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Sept 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Former cabinet minister Yiey Puoch and Governor’s adviser for Rural Development Bith Thiyang Yuot are believed to have been bribed by Juba Government which has already accommodated them in one of the biggest Hotel inside the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa this evening said once of the close witness who doesn’t like his personality to mention.

The traitors are believed to have been in the serious communication with the collapse government leaded by an illegitimate president and his puppets entourages for all this while. Yiey Puoch is in charge of leading the desperate thugs back to Juba on Saturday morning.

According to an eye witness in the ground, the group is believed to have been under Salva Kiir’s security in Addis Ababa which grant them safety in the Hotel.

To many surprises on hearing that Yiey Puoch who has been a butcher man killing more SPLA-Dinka prisoners of war in Malakal is planning to returned back to Juba government is a nightmare to me. They said they are doing these because SPLM-IO have got no salaries, no food, no uniformed given to its services men and women in the movement.

Hon. Yiey was the flag bearer who took the Jan. 14th and February 18th Attack to Upper Nile State under supervision of Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth which resulted in capturing of 1st Lt. Thon identified by his Idi card and his two body guards who were captured in malakal attack by the rebel forces. Yiey Puoch and Bith Thiyang were the one ordering their shooting to death in Malakal.

What shocked us from Yiey Puoch scenario of going back to Juba is that Hon. Yiey Puoch participated a lot in this conflict with all his heart which causes the death of Dobuol Tongyik and Chot Koang kuon among other comrades who sacrifices themselves to protect Him (Yiey Puoch) from the enemies. That causes them their souls to rest.

However, Maj. Gen Chayuot Manyang is said to have been given a ransom to defect to government side by the same group after managing to escape from Pagak to Longachuk where He will declare his defection to government.

My message to Greater Gatjaak community worldwide is that; let’s not forget the massacre of 1985 under Salva Kiir as the chief security that took away the souls of 23,000 people including women and children.

And again the same leadership have recently murdered and killed 25,000 innocents’ civilians in Juba alone.

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  • we do not know that you are the one who can do this what happen to you ? now you losted every thing. how come you do that ? who mistlead you? note that. now you are in problem and no one will be with you and also you bring as or you put as into bad history,is that problem of money or what lead you away ?

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