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  • Thon Mayen Thon A

    Well done Job by The SPLM-IO! However reads

    My Testimonial following the release of Isaiah Chol Aruai (Chairperson for The National Bureau of Statistics and Census in South Sudan) Aruai and Jacob Aleer Longar Bawang (Programs Monitoring & Evaluations-LWF) and my colleague Micheal Mading Akueth (Emergency Manager-LWF) in Captivity by the SPLA/M-IO

    Hon. (Uncle) and colleagues were released upon the assurance and order from Dr. Riak Machar with the assistant from the area rebel commander Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam. Their two days in detention have been like two Years in our thought; their release alive had been something that we didn’t know to have happened. And that we have seen them alive then is good news to all of us South Sudan. Those are indicator of peace, many people have been reported captured and killed but rebel have demonstrated a good faith today over Government. The release of Isaiah Choldit, Jacob Aleer and Mading is good news in the region something that we have not witness before. These shows that South Sudanese have love for themselves.
    With that, we are therefore happy In fact to have seen them back alive and safe. We are happy It was a very unfortunate dealt that taken by Humanitarian Helicopter of UNHAS to Opposition force controlled area in Jiech Payam of Ayod county of Jonglei, without communication hence, they were removed from the aircraft YL-HMS (MI-8T) UNO 077H operated by GM Helicopters and held captive and detained seriously on Tuesday 03.02.2015 at around 10:50 local time.
    However, on behalf of my family and relatives we are thankful to specifically To Almighty God and Gabriel Duop Lam, Dr. Riak Machar rebel leaders and the entire leadership of the SPLA/M in Opposition for without their Human heart and love for peace these relatives would have meets their death miserably. Thank for having taken good care of beloved relatives during captivity. Additionally second thank goes to everyone and others International Organization who devoted their effort and negotiates the release of our beloved cousin and colleagues.
    My message to the south Sudanese is that, we have to change our tribal mentality towards each other; SPLA/M-IO and Nuer communities have shown and demonstrate their longing for peace over others societies, this is something that all has to learnt and adopt. Results of good work and good faith have made Choldit, Jacob Aleer and Michael Mading to survive in the hands of Government’s opposition. This is some that we have to appreciate God for his mercy in the heart of Rebel force. WFP-UNHAS have to revised the policy of Connection in such a tribal country to save life of the citizens that may be a victim or it would be nice if UNHAS notify passengers of route chain prior before taking off such that Staffs who are uncomfortable with a flight plans may decide to remove themselves from the flight without incurring a penalty and be placed on the next available flight.

    By Thon Mayen Thon
    South Sudanese residing in Juba

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