Lou Nuer Youth in frontline welcome the disclosure of Government’s secret by its topmost official in Juba

Mekonen Tefere

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nuer warriors demonstrating a cultural practice, aimed to highlight how men could tactically fight off a sudden attack by spears, in a close range (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Dec 31, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Lou Nuer Youth in frontline expressed their gratitude to Hon. Rachel Nyadak Paul, a South Sudan’s Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting who revealed to the press that South Sudan Government plans to launch new offensives in Lou-Nuer Areas, Jonglei State.

Ms. Rachel Nyadak Paul, who represents Lou-Nuer’s [Uror County] in Salva Kiir’s government, said on her official account on social media that, the youth must allow the “constitutional army from entering Lou Land next week”. She also accused the rebel leader and his wife for mobilizing the Lou Nuer Youth and urged the youth to either choose to died or surrender their weapons if resist to fight the Government.

Speaking on the satellite phone today from Uror County, the head of over all command for Lou Nuer White Army Mr. Bordoang Leah appreciated the roles played by Hon. Rachel Nyadak Paul for informing her beloved Lou Nuer Youth to stay alert for the attack from Juba Government led by president Kiir. “I really appreciated Hon. Rachel Nyadak for revealing the Juba’s secret, I know she is there (in Juba) for reason.” The White Army commander said on satellite interview with media.

Moreover, Dak Kueth, a self-claim prophet has also affirmed his happiness to Ms. Paul for the important and appreciable revelation by the deputy Minster. “Thank you indeed for the job well-done, this is a true sign of being a real citizen to this community of Lou Nuer.” Prophet Dak said online from Uror.

Meanwhile, some youth leaders in Nyirol and Akobo Counties, Mr. Wie Bol Bipal and Mr. Bol Chuol Yakuach respectively expressed their happiness on the secret disclosure by the Deputy Minister. Instead they urged the Government of Juba to honor the cessation of hostility, which was recently signed between the warring factions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In separate interview, one of the highest official for rebel faction who prefers to talk in condition of anonymity said that the Government must respect the truce. “We will never attack the government, but we must fight for self-defense if Juba attack us.”

The conflict has been in hot spot for a year with low pace from IGAD while other Countries including TROIKA are pushing for possible sanction on the warring parties.

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  • useless Rachal Nyadak Paul.

  • Simon Reat Mar

    Thanks very much for being a lert Brothers in frontline, but do not sleep and be conscious in the side of Liegowangle in Murle land Yau Yau with is small army are given $1 million US Dollars by JUUK , Malong and Akol Khor give them Liekwangle as Centre for operation to Attack Akobo Town. lead by Taban Juocy and the Reik Gai Khok.

  • The term hon.should be excluded on those loyal to salvage killer gang. There’s no government in south Sudan.
    Who need information in explaining south Sudan lost functional government on 12/15/2013 after the massecare in juba.

  • among the blinds one eyed is the leader, nyadak Paul kudos for informing your people in advance for what we call dictatorial leader ‘s government of bahr gazale leadership. we will show them what they mistakenly as plan coup let them try only the birds of the air will enjoy. by simon mawich

  • U will finish u Lou Nuer, the position is not for Lou Nuer is for Riek machar.can u think for what Riek machar did to Lou Nuer.

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