Brig. Gen. John Mabieh Vows to Take Malakal Town by 9th March This Year.

Brig. Gen. John Mabieh (Left), Deputy field commander for Administration, Brig. Gen. Thomas Tut Riek (Right), deputy field commander for operation. (Photo:

Brig. Gen. John Mabieh (Left), Deputy field commander for Administration, Brig. Gen. Thomas Tut Riek (Right), deputy field commander for operation. (Photo:file)

Feb 19, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s rebel commander from the country’s division seven (7) has warned Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Beliw to reverse his remarks about capturing Wedakona_Manyo or face defeat in march.

General John Mabieh Ghar, who made various victories under the overall command of Brig. General Joseph Gai Gatluak, was amongst the Generals who defected and Joint Dr Riek Machar’s rebellion after the Nuer Massacre in Juba.

The remarks came after Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Beliu claimed strongly to capture Manyo County’s headquarters by 9th of July this year.

“” I am assuring the world and the IGAD that Salva Kiir’s officers are not for peace as you have heard from Johnson’s speeches on SSTV, for that matter if they come and attack our defensive position in Fashoda, we will go and take the state capital Malakal not later than 9th march 2015’’’ said Brig. Gen. Mabieh.

General John Mabieh is the chief administrator and the deputy commander of the division seven to Brig. General Joseph Gai Gatluak. He joined the rebellion along with his colleague, Brig. Gen. Thomas Tut Riek, shortly after the outbreak of violence in Juba.

The two warring parties have been engaging themselves for the whole week in Shiluk kingdom over the Aloub and Kaka towns, which in retaliation were captured by the rebels as well as heavy machine guns, some shown above featuring the rebels Generals in Manyo County’s head quarters, Wedakona.

Regional and international communities have threatened targeted punitive measures if the warring parties fail to reach a final peace agreement per the schedule.

The war erupted on 15 December 2013 when political debates on reforms within the leadership of the ruling Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) turned violent between president Kiir and his former vice-president, Machar.

Tens of thousands have been killed; 2 million displaced internally and to the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan while over 3 million others are threatened by hunger and diseases internally, of which most of them are from Nuer tribe.

Interviewed by Maj.Weirial Puok Baluang, An Independent Journalist that corresponds for Nyamilepedia at the frontline!



  • You’re right Brig.Gen let Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Beliw reverse his remarks about capturing Wedakona_Manyo or face defeat in march.

  • Good move gen. those Kiir militia a liar, look what Rajab were reporting on Radio Tamazuj, they always tell lia to people of South Sudan. A person talk in one of big Hotel in Juba and said he is on the field. Teach them a lesson this year

  • GatNor

    You have the people’s blessing and let it be known that you mean it. Take that state capital Malakal no later than 9th March 2015. God will go before you and deal with the enemy as to full fill your will for you commanders.

    • Wed Aljunub

      Which god will go before him, you mean Nguundeeng god? Shuluk are now angry because wrong people have occupied their land. They are coming back one by one and baseless movement will vanished soon.

      • GatNor

        stupidity denies any existence of God. What make you think Ngundeng does not have the same God as of the universe have. If Ngundeng happened to be an enlightened being as recorded, I hope he prove that to you in his own way and not mind and I would assume you and Ngundeng have the same God or creator or whatever you called you source is.. This might wake you up from your stupidity. I don’t know what you are after but its not with me..

  • Mary Pal

    No,dot brother go for it we know you do it.

  • Bol Deng

    Johnson Gony need one shot in the neck like his friend Olony. Fighting with Nuer warriors is not eating bananas. I hope Gony know it every well. I appreciate the respond from John Mabie to indicate that if Johnson Gony’s plan is to capture Wedakona, then somebody behind him to take over Malakal.

  • Get Malakal General and kill Nuer traitor Gony before I come to South Sudan because I will burn him alive seriously

  • warfive

    Look folks soon Greater Malakal is captured or fall under freedom fighters plus Unity and Jonglei then Wah Jang.

  • Well, you have started attacking pro Juba SPLA because of you are trying to overthrow rebels leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Some of you are against peace deal saying, we will defeated Juba’s government and it is not going to happen. Tell Br, general John Mabieh and Joseph Gai Gatluak and other Thomas Tut Riek that, if you want to capture Malakal town then, you will probably run away in the morning just like what happen in Bentiu last time.If you guys disobey the orders from your leaders Dr. Riek Teny then, Machar Anyor is more than ready to take Wedakona and many others locations.

    Please keep singing about capturing Malakal town but I am sure you will leave it again like Bentiu town which back fire on rebels and they abandoned it.

  • warfive

    Pure lie wetkeh believes it or not how many counties surrounding or under Malakal have been captured so far since the beginning except the big fight of last year which killed more than 12,000 troops including their counterpart Ugandans Allies so Greater white Armies get arid of them in less than 45 minutes.

  • Gatbel

    Kick them up to Juba

  • if you people are singing the song of war,can any one sing the song of peace and if Not None of you will achieve anything in this war and you will belief me later on.

  • Go and liberate Nasir or Bentiu rather that contaminating others land. You think through being Arab slave you would achieve Ngundeng dreams? Wake up my dear, this is time for democracy not gorilla War era.
    By the way if you want to fight Gen. Salva you know where to find him and where his home land is! so stop telling lies.

  • Hoiloom

    Edward, you forgot that the tanks posted on this picture are captured from government in the beginning of this week around Kaka area. Why would it be impossible to capture Malakal when the opposition forces captured it more than once in 2014? Keep dreaming about your mighty but victory is on our side.