forceful recruiting of young children by Johnson Olony in Shilluk Kingdom (photo supply by UNICEF south Sudan)


  • That is not true, for one reason; why are the Shilluk keeping quite?. The main reason is that a sizeable number of Shilluk youth have joined the SPLA and are fighting along the government forces. and this is likely to fail the opposition from achieving their objectives.
    Now western powers are not happy with that and have come out with this propaganda in order to fail the Shilluk. It is true that active recruitment is taking place in the Shilluk kingdom but the reason why youth are taking up arms in the failure of the army to protect them in Malakal last year.
    It is interesting that Shilluk were killed and UNICEF/Troika/Human Rights Watch kept quite and now they showed angr when the Shilluk fight back! Are the Shilluk fighting outside their territories? No. Stop White Man propaganda and be fair to all.

  • good done by fighting ulony especially to me i can say let those stupid shiluk feel that pain because they were the ones who created every things on nuer especially up to now at malakal un base let them not only rely on free times always because their children are not the best children in south Sudan, to all of the 64 tribes + the Africans time will come to us you people since we were created vying almighty we will win this war one one time salva kiir would be killed like ghad!haffi and this year is a year of kiir to die let me tell you though you joined hands with those stupid Africans they are nothing to white army

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