Panic in South Sudan as SPLA Generals at Bilpam Order Arrest of Senior Military Officer on Account of ‘Lost Battle Tanks’


  • Ahahahahah, account for what reason?

  • Tut John Nyuon

    Hahahahahahaha, lol. Hahahaha, lol. We are are still coming to defeat you dogs. Hahahahahaha, take easy,

  • I think People should join me to demand $52 Billions from State for compensation,instead of buying Tanks.

  • Yes, making any arrest to some body who was defeated is not a solution. How many tanks burn under Jongelie war? how Tanks got burned under unity war before this incident? how many tanks got losses in Nasir Battle? how many Tanks got burn in Malakal Batle? etc and you did not arrest anybody. this might be politically motivated.

  • The arrest of my father doesn’t give a good image to government of south Sudan, thus I as the son of john achuil Mathiang urge the government of south Sudan to release my father immediately, it was not my father fall it was the government fall since the government doesn’t provide enough facilities to the panrieng county and doesn’t even paid them salaries, my father have never been accused of failing to do what is needed by the Government since our straguling as the nation

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