promises to M7 and Paul Kagame of Rwanda. Dr John Garang’s death,still is unknown,after M7 gave his Helicopter to fly him back to Sudan, instead of the presidential plane he used on his way to Uganda. However,the people .of south Sudan will not wait for that time. We are going root out the evil cult government, feeding on the blood of innocent civilians in our country


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