GRECOR Press: General Clement Wani Konga Is Safe!

GRECOR Press Release   July 1, 2014

The Former Central Equatoria State Governor, Gen. Clement Wani Konga is safe with SPLM/A leaders in Opposition. [Photo: Nyamilepedia|File]

The Former Central Equatoria State Governor, Gen. Clement Wani Konga is safe with SPLM/A leaders in Opposition. [Photo: Nyamilepedia|File]

July 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Citizens of Equatoria and South Sudan at large GRECOR will like to share some information with the public. In the past few days, a lot has happened in terms of solidifying momentum towards our strength, determination and selfless services for free South Sudan. GRECOR can confirm with great confidence that General Wani Konga is safe and sound with the opposition. He will make public statement in due time when he is fully rested in any way he determine fit. GRECOR, however, is worried about Equatorian officers that are now being held without their families knowing their conditions.

GREOCR is working to compile the names and identities of the officers in different security apparatus held against their will. Those officers are arrested because of their ethnic affiliation rather than any action or opinion they have express against the government. GRECOR will make the names public to international organizations such as the United Nations Security Council, the African Union and IGAD. People are dieing everyday in Juba and we cannot verify their identity without public participation. GRECOR is requesting the public to submit names of missing family members, relatives and friend for GRECOR to cross-reference with the officers withheld by the government.

The Nuer community did not wanted to go to bush for they know the bush life since Anya Nya 11 but Nuer were dared and pushed to rebel. The same is true about Equatorian. We tried to reason hopping that the voice of reason will carry the day – prevails. In the process we endue insults as cowards from our brothers who belief they were born to rule. We watch patiently as Juba become anonymous with corruption, nepotism, tribalism, intolerance and killing ground with impunity. We were told, our women need to be married off to non Equatorian so that they will bear children that are not cowardice as their uncles.

Equatorian has never asked for more than being respected in their own land but instead we get neither. Our land becomes a free for all and our burial ground become cattle feeding ground. We were told to be thankful for freedom and peace that they brought to us. Our South Sudanese identify was call into question because we look like foreigners. Equatorian became the laughing stock in our own land.

Many of us start believing that maybe we are cowards. Maybe that is why many Equatorian who went to the bush did not make it back alive because of our cowardice tendences. Maybe we just need to tolerant the abuse a little bit longer until voice of reason surface to save us from waging a war we know we can’t win. And that is why we debated federalism in Nyakuron cultural center to avoid rallying our people to fight our own government.

Lady’s and Gentlemen of Greater Equatoria and South Sudan at large the government of South Sudan under Salva Kiir has declared war on us Equatorian. Salva Kiir declared a war on Equatorian the day he signed off on the plan to eliminate Equatorian leadership and make it look like robbery. Salva Kiir declared war on Equatorian the day he started to arrest Equatorian officers for being Equatorian. We Equatorian are declaring war on Salva Kiir government as self-defense. This war is no longer a Nuer war but an Equatorian war.

We wanted to test our cowardice tendencies and if we are all wiped out than Mr. Kiir and company will have all the grassing land they could have. We are tired of being foreigners in our own land. We are tired of be led by incompetence people who do not know left from right. We are tired of being bystanders in the affairs of our own country. We are tired of being eliminated one by one until all the able people among us are all gone. We were never in the liberation struggle but for a reason that we haven’t liberated ourselves yet. Now is the time we have been waiting for the final walk to freedom through the barrel of gun as Mr. Kiir understands it.

This famous poem by Martin Niemoller (1892-1984) sum up our struggle for recognition in South Sudan:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

Lado Lodoka

GRECOR South Sudan

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