SPLM – USA Coordinators

Dear compatriot,


Feb 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Revolutionary greetings to you all, As per chairman’s directive to the SPLM – IO leadership here in the United States of America to elect a coordinators; which will form the National Coordination Office to coordinate the SPLM activities among the established structures for smooth channel of communication as well as with the office of the Representatives for a proper way of running the Party and implementing its policies as we have discussed.

For that reason, we are hereby announcing to you all that we have implemented the chairman’s directive in full measure as he had directed; therefore, the following comrades are elected to the Coordinator Office. They will be the ones coordinating the SPLM businesses in United States of America from now onward.

Here’re the members of the National Coordinator Office as follow:

  1. Cde Simon Tongyik Nguth – National Coordinator
  2. Cde David Mai Tang – SPLM Youth League Coordinator
  3. Cde Nyaduer G. Jock – SPLM Women League Coordinator
  4. Cde William Pay Tuoy – SSRRA – USA

Sincerely Yours,

Cde Makuel Wie Thiech Chairman of Nebraska Chapter

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One comment

  • Whoever place this information to the internet have no difference with
    South Sudan and Uganda President who kills our late Dr. John and
    The Nuer civilian who was kills in December 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20,
    The Election on Sunday was only the coordinator. Please! We are not
    Suppose to repeated what was done during our briefing by Dr. Riek where
    All Chapter leaders were mutes. There was only three people talk as if the rest
    Were willing to allows none-sense accession to Hon. Reath Muoch Tang
    Please! I am telling you to stop acting like two leaders mentioned above
    Thank you